Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken

: 5/5
Help your large or giant breed puppy grow into a healthy adult, with this dry food rich in energy and nutrients, specially tailored to meet nutritional needs at this vital stage of life....further information
Product description
Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken
Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken
Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken
Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken
Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken
Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken
Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken
Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken
Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken
Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken
Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken
Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken
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£2.80 / kg
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Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken

- 15kg

£2.80 / kg

Product description

Help your large or giant breed puppy grow into a healthy adult, with this dry food rich in energy and nutrients, specially tailored to meet nutritional needs at this vital stage of life.

This Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed Chicken has been specially developed by experts and is recommended by breeds, with a unique recipe formulated to meet the individual nutritional needs of large breed dogs at this vital stage in their life. It is ideal for large breeds and giant breeds between 1-14 months, rich in poultry and with 20% fresh chicken. It is a tasty meal rich in high-quality animal protein and with a range of natural nutrients for healthy development of muscles, bones and organ function.

The DHA in Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed Chicken supports brain function and learning ability, with vitamins A and E to ensure a healthy immune system develops. The 6-edged kibble pieces combine with DentaDefense formula ensure clean teeth and healthy mouth. Calcium can also help to develop strong bones. Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed Chicken is rich in valuable fibres and prebiotics FOS and MOS, which regulate gut flora and balanced digestion, for the best use of nutrients in food.

This Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed Chicken has been perfectly tailored to meet the needs of your large breed puppy, for improved vitality and highest quality!

  Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed Chicken at a glance:
  • Balanced puppy food for large breeds (25-40kg adult weight) or giant breeds (>40kg adult weight) at 1-14 months
  • Life Stage recipe: tailored recipe that is ideal for this life stage of your dog
  • Healthy growth: a unique combination of invigorating nutrients that ensure optimum development of muscles, skeleton and organ function
  • Developed by experts: recipe designed by nutritional experts and veterinarians, and recommended by breeders
  • High meat content: around 35% poultry, rich in high-quality animal protein
  • 20% fresh chicken: easy to digest and particularly delicious
  • With DHA: increases brain function and learning ability in young dogs
  • Extra portion of calcium: to support the development of bones
  • Balanced digestion: with a specially tailored mix of fibres, including sugar beet pulp and prebiotics FOS and MOS, for optimum nutritional intake
  • Healthy teeth & mouth: thanks to a 6-edged kibble shape and DentaDefense formula
  • Strong immune system: antioxidants vitamin E and C promote the development of the immune system
  • Healthy skin & glossy coat: thanks to natural sources of omega-3 and -6
  • Balanced mix of nutrients: ideal vitamin, mineral and trace element content, as well as valuable plant extracts
  • With Yucca: minimises stool odour
  • Free from: artificial colourings and flavourings, as well as GMOs
  • Reliable: this food has undergone more than 120 quality checks
  • Practical packaging: resealable zip pouch
  • Top producer: Eukanuba have been recognised for their research and development in high-quality pet nutrition and guarantee the use of the best ingredients


Go to analytical constituents
Fresh chicken (20%), dried chicken and turkey (15% including 9% chicken), maize grits, maize, wheat, fish meal, rice, barley, poultry fat, chicken sauce, dried whole egg, dried sugar beet pulp (2.3%), minerals, fish oil, fish digest, brewer's yeast, fructooligosaccharide (0.24%), mannanoligosaccharide.

Additives per kg:
Vitamin A (46,758 IU), vitamin C (58mg), vitamin D3 (1552 IU), vitamin E (259mg), beta-carotene (5.1mg).
Trace elements:
Cuprous sulphate pentahydrate (13mg), potassium iodide (2.6mg), ferrous sulphate monohydrate (68mg), manganous sulphate monohydrate (39mg), zinc oxide (114mg).
Natural tocopherol extracts from plant oil (106mg).
Organic rosemary extract (51mg), tea extract (26mg), Yucca extract (250mg).

Analytical constituents

protein26.5 %
fat14.5 %
fibre1.6 %
ash5.1 %
calcium0.85 %
phosphorus0.7 %
omega-3 fats0.71 %
omega-6 fats2.9 %
DHA fatty acid0.18 mg

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation in g/day:
Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed Chicken is a complete pet food for:
- Large breed puppies (adult weight 25 - 40kg) aged between 1 and 14 months
- Giant breed puppies (adult weight >40kg) aged between 1 and 14 months.
Puppy's weight Daily portion in g
1 - 3 months 3 - 4 months 5 - 7 months 8 - 12 months 12 - 14 months
2 kg 145 g - - - -
4 kg 230 g 205 g - - -
6 kg 305 g 270 g - - -
8 kg 370 g 325 g 215 g - -
10 kg 430 g 380 g 250 g - -
15 kg 565 g 495 g 330 g 265 g -
20 kg 680 g 600 g 400 g 320 g 290 g
30 kg - 790 g 525 g 420 g 380 g
40 kg - 960 g 640 g 510 g 465 g
50 kg - - 740 g 595 g 540 g
60 kg - - 840 g 670 g 605 g
70 kg - - - 745 g 675 g

In order to make the switch to Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed Chicken easier for your dog, best would be to make the transition gradually, in 4 days. We recommend feeding your dog 2 times a day. You should divide the total recommended feeding amount by the number of times you feed your pet per day, depending on your dog's age, activity and temperament these amount can vary. Please make sure to always provide plenty of fresh water for your dog.


Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed - Chicken
: 5/5
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Customer Photos
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24/06/21|David Kemp
: 5/5
Excellent Product
My 14 week old Border Collie is thriving and in excellent condition. We changed from a different make of dry food to Eukanuba because my pup was suffering very soft poo. He is now perfect with firm poop. I am very pleased with the results.
: 1/5
Terrible flatulance and soft poo.
The price is great however we changed to Eukanuba from Royal canin for our 3-month-old golden retriever and he has been suffering from severe flatulence and very soft poop even after a month.Unfortunately I bought the large bag of 18 kilos and I don't know what I'm going to do with it now.Have just read other reviews with similar issues
29/01/21|Emily Nichols
: 5/5
My 5 month old Labrador
We initially used this food for our Labrador puppy because our breeder was feeding him this. However he’s 5 months now and I couldn’t recommend it enough. He is so healthy and shiny and loves the food. Zooplus have been the perfect providers, the food is reasonably priced, delivery is quick and efficient, communication is excellent. I made a mistake while ordering and Zooplus sorted this out quickly and efficiently, at no cost to myself when it was my mistake - excellent service
: 5/5
great product!
Our baby boxer girl Roxy is so happy with Eukanuba. She's on it since she was 8 weeks, no problems at all. We're going to change it to Eukanuba for Boxers when she is one year old. She is 6 months now and she's got such a beautiful shiny coat and her body shape is amazing. Also the delivery is always quick. So it's very good quality product for very good price. Thank you!
02/11/19|Yvonne Jarvis
: 5/5
Eukanuba Growing Puppy
Brilliant service and Heathcliffe my GSD puppy is thriving on the food
19/02/19|Emma R
: 5/5
Great price and great for my dog!
It's affordable whilst still providing great nutrition. My 4 month old golden retriever has been on it since he came home at 8 weeks old. He loves it. Our vet also said it is one of the three brands he recommends - the other two brands being almost double the price of Eukanuba at Zooplus.
: 5/5
Amazing food
I have 2 German shep pups .7 months and 6 months I changed them to ukanuba when the older one was 4 months old and I'm so glad I did they love it . Diareah stopped they look healthier and their coats are beautiful. Thank you to Zooplus for brilliant servis easy to order and delivery is quick and the best is they keep the cost low for you .All in all 10 out of 10 thanks zooplus . Would definitely recommend.
: 2/5
Loved it initially - went off it and gave him sloppy poops!
My Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy loved it for the first week or so but his poops were very sloppy and didn't get any firmer - even after a month. After a few weeks he totally went off it and could only interest him with some chicken and bone broth added to it... So frustrating as we ordered a huge bag! They kinda work as treats now but won't be ordering again.
: 2/5
Lab went off it
At first my lab puppy loved it but suddenly went off it and despite several attempts to reintroduce, he won’t touch it. Shame and a waste!
08/07/17|Kelly Marie
: 5/5
Best price and quick delivery!
My first order, and all went perfect! 15kg bag is way cheaper than other shops, my 8 week old Labrador puppy was fed this by the breeder so I'm keeping him on it while he's happy, and at this price I can't complain!
: 5/5
Loving it
My Rhodesian Ridgeback absolutely loves this stuff. Whether it's by itself or occasionally mixed up with scrambled egg and mackerel. His coat is lovely and his muscle and skeletal growth is excellent. Very lean and great definition. He is growing into a fine young dog
: 5/5
Owner of 10 week old Golden Retriever. For the first week (7 weeks old) I had her on the breeders recommendation of Royal Canin (also tried PetSmarts brand "Authority"). She had diarrhea, and she was eating her own feces, (sometimes the result of lacking protein/fiber), ear infections, etc. The local allergy specialist (DVM) in town recommended EUK and she has been doing perfect! Coat is in excellent shape, ears cleared up, and no more eating feces. Definitely will buy again, and would recommend
: 5/5
Great dog food, great price, great delivery
Having used Eukanuba before, for all of Monty's life, I knew it would be right for my new black lab puppy. With Zooplus, I got the best value for money anywhere AND fast delivery with DPD. Thanks :-)
: 5/5
Great for a shiny coat!
Recommended Eukanuba by the breeder for Darcy my Doberman/Lab cross pup. She loves it and her coat is so shiny people are always commenting, she looks like a big black seal lol. Paid for more for the food at Pets4U, so glad to find Zooplus. Darcy is 7 months old now, 30kg and full of energy. Highly recommend this food and this site.
: 5/5
Great Value for money
Bought my first 3kg bag from pets at home to see if my new puppy liked it. My puppy is underweight and the vet recommended it. He loves it, but more importantly the price difference is huge. Teh 3kg size at Pets at Home is £16.99 and only £9.99 here, now I know he likes it I've just ordered to 2 x 15kg bags and as a savings club memeber I get 10% off that price too. Love my zooplus xx
: 5/5
: 5/5
German Shepherd puppies
When I got my German Shepherd puppies at 9 weeks their fur was dull and dry. I slowly changed their food to Eukanuba large breed puppy food and within a few weeks their fur had changed dramatically to soft & shiny. Their general health is fantastic and I am always being commented on their wonderful coats. Thanks to Zooplus for keeping the feeding costs down with their great deals.
20/01/15|Adrian Ruthven
: 5/5
Great product!
I have a 10 week old Labradoodles who really loves this food, always clears her bowl and has nice firm poo's which is a lot easier to pick up! Great service as well, deliveries arriving in three working days, great service!!
25/08/14|Susan Rennie
: 5/5
Been using eukanuba with my two pups and it is highly recommended. My dog love it. Was originally purchasing it from our local pet store and paying £54.99 for 15 kg. looked on web and came across zooplus and could not believe the difference in the cost. Ordered a bag and even got 3 kg free and a bag of treats free and was delivered to my door within 2 days. Great service and will def be ordering again x
: 5/5
Excellent food
Our dog has a sensitive stomach but this was excellent food, and very quick delivery.