Green Petfood InsectDog hypoallergenic

: 4/5
Hypoallergenic dry dog food with 100% insect protein as a novel source of animal protein and fatty acids. Grain-free, with a balanced nutrient mix and sustainable thanks to low CO2 emissions....further information
Product description
Green Petfood InsectDog hypoallergenic
Green Petfood InsectDog hypoallergenic
Green Petfood InsectDog hypoallergenic
Green Petfood InsectDog hypoallergenic
Green Petfood InsectDog hypoallergenic
Green Petfood InsectDog hypoallergenic
Green Petfood InsectDog hypoallergenic
Green Petfood InsectDog hypoallergenic
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Green Petfood InsectDog hypoallergenic

- 10kg

RRP* £59.99
Our Price £53.09
£5.31 / kg

Product description

Hypoallergenic dry dog food with 100% insect protein as a novel source of animal protein and fatty acids. Grain-free, with a balanced nutrient mix and sustainable thanks to low CO2 emissions.

Green Petfood InsectDog hypoallergenic is the ideal alternative for dogs that struggle with foods containing traditional sources of meat or fish. It contains 100% insect protein, which acts as a source of valuable animal protein and fatty acids. To date, insects have rarely been used in dog food. This novel source of protein has a low allergenic potential and is easily digested even by the most sensitive of dogs. Breeding insects also has low levels of CO2 emissions, making this food sustainable and environmentally friendly.

As well as insect protein, which is the sole source of animal protein in this food, this grain-free recipe also contains vegetables, valuable sunflower oil and a balanced mix of vital nutrients. This ensures your adult dog gets all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements it needs for its wellbeing. This food is produced using only the best ingredients and is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. An environmentally-sound delicacy for the modern canine household!

Green Petfood InsectDog hypoallergenic at a glance:

  • Hypoallergenic complete dry food for adult dogs
  • With 100% insect protein: mono protein so it is ideal for sensitive dogs that struggle with traditional sources of meat or fish protein
  • Sustainable: breeding insects causes fewer CO2 emissions than conventional livestock breeding so it is kind to the environment
  • Excellent alternative: as insects have been seldom used in the production of pet food up to this point, they cause hardly any intolerances and also contain essential fatty acids alongside high-quality protein
  • Grain-free: with potatoes and peas
  • Peas are a natural source of healthy amino acids
  • Wholesome and tasty: with a balanced nutritional profile made up of vegetables, sunflower oil, vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Free from animal testing, GMOs and artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • Made in Germany
  • Green Business Philosophy: Green Petfood supports social and ecological projects

Why insects? Insects...
  • provide the ideal base for a hypoallergenic food, as they are a rare, high-quality source of protein in dog food
  • are a sustainable alternative to other sources of animal protein, as their rearing produces far fewer CO2 emissions
  • not only offer your dog high-quality protein, but also valuable fatty acids


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Potato (dried), pea meal (natural source of amino acids), insects (10%), sunflower oil, yeast (partially hydrolysed), potato protein, minerals, beet fibre, carob meal.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (12000 IU), vitamin D3 (1200 IU), vitamin E (130mg), vitamin B1 (10mg), vitamin B2 (15mg), vitamin B6 (15mg), vitamin B12 (70mcg), vitamin C (100mg), niacin (60mg), pantothenic acid (40mg), folic acid (4mg), L-carnitine (300mg), biotin (600mg), taurine (1000mg), iron (180mg), zinc (160mg), manganese (16mg), copper (20mg), iodine (2mg), selenium (0.25mg).

Analytical constituents

protein22.0 %
fat12.0 %
fibre2.7 %
ash7.1 %
calcium0.9 %
phosphorus0.7 %
magnesium0.12 %
potassium0.7 %
sodium0.45 %
calories that can be burned3622.0 kcal/kg

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation per dog per day:

Green Petfood InsectDog hypoallergenic is a complete dry food for adult dogs

Dog’s weight Low activity/older Normal activity High activity
5kg 60g 70g 90g
10kg 90g 120g 150g
20kg 150g 210g 260g
30kg 205g 275g 350g
40kg 255g 340g 430g
60kg 340g 460g 590g
80kg 420g 580g 735g


Green Petfood InsectDog hypoallergenic
: 4/5
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Customer Photos
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14/07/23|Eva Veronica
: 5/5
Five stars to Green petfood, 1 star to the UK Zooplus. Almost £60 while 39€ on other Zooplus shops in Europe. Well done!
It costs €38. 49 on Zooplus in other countries!!! That's the biggest increase I have ever seen here. The food is great. My 15yo dog is in great condition. We have changed petfood few years ago when he experienced health issues. Insect proteins are much better absorbed. P. S. To the person who gives 1 star saying it's awful and their dogs don't eat it. It only says that you feed your dog with highly processed, chemical petfood that attracts them more. This one is not processed so much and smelly
: 2/5
Good food but more price rises in less than 6 months of the last one!
This is great dog food, but I will be looking for a something else, as this has gone up again the second price rise in 6 mths.
: 5/5
Great for dog and the environment
Our GSD has EPI and allergies to lots of things. He has been on this food now for over a year and been stable with his EPI. His coat looks the best it has been for a while and he loves this food. The only draw back is how expensive the food has become. It used to be £38 in the last few months has gone up to £45.
: 1/5
Complete waste of money !!!!
None of my dogs would touch this food !! My neighbours dog wouldn't touch it. Her cat tried it but was sick straight away. I wrote to manufacturers but have heard NOTHING .!!
25/05/21|Jo Parish
: 5/5
Dog loves it, excellent value
My dog is thriving on this food. He is well, good skin and coat condition, firm stools (low volume). It’s very concentrated so the amount you feed is quite small. I like the shape of the kibble, which is flat squares. He loves it dry or wet (admittedly he’s not a particularly discerning consumer). We really can’t justify feeding our pets meat-based food when there are alternatives like this - carbon emissions are so much lower. Packaging is paper not foil or plastic so recyclable. Love it.
30/12/20|Mrs L Byrne
: 5/5
Great for a dog with Allergies
Our GSD has allergies to most animal proteins and fish proteins. He became really unwell, lost nearly 12kgs in weight. An animal nutritionist suggested insect food and we have not looked back since I've put him on this. He is slowly putting weight back on and his coat is started to get much better. This site is the best place for price too and great customer service.
: 1/5
Worst food I've tried my dog on
I brought this with high hopes after reading the reviews. I have a French bulldog who is full of allergy so was hoping this would help with her itching - it's made her a million times worse and now she has tummy problems she farts and poops like no tomorrow - the smell coming out of her is awful and her coat is so greasy. The only problem she had before was her itching she is now a mess, I would Not recommend this to anyone. If I could return it I definitely would.
27/11/20|Andy Bennett
: 5/5
Fantastic cruelty free dog food
My dogs - a smooth collie, a Portuguese podengo pequeno and a spanish rescue all love this food. My cats even steal the biscuits if they get the chance... I’m vegan and I don’t want sentient creatures with as much intelligence and self awareness as my own dogs to be killed to make their food - not when there are alternatives as good as this on the market .
: 5/5
Dog and owner very happy
My pointer cross is very happy eating this and hasn't had any digestive issues. He's certainly not fussy about what he eats though. We get lots of compliments on how glossy his coat is. I'm happy to have found something sustainable with low emissions to give him but that still had the right amount of protein and other nutrients.
: 3/5
Emissions not low.....
my dog likes it and is thriving on it. But his emissions are far from carbon neutral sadly.....
: 5/5
: 5/5
Its a miracle
My dog penny has had skin and tummy issues for years I've tried every make and every protein source and raw and tinned and nothing helped even the vet couldn't help so I came across this food and i thought I had nothing to lose so I bought a bag and boy what a difference solid poos and considerably better skin itching and biting has stopped by 80% wish I had found this food years ago.
14/06/18|Belinda Legate
: 5/5
Best food on the market
i have tried many grain and chicken free foods also white fish for my Bulldog due to skin problems nothing really worked and if it did it then cause tear stains or tummy problems, After 8 years i have found this food, This is the 3rd sack since Jan so it's great value for money, No skin problems, No unset tummy, No tear stains, My bulldog loves it, Now won't buy anything else
: 5/5
Even my Vet was impressed!
Changed to this Excellent Kibble because of skin issues etc, Dog loves it, easy to swap to with no tummy problems, Nice firm poos, Skin has started to improve, After telling my vet what food we now use she looked it up and in a phone call told me "i'm very impressed with your choice"
: 5/5
Relief for allergic dog
My Welsh terrier has numerous food allergies and is only able to eat oats, pork, venison and white fish. We had tried a couple of dry foods but he was still covered in hives and losing his hair. Within days of starting insect dog his rash had gone! His skin and coat is healthy and he's happy and energetic- insect dog has changed his life I'm so glad I found it.
: 5/5
Surprisingly popular
I need to reduce the meat content for one of my dogs with liver issues and this looked like the perfect choice. With two ridiculously fussy /delicate chi's I was not hopeful but this was instantly popular with both (not something I say often!) so VERY PLEASED. My only niggle is that I now spend my evenings cutting up kibble into small bitesize pieces as its very large for small mouths! Will try the veggie option next.
: 5/5
Top grade!
My staffy absolutely love this food. And she looks really healthy. Shiny coat and keeping her weight nicely. Her stool is solid and the issues she used to have with smelly discharge from her glands is long gone as they now empty perfectly every time she poos. Bonus - I have a good conscience knowing this is a environmentally friendly pet food that supports my green way of life.
: 5/5
Excellent choice
This food is an excellent choice to replace regular animal protein . My dogs , one old and one very young absolutely love this food. Shiny coats. Has cured older dogs skin itching and digestions on both seem very good as poos are solid and healthy . I recommend this dog food because it's healthy and environmentally sound too. Well done green pet food. Hopefully it will become cheaper soon as more and more people demand protein from insects.