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Royal Canin Wet Dog Food

Royal Canin wet food cans are formulated to provide a balanced diet for small dogs of up to 10kg. All Royal Canin dog food varieties are processed with the highest standards for raw materials with meat exclusively from single sources which are included only after strict analysis ensuring reliable and consistent nutrition and quality. Royal Canin cans can be fed as a complete diet or as a supplementary food along with a dry food. Shop Royal Canin Care Nutrition for special diet dry dog food, find food especially suited to individual breeds with our range of Royal Canin Breed dry food or browse Royal Canin Size for dry dog food tailored to the size of your dog. Also discover Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Wet Dog Food.
2 products
2 products


Royal Canin Starter Mousse for weaning puppies under 2 months or female dogs from the end of gestation and during lactation, special recipe with all important nutrients and vitamins.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
2 Varieties from
12 x 195g
£18.99 £8.12 / kg
Saver Pack: 24 x 195g
individually priced £37.98 Now£33.99 £7.26 / kg

Royal Canin Babydog Milk is an easily digestible, complete milk substitute for nursing puppies.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
2 Varieties from
2kg (5 x 400g)
£29.49 £14.75 / kg
Economy Pack: 2 x 2kg (10 x 400g)
individually priced £58.98 Now£54.99 £13.75 / kg

Royal Canin Wet Dog Food

Delicious wet food for small breed dogs

This Royal Canin wet dog food has been specially formulated for small dogs weighing up to 10kg, with specialised nutrition that is designed to ensure your smaller breed dog is happy, healthy and active throughout its life.
Each Royal Canin wet dog food dish has been processed to the highest quality standards, using premium raw ingredients. The meat used comes exclusively from a single source and is only used once it has passed strict analysis regarding consistent, reliable quality and nutritional value.
Royal Canin prides itself on providing a dish for everyone, with different options including specialised nutrition and breed specific options. Choose from a range of complete and supplementary foods to ensure your dog is well nourished and receiving the best possible meal - one that it will happily enjoy day to day!

Browse the complete collection of Royal Canin wet dog food available at zooplus:

  • Health Nutrition: each of these dishes focuses on a different aspect of your dog’s health. Royal Canin wet dog food includes tailored diets for healthy skin, to keep your dog looking and feeling great, as well as appetite stimulation its that are ideal for both senior and junior dogs that need encouragement to take on sufficient food and nutrition. Royal Canin wet dog food also offers a lighter version of its food, which is low in calories and high in roughage, ideal for keeping your dog feeling full and satisfied while undertaking a weight loss regime.
  • Breed: different breeds will naturally have slightly different nutritional needs, so Royal Canin wet food is available in specific dishes for Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Dachshunds and Poodles, to ensure your dog receives the perfect nutrition for its breed. For example, it may contain additional joint support or nutrients for digestive health.
  • Babydog: set your puppy off in the right direction with the Royal Canin wet dog food Babydog range, including mousses and milks that are great for both mother and puppy and help ensure both receive all the vital nutrients they need at these crucial stages in their life.
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