Trixie Fruit Holder

: 5/5
A practical, chrome metal fruit and vegetable holder which you can hang from the cage. It keeps the fruit clean and hygienic and provides plenty of exercise and fun for your pet....further information
Product description
Trixie Fruit Holder
Trixie Fruit Holder
Trixie Fruit Holder
Trixie Fruit Holder
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Trixie Fruit Holder

- 20cm


Product description

A practical, chrome metal fruit and vegetable holder which you can hang from the cage. It keeps the fruit clean and hygienic and provides plenty of exercise and fun for your pet.

The Trixie Fruit and Vegetable holder is a great way to keep the food in your pet's cage clean and hygienic. The fresh fruit or vegetables are skewered onto the holder which is then hung up in the cage so it does not pick up any dirt from the ground. It also provides your pet with exercise and keeps it amused as the holder swings while your pet is eating and it has to work hard to get at the food.

The Fruit and Vegetable holder is easy to use. At the bottom of the holder there is a screw which is opened to allow the fruit to be threaded onto the skewer. Then all you have to do is tighten the screw and hang the holder up in the cage. It will start to swing and move around as soon as your pet starts to nibble on the food.

The Trixie Fruit Holder at a glance:

  • Length approx. 20cm
  • Material: chrome coated metal
  • For small pets and birds
  • Easy to use:
    Loosen the screw, skewer the fruit on to the holder, tighten the screw and hang it up!
  • For hanging in the cage
  • With snap hook
  • Hygienic – keeps fresh fruit and veg clean
  • Provides lots of fun – your pet will have to work hard to get at the food


Trixie Fruit Holder
: 5/5
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: 3/5
One way ok the other was not!
When these arrived I was happy with my purchase for my niece's pets for Xmas. Unfortunately on expectation of these the nut that keeps the disc on on one of them was missing.
: 5/5
good size for my syrian hamster hooks well and has no sharp edges
: 5/5
Fantastic to keep them entertained
I bought this for my two rats. They are a tad overweight so I needed something that would make then work for their fresh food. This is great because I can just hang it in a space where they have to stretch and climb to get to their snacks. It also keeps them busy while I'm out so they're not bored. It's easy to clean and attach/remove. I am very happy with this purchase!
15/07/20|Stacey Leeming
: 5/5
Good product
Stops my girls guinea pigs veg getting soiled brilliant
21/04/20|Ray Fawkes
: 5/5
Rats love it
At first I got 2. 1 for boy cage and 1 for girls but it was such a hit I got more. It's so good for rats!! It's fun watching them eat and it makes our lazy boys work for it.
: 5/5
fantastic item my rats love these
i bought these for my 3 rats and its nice to have there fruit and veg in one place as they tend to hid it
23/05/15|Sarah Matthews
: 5/5
Essential and wonderful
We have three of these. We find them a massive part of our guinea pigs daily routine. They look forward to their veg/fruit skewers. We only add veg if placed on these. It provides a boredom free treat and keeps them entertained. We do not hang it but lay them down and the guineas pigs adore it. They are sturdy, well made easy to clean and will last and last. Ours are used twice daily everyday and we are so happy with this seemingly little thing at such a reasonable price. We love adding different veggies to it to provide a wonderful taste choice rather than a bowl of one veg. Would happily recommend. Would advise one per pet though to stop tug of wars.
: 5/5
sticks of fun
I bought two of these for my bunnies. Takes them longer to eat their fresh fruit and veg. Keeps them busy for ages and the food stays clean. I'm glad I bought more than one as they tend to guard their stick!!... a great product at a great price.