Burns Adult & Senior Original - Fish & Brown Rice

: 5/5
Burns Fish & Brown Rice is a complete, hypo-allergenic dog food for adults over 9 months including seniors. Also for dogs with diet related health problems....further information
Product description
Burns Adult & Senior Original - Fish & Brown Rice
Burns Adult & Senior Original - Fish & Brown Rice
Burns Adult & Senior Original - Fish & Brown Rice
Burns Adult & Senior Original - Fish & Brown Rice
Burns Adult & Senior Original - Fish & Brown Rice
Burns Adult & Senior Original - Fish & Brown Rice
Burns Adult & Senior Original - Fish & Brown Rice
Burns Adult & Senior Original - Fish & Brown Rice
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£5.15 / kg
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Burns Adult & Senior Original - Fish & Brown Rice

- 6kg

£5.15 / kg

Product description

Burns Fish & Brown Rice is a complete, hypo-allergenic dog food for adults over 9 months including seniors. Also for dogs with diet related health problems.

Burns Adult & Senior Original Fish & Brown Rice is a balanced dry food for adult and senior dogs. It was developed by veterinary surgeon John Burns and is a product of the highest British quality.

The dog food has a low-fat formula that makes it easier for your dog to manage its weight. It is also hypoallergenic and therefore well tolerated by dogs with sensitive diets. The tasty fish provides high-quality animal proteins, while the fibre-rich oats can contribute to normal digestive function. Last but not least, Burns Adult & Senior Original Fish & Brown Rice contains omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, which can promote normal skin and a shiny coat.

Burns Adult & Senior Original Fish & Brown Rice at a glance:
  • Balanced dry food for adult & senior dogs
  • Low-fat recipe: facilitates weight management
  • Hypoallergenic: without wheat, soya, dairy products & beef
  • Delicious fish: provides high-quality animal protein
  • High-fibre oats: can contribute to natural digestive function
  • Omega-3 & -6 fatty acids: can promote normal skin & shiny coat
  • Natural ingredients: for a delicious flavour
  • Easily digestible: also for nutritionally sensitive dogs
  • Environmentally conscious: 100% recyclable packaging
  • Developed by veterinary surgeon John Burns
  • Made in the UK: high quality from the British pet food manufacturer
  • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives


Go to analytical constituents
Brown rice (61%), fish meal (20%), oat flakes, peas, salmon oil, sunflower oil, seaweed, minerals.

Nutritional and physiological additives:
Vitamin A (25,000 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (2,000 IU/kg), vitamin E (100 IU/kg), taurine (1. 000mg), copper [copper(II) chelate of amino acid hydrate] (12mg), iodine [calcium iodate anhydrous] (1mg), manganese [manganese chelate of amino acid hydrate] (20mg), zinc [zinc chelate of amino acid hydrate] (50mg), selenium [3b8.11, selenised yeast inactivated] (0.2mg).

Technological additives:
Antioxidants (mixed tocopherols).

Analytical constituents

protein18.5 %
fat7.5 %
fibre2.5 %
ash6.5 %
calcium1.2 %
phosphorus0.85 %
magnesium0.12 %
moisture8.0 %
potassium0.5 %
copper17.0 mg/kg
sodium0.3 %
omega-3 fats0.85 %
omega-6 fats1.54 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation
Burns Adult & Senior Original Fish & Brown Rice is a complete food for dogs.
Weight of the dog
Adult (from 9 months)
bis 500g

Fresh drinking water should always be available


Burns Adult & Senior Original - Fish & Brown Rice
: 5/5
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Customer Photos

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10/07/23|Fred V
: 5/5
Dog food
Brilliant, delivered within 24 hours of ordering.
25/11/21|Alison Algieri
: 5/5
Burns dried dog food
This is a nourishing dog food and both my dogs love it.
: 5/5
Good for my collie
My dog yums this up. I just add warm water to it and he loves it. He seems really happy on it too and his skin seems a bit less flaky.
19/07/21|Wendy Shuffle-Botham
: 5/5
Labs love it!!
As a dog behavioural trainer, I have an interest in nutrition and after reading a book 20 years ago about breed specific nutrition, I changed to Burns. I’ve fed Burns Fish variety for some years now and all my Labs love it! Chocolate Labs can have very dull coats, not mine. Mine have shiny, glossy, soft coats. I always get comments on them. It’s unfair that someone has given it one star, just because his dogs won’t eat it. It has no reflection on the quality of the food, it’s just his dogs.
03/08/20|Nora Dobson
: 5/5
Good product
She enjoys it and it gives her a lovely shiny coat.
03/06/20|Alton Matherne
: 1/5
dogs refuse to eat this flavour
I have 8 dogs and most all of them dislike this flavour of Burns. Over the years I have tried the Fish based Burns about 3 times. 3 dogs refuse ot eat it and 2 are very reluctant to eat it.. the other 3 will eat anything. Last bag I gave away after a few days rather than make the dogs eat something they obviously don't like the taste of..
: 5/5
Burns Adult Fish and Brown Rice Food
We changed our labrador's food for a month and her coat became very dull. We changed back to Burns Adult fish and brown rice food and her coat is now is lovely and glossy. Really impressed with this food.
16/02/18|Fiona Jerome
: 5/5
Not uncontrollable, just on the wrong diet
I thought my troubled rescue pointer/lab cross would be impossible to train, but a behaviourist gave us sound advice and insisted we switch him to Burns immediately, nothing else would do. I was skeptical but she was 100% right, within 24 hours on Burns he'd stopped biting and destroying furniture, and calmed down to a point where we could start to teach him. Now he's a beautiful young dog with a bright future ahead of him. Thank you Burns!
08/06/14|Clare Pointon
: 5/5
Fab Food
We have 4 Cavapoos and a Toy Poodle all on Burns they really enjoy this food and finish every meal which can sometimes be a little tricky with small dogs. Our dogs coats are glossy and a lot less knotty than before. They poo much less too which is great for me having 5 to pick up after! We have bred a litter of puppies who we also weaned on Burns Mini Puppy they are doing really well and the new owners have changed there other dogs on to Burns with great results. Can't fault it and the Zooplus Service is fab no more struggling with heavy bags for me!
10/10/13|Jane Noddings
: 5/5
Quality food means healthy dogs
Our 2 Labradors - mum and daughter aged 6 and 3 years have been feeding on Burns Fish & Rice since they were pups. It may appear expensive at first but a 15 kg bag lasts approx a month @ £40 per bag. Divided by 2 well exercised and hungry Labs that is less than £1 a day for 2 bowls each. High quality feed means less quantity (cheap fillers) and therefore less waste. They are both fit and healthy with beautiful glossy clean coats, excellent digestion, great teeth and clean breath. In our view it is worth paying slightly more for the long term health and digestive benefits our girls are enjoying.
27/04/13|Ruth Oakley
: 5/5
Burns saved our collie
Jack is a collie who was rescued and in a dreadful state, he had the most 'sensitive' tummy and has also suffered campilobactor, after scavenging the streets before he was rescued :-( someone suggested Burns as every other food we had tried upset his tummy and its been his diet now for 10 years! zooplus makes his meals especially affordable by offering the bulk deal at a reduced price and then including a further discount or free gift makes it a real bargain. I LOVE zooplus. As money gets 'tighter,' in the tough economic climate, you make our lives easier and Jack's tummy a happy one!
26/03/13|Mrs Gibson
: 5/5
My Lab puppy had Campylobactor and we had terrible trouble with regular bouts of diarrhea and our vets put her on a prescription diet. This was a nightmare as it didn't satisfy her, and being a labrador food is of upmost important to her! Once the bacteria had gone, I moved her onto this product. It was a really smooth transition and I had great advice from Burns themselves on the best products for her and how to move her onto this food without causing further stomach upsets and how much she should be fed as she is only 8 months old now. She loves the food and is now thriving. It doesn't smell that fishy, produces far less waste product, and even satisfies my labrador. I would recommend it anyone. Fantastic price with Zooplus
30/11/12|Anna J Adams
: 5/5
Burns Fish and Rice
At last I have found a food that my Papillon will eat.He had the campylobactor thing when he was younger with recurring bouts,and food has never been his favourite thing,in fact he was anerexic..I tried everything to tempt him to eat...then BINGO by chance...we found Fish and brown rice..He is 2 years old now and eats and is more than keen to eat,he gets some table scraps veg etc ,but truley he just loves his fishy kibble..hooo rarrr.
: 5/5
great for delicate tummies
My dog had campylobacter when he was younger and has always had irregular bouts of diarrhoea. He is also quite picky and not a keen eater. I was recommended Burns dry food by a veterinary nurse and decided to give it a go because, even after 18months, I hadnt found a food that kept my dogs bowel movements consistent and that he would eat with any enthusiasm. Since he has been on Burns fish and brown rice (mixed with a small amount of nature diet fish and veg to make a gravy) he has normal, solid bowel movements. He only goes once a day now instead of 3 or 4 and they are easy to pick up. He doesnt have the nasty wind that he used to have and he eats with enthusiasm even towards the end of the 15g bag! So, if you have a dog that is prone to upset tummies Burns fish and rice is certainly worth a try.
08/09/12|JSS Scotland
: 5/5
Burns is best!
My woofers love this food. It is great for both of them (large mixed breeds) especially the smaller one who has an intolerance for some foods. Pooper scooping is a breeze and the slight fishy odour is just that - slight - nothing to be concerned about if it has put you off buying this variety before. All Burns foods are ethically sound - such an important choice if you care about animals - seriously - some of the other major manufacturers should be ashamed. I leave you to make the choice. Great value on this website too - well done ZooPlus :0)
: 5/5
Excellent Coat
Since we started using this product Lottie's coat shines and she is so fit and bouncy - I know English Spaniels are bouncy - she is now just 7 years old and runs round after her tennis ball as if she is still a puppy - recommeded to all dog owners
: 5/5
The best I've tried!
My 2 Black Labradors thrive on this and have done for several years. They enjoy it and I wouldn't buy anything else, especially taking into account the not so small matter of picking up their poo! Other manufacturers' dry dog food 'residues' always seem to smell much worse. And the food itself doesn't smell fishy either so is fine to handle.
27/07/12|Rebecca Liptrott
: 5/5
The best ever!
I have 3 staffies two of which have skin allergys due to various things. Having been recommended Burns by a dog trainer, I haven't looked back. My youngest staffie seemed calmer and not as hyperactive within weeks of being on it, and skin complaints and itchyness dissapeared over a matter of weeks. Their stool samples are smaller, solid and much less smellier and all 3 have significantly less flatulance!!! They all inhale their food and look forward to each meal time, they love pork & potato and fish & brown rice. Having recently moved to the Netherlands for 3 years too, I am extreemely thankful that Zooplus are able to deliver in Europe and that they offer such an efficient and prompt service.
04/05/12|Jacquie Whear
: 5/5
It has taken me a year but FINALLY I find a dog food that does does not irritate my dog. I have a two year old staffy who has had terrible skin and ear problems due to food allergies - I tried every Hypo allergenic food there is (including RC and Science Plan) before picking up a bag of this as we had run out - Within a week her skin was not itchy, her ear swelling had virtually gone and she is full of energy - plus point is she loves it. Great product.
07/12/11|Carol Crane
: 5/5
I fed my 2 boxers on this and now my rescued staffie. I found it the best food for a glossy coat which is much admired, energy and easy clean up poo's. I can't reommend it highly enough for keeping a dog fit and healthy