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Little snacks and treats can provide variety, activity or serve as a targeted supplement to daily food for your small pet. It's important to keep these supplements in mind when building a well-balanced diet for your pet. Here you'll find a tasty and healthy selection of snacks and supplements that your small pet will love. 
8 products
8 products

This cute tunnel is made from hay and is a great place to hide. The open base stops your pets from peeing on the tunnel. It encourages playful behaviour and best of all, it is edible.

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30 x 21 x 17.5 cm (L x W x H)
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A supplementary feed for all small pets. 4 x 100g herb flavours in a mixed pack. Free from grains, sugar, colours and flavourants. Made in Germany.

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4 packs (400g)
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A natural snack for all small animals and rabbits, as well as birds. Perfect as a treat or when your pet needs a little bit extra.

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Saver Pack: 2 x 500g
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A low in fat dog chew snack with a great taste combination of chicken and apples. The chew is air-dried, and easily digestible by dogs.

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Food supplement for ferrets, a tasty paste on salmon basis, with essential taurine and vitamins for a strong immune system and a glossy coat, sugar-free, exclusive to zooplus!

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Double Pack: 2 x 75g
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Miamor Cat Snack Multi-Vitamin Cream is a tasty cream packed full with valuable vitamins, trace elements and taurine to keep your pet healthy. It aids the immune system and resistance to infection.

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6 x 15g
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24 x 15g
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66 x 15g
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Delicious paste with a 3in1 complex of 12 essential vitamins, oils & beta glucan to support your cat's natural immunity and support healthy development. No added sugar & recommended by veterinarians.

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The ideal combination for supporting your cat, with a Multi-Vitamin Paste containing an immune-boosting complex and a Malt Soft Extra Paste with anti-hairball complex, for natural health support.

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2 x 50g
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