Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal

: 5/5
Chappie Complete dry dog food is a good quality, healthy complete pet food, ideal for the sensitive dog...further information
Product description
Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal
Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal
Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal
Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal
Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal
Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal
Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal
Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal
Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal
Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal
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Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal - 15kg
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Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal

- 15kg

£2.19 / kg

Product description

Chappie Complete dry dog food is a good quality, healthy complete pet food, ideal for the sensitive dog

Chappie Complete Dry Dog Food is a 100% complete and balanced dog food developed with vets. As well as containing no artificial colours, flavours, added sugar, eggs or dairy, Chappie contains all the essential nutrients that your dog requires to keep him in top condition every single day.

Advantages of Chappie Complete at a glance:
  • Healthy Skin & Coat: contains essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3 & 6, known to help support skin & coat health.
  • Strong Muscles: contains quality protein to help support strong muscles.
  • Healthy Teeth: kibble provides a crunchy bite for dogs of all sizes to help support keeping their teeth clean.
Developed with nutritionists and veterinarians of WALTHAM®.

Product features:

  • Complete & balanced nutrition
  • Developed with vets
  • No added sugar
  • No eggs and dairy
  • No artificial colours or flavours


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Beef & Whole Grain Cereal Cereals (including 4% Whole Wheat), Meat and Animal Derivatives (including 4% Beef), Oils and Fats, Minerals, Antioxidants.
Additives per kg: Nutritional additives: Vitamin A: 19895 IU, Vitamin D3: 1746 IU, Vitamin E: 352 mg, Vitamin B1: 9.2 mg, Vitamin B2: 18.9 mg, Niacin: 35.4 mg, Vitamin B5: 41.3 mg, Vitamin B6: 4.7 mg, Biotin: 0.38 mg, Vitamin B9: 2.8 mg, Vitamin B12: 0.06 mg, Cupric sulphate pentahydrate: 66.9 mg, Calcium iodate anhydrous: 1.7 mg, Manganous sulphate monohydrate: 377 mg, Sodium selenite: 0.58 mg, Zinc sulphate monohydrate: 549 mg.

Chicken Cereals (min. 4% Whole Wheat), vegetable derivatives, meat and animal derivatives (min. 4% chicken), oils and fats, antioxidants, minerals.
Additives per kg: Nutritional additives: Vitamin A: 20907 IU, Vitamin D3: 1835 IU, Vitamin E: 370 mg, Vitamin B1: 9.7 mg, Vitamin B2: 19.8 mg, Niacin: 37.2 mg, Vitamin B5: 43.4 mg, Vitamin B6: 5 mg, Biotin: 0.4 mg, Vitamin B9: 2.9 mg, Vitamin B12: 0.06 mg, Cupric sulphate pentahydrate: 63.5 mg, Calcium iodate anhydrous: 1.6 mg, Manganous sulphate monohydrate: 358 mg, Sodium selenite: 0.55 mg, Zinc sulphate monohydrate: 522 mg.
No added sugar, eggs and dairy. No artificial colours or flavours.

Analytical constituents

protein20.0 %
fat7.9 %
fibre1.9 %
omega-3 fats1.11 %
omega-6 fats2.0 %

Feeding guide

Manufactures Feeding Guidance

Chappie Complete is a complete pet food for adult dogs.

Body Weight (kg): 5, g/day: 110, kcal: 368

Body Weight (kg): 10, g/day: 185, kcal: 619

Body Weight (kg): 20, g/day: 315, kcal: 1040

Body Weight (kg): 30, g/day: 425, kcal: 1410

Body Weight (kg): 40, g/day: 525, kcal: 1750

Body Weight (kg): 50, g/day: 620, kcal: 2069

Tip: A half pint mug holds approximately 100g of kibbles.
Please note: An individual dog's requirements may differ according to its level of activity, breed and physical condition. Therefore you may adjust the amount of food to keep your dog in an optimal condition. Most dogs take some time to adapt to a change in diet. When introducing your dog to CHAPPIE®, do so gradually over a period of 5 days. CHAPPIE® Complete may be fed dry or may be moistened with warm water or gravy. A bowl of fresh water should be available at all times.


Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal
: 5/5
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Customer Photos

Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Cereal
: 5/5
Excellent food
It’s the best out of all the dog food on the market, my pooch really struggled with loose poops as I tried to find food to suit! Since using Chappie no issues, firm poops and a happier dog Chappie always.
12/10/21|Dean Woods
: 5/5
Chappie amazing for my dogs
I have been buying Chappie for 10 years now. Good value for money, the mutts really enjoy it especially when Dodds feeds them. I’ve not got much cash but this certainly satisfies in the bedroom with the mutts. j Sparry
20/04/21|Judy Johnston
: 5/5
My German Shepard Dog I rescued from the Edinburgh Car and Dog home, at a year old, had serious stomachs issues and took us months trialling different types of dog food. Eventuay, having talked our vet, they suggested Chappie wet food combined with dry. What a difference. Solid number twos for years now. Totally recommend this brand.
: 5/5
no shame using this dog food.
both dogs glands sorted with this dried dog food. no more acid reflux either for the white standard poodle. poo's are firm too. All sorted , no regurgitating food, no blocked anal glands and no reflux. I would recommend as both poodles love it, although prefer it dry and not wet. not a bit left.Though they do drink more water as expected. i won't be a dog food snob again, the white dog is shiney as well as the grey one. they do get fish skins as their chews so they may help too. low fat too.
: 5/5
We had a Westoe with a skin problem tried many things from the vet, then the vet told us to try chappie as it's made by vets, after a few weeks the skin issue had cleared up and our Westoe was perfect on chappie, would highly reccomend
: 5/5
My 12 year old west highland white became very ill with pancreatitis, nearly lost him. had many years before this with stomach problems no prescription foods worked. Home fed for a while, but worried about getting the balance right. tried chappie so happy, my dog is doing so well on this a life saver.
: 2/5
size of food is too big
good food but biscuits are far too big, if they were smaller would be lot better
15/08/19|Sharon Swan
: 5/5
Sorted my girlie's hair loss issue
Right so we have 3 dogs two of them mastiffs and a staffy. My 5 year old dogue de bordeaux seems to be allergic to all the dog foods I have tried ie James wellbeloved, arden grange, wainwright's, concept for life, hi-life to name a few and she looses hair on both sides of ribs the only food that doesn't cause it is chappie. She does get dry skin though so got her on omega fish oils 3-6 capsules and so far is doing the trick. Thankfully other two dogs can eat anything so no issues there.
: 5/5
I used this website for the 1st time and no problems next day delivery too. I always use this dog food as I have a boxer dog with a sensitive stomach and I have tried many different types of expensive dog foods and this doesn't upset his tummy and have no problems. And is recommended by vets
20/09/18|Angela clarke
: 5/5
Absolutely brill
After feeding my 6yo GSD, Hills (on the vets recommendation) then switched to Lilys kitchen things were getting expensive. So off my own back I decided to try my girl on Chappie & she hasn't ever looked better & it's costing me app £35pm to feed her instead of £100. We're both happy with her on Chappie
10/07/18|Shirley Barnes-Kilpatrick
: 5/5
At last........
I have a 10 month old Great Dane puppy who has had explosives Diarrhoea all her young life. I’ve consulted Vets and food companies, she’s been on medication- all of which didn’t help. Someone mentioned Chappie. Within 24 hours the diarrhoea stopped and has not returned. Our vet and the food company assure me that it will support a giant breed’s growth. Firm normal stools at a fraction of the cost of ‘posher’ dog foods .......changed our lives!!
26/05/18|Y Thomas. Yorkshire
: 1/5
Cheap and nasty, next to nothing nutritious in it compared to others.
I put my Labs on this at the advice of my vet as they were a bit overweight and needed a lower fat option. At the time they all had lovely shining coats, bright eyes and normal stools. After five days on it their coats were really dull/full of white flakes/eyes dull/crumbling stools/scratching lots/hungry AND smelly wind/gurgling tums. I took them off it and within 2 weeks their scaly flakes had gone/glossy coats/normal stools/tums not gurgling/no wind etc. Won't ever buy Crappie again!
: 5/5
Very good
My Labrador puppy is on this and he loves it has stopped him from getting fat but still getting all the nutrients and goods he needs to grow
27/10/15|Buzz's mum
: 5/5
Solved our GSDs bowel probs
Our 4 year old GSM has been plagued with diarrhoea one and off since birth. On our vets we tried chappie for its low fat content and he's been fine ever since. It may be cheap but it's effective
23/05/15|Norman Edkims
: 5/5
Sensitive stomachs
My 8 year old Cavalier was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease by the vet in January. My vet said he must go on a low fat diet and because my vet new i could not afford the top of the range sensitive stomach food for dogs my vet suggested i put him onto Chappie dry because of the low fat content. With the medication and new diet of Chappie my dog is like a puppy again.
21/11/14|Dawn RF
: 5/5
Good for sensitive tummy's
Eight months ago my 9 yr old rescue Cavalier KCS had a very bad stomach problem, he was very poorly and I almost lost him, he was put on a drip for a few days and six weeks of medication. My vet recommended Chappie dry and wet as it is a good basic food and is good for dogs with sensitive stomachs (he was on more expensive brands before) which may have been too rich for him,since being on Chappie he has come on in leaps and bounds. I highly recommend it and is so cheap by comparison.
04/10/13|derek mann
: 4/5
It's so cheap, cheap, cheap it should be bird food
If your JR loves it and doesn't have any reaction then love it to bits. It is a heck of a lot cheaper than loads of others.
28/04/13|Stan (owned by Rainbow Skye)
: 4/5
nom nom nom
My mummy buys this yummy food for me, I am a 5/6 year old Jack Russell with colitis & skin problems. I noms it all cos I am greedy, it helps my windy bottom & people let me sit next to them now!! I like both flavours but mummy prefers the chicken cos it's easier on my tummy. She says it's a bit expensive so that's why it's a 4 star