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Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food is now available at zooplus! Choose from 100% pure meat or delicious mixes with nutritional vegetables, delivered frozen to your door.

Raw Dog Food

Dinner - as nature intended!

What is raw feeding?

Feeding a raw or a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food/Bones and Raw Food) diet simply means you are feeding your dog raw fresh food. This diet is very similar to the original, natural diet of wolves, which consisted mainly of prey. The prey would be almost entirely consumed, including the contents of the stomach which could include grains, carbohydrates and vegetables.

Why feed a raw diet?

Feeding a raw diet means that you are fully in control of what your dog eats and the quality of your dog’s food. You can adapt your dog’s diet to include their favourite ingredients, as well as to exclude ingredients which cause food intolerances or sensitivities. Simply put, you can offer your dog a variety of delicious animal proteins and nutrients to suit their individual tastes, needs and lifestyle.

What options are there?

At zooplus, we have a wide range of frozen dog foods for your dog to try! With a great selection of different pure meat meals and complete raw menu diets, there is something for every dog to enjoy.

Raw Food for Dogs: These pure meat meals require a little more preparation but have a big pay-off! Choose one of the delicious 100% pure meat packs and then supplement with essential fruits, vegetables, oils, and carbohydrates. You can fully control all the ingredients that go into your dog’s bowl and keep your dog’s tail wagging for more!

Complete Raw Menu Diets: Raw menu diets provide a complete meal for your dog. They are made with wholesome, tasty raw meat and vegetables, rice or pasta. These raw food menus are a great way to feed your dog without any preparation or food planning, but your dog still benefits from a healthy, balanced raw diet.
  • Adult Raw Menus: A wide variety of adult raw meal options, which are enriched with vegetables and carbohydrates.
  • Puppy Raw Menus: Formulated to help support your puppy's growth and development phase, these raw menus are rich in calcium and essential nutrients.

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