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Arden Grange Adult - Fresh Chicken & Rice

: 5/5
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Premium dog food for adult dogs, with lots of fresh chicken and enriched with all essential nutrients to support digestion and promote healthy skin and coat, ideal for normally-active pets....further information
Product description
Arden Grange Adult - Fresh Chicken & Rice
Arden Grange Adult - Fresh Chicken & Rice
Arden Grange Adult - Fresh Chicken & Rice
Arden Grange Adult - Fresh Chicken & Rice
Arden Grange Adult - Fresh Chicken & Rice
Arden Grange Adult - Fresh Chicken & Rice
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£4.55 / kg

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Arden Grange Adult - Fresh Chicken & Rice

- 2kg

£4.55 / kg

Product description

Premium dog food for adult dogs, with lots of fresh chicken and enriched with all essential nutrients to support digestion and promote healthy skin and coat, ideal for normally-active pets.

Arden Grange Adult - Fresh Chicken & Rice is a complete, super premium pet food for normally active adult dogs. It is made with plenty of fresh chicken, which is a highly digestible protein source packed full of unbeatable flavour.

This Arden Grange Adult - Fresh Chicken & Rice is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, as well as containing a unique blend of nutrients and natural supplements to help promote the optimum health, vitality and condition of your dog. The recipe includes prebiotics to aid digestion, alongside joint supplements, essential fatty acids to promote a healthy skin and coat, cranberries for urinary tract health, antioxidants and added vitamins and minerals to help support immune system and dental health.

Naturally hypoallergenic so you won't find any wheat gluten, beef soya or dairy products, this Arden Grange Adult - Fresh Chicken & Rice may reduce the risk of dietary intolerances and allergies that can cause digestive disorders and skin complaints.

Arden Grange Adult - Fresh Chicken & Rice at a glance:
  • Complete dry food for adult dogs
  • Ideal for normally active adult dogs
  • Naturally hypoallergenic: the ideal choice for more sensitive dogs
  • Rich in fresh chicken: a delicious, high-quality source of protein
  • Enriched with nutrients: including prebiotics for digestion and joint supplements for mobility
  • With krill and yucca extract: to support healthy digestion and a strong immune system
  • From a trusted British brand


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Chicken (27% chicken meat meal, 5% fresh chicken), rice (26%), maize, refined chicken oil, beet pulp, chicken digest, whole dried egg, krill, yeast, whole linseed, minerals, prebiotic FOS, prebiotic MOS, yucca extract, glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, cranberries, nucleotides.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (18,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1350 IU), vitamin E (240 IU).

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein (25%), fat content (15%), crude ash (7%), crude fibre (2.5%), calcium (1.1%), phosphorus (0.75%), omega-3 (0.5%), omega-6 (3.18%).

Analytical constituents

protein25.0 %
fat15.0 %
fibre2.5 %
ash7.0 %
calcium1.1 %
phosphorus0.75 %
omega-3 fats0.99 %
omega-6 fats2.72 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Arden Grange Adult - Fresh Chicken & Rice is a complete food for dogs.

The breed, age, activity level and temperament of your dog will influence the amount of food required. The quantities shown in the chart below are for guidance only. Always ensure fresh, clean drinking water is available.
Dog's weight in kg Serving in g/day
1 - 3 25 - 55
3 - 5 55 - 85
5 - 10 85 - 140
10 - 15 140 - 190
15 - 20 190 - 235
20 - 25 235 - 275
25 - 30 275 - 315
30 - 35 315 - 355
35 - 40 355 - 395
40 - 45 395 - 430
45 - 50 430 - 465
50 - 55 465 - 500
55 - 60 500 - 535
60 - 65 535 - 565
65 - 70 565 - 600
70 - 75 600 - 630


Arden Grange Adult - Fresh Chicken & Rice
: 5/5
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: 5/5
Consistently good
We've fed our Labs on Arden Grange for the last 13+ years. We did initially try a cheaper brand but the difference in their coats and digestion was so marked that we've stayed with Arden Grange ever since. Arden Grange offer the full range from puppy through adult to senior and the benefits are clear to see, glossy coats, bright eyes and wagging tails (though being Labs I have to admit they'd eat anything!)
: 5/5
My retreiver was getting a few hotspots as I know they are prone to them,, I changed her food from the lillies kitchen fish biscuits to the garden Grange all hotspots have cleared up and her coat has a beautiful silky look and very soft she also absolutely loves the taste one happy poochie
: 5/5
Arden grange
Excellent product
23/01/21|Diane Rallison
: 4/5
Arden Grange adult chicken and rice
Has any one thought sometimes the food does not look the same i have just used a bag and the biscuits were a lot smaller and darker looked very much like the puppy food and the bag i am now using looks normal also i find i have to use a lot more than is says on the bag
: 5/5
Brilliant food and service!
Good quality dog food at a reasonable price via zooplus! Suits both my dogs, 1 of which has sensitive skin allergies. Can be expensive at other well known pet stores but affordable from here. Ordered at 3pm and it was packed and dispatched the same day and then delivered within 24 hours all for free. Brilliant service!
23/09/20|Jenny hern
: 5/5
Arden Grange chicken and rice adult
I have 9 dogs all different sizes , all ages ,been feeding Arden grange chicken and rice for 20 years ,and all doing very well, and very happy with there food
: 5/5
Arden grange chicken and rice Adult
Very good and the dog loves it
: 4/5
Tear Stains Was Only Problem
Briantos made my dogs ill, so we bought this Adult Arden Grange dry food, which is amongst the cheapest in the (supposedly) higher quality bracket. The biscuits are probably small enough for most dogs (15mm/0.5") and our SBT & Samoyed/Border Collie will eat it without even adding our human dinner leftovers. The dogs don't smell too bad and their poo is firm. The only flaw is lots more tear stain slime and no zip lock on the top of the bag (like Briantos has). Will try Concept For Life next.
29/11/19|Mr Alan Rawlins
: 5/5
You can get a lot of Info from your dogs poo
The problem I had, or my dog had, from using a local retailers own brand, was that his stools varied a lot from day to day on what they looked like. It didn't matter whether I gave him treats or not, it varied a lot when it was like he had full diarrhoea or even partial diarrhoea with slime in the form of a skin around some of his stools. It used to happen intermittently, But since using Arden Arms Adult Chicken and Rice he has no problems since even with the treats we used to give him.
29/10/19|Jane Lee
: 5/5
Cor Blimey!
We put our rescued Jack Russel on this aged 10.5 yrs. He is now 13.5 and fighting fit. he loves it! The best indicator of how it changed him is in his coat, which was a very pale ginger and white with not much shine. Now his colour has changed to a a beautiful deep rich glossy sleek coat that he is so shiny I could put my lipstick on in my reflection. He has not aged at all, is fighting fit, with really good bowel habits, so I think we will love him to bits for a few more years yet. Yeah!
: 5/5
: 5/5
: 5/5
My dogs love it
Good food at good price
16/11/18|Laura L
: 5/5
Lovely quality food!
I order from this website every 2-3 months. Each time I get great service from start to finish! Great quality food for over £10 cheaper than it retails in the shops! Fab!
: 5/5
: 2/5
Arden Grange Adult- Chicken & Rice
Unfortunately our chocolate labrador does not like this food. She normally eats anything. She even spat this food out of her feeding bowl to get at the Royal Canin food which was underneath.
: 5/5
First Time Order
First time ordering from zooplus and very happy with the service. Price for the food a lot better than other retailers such as pets at home etc. Very quick and speedy delivery, only ordered it on Friday morning with free delivery and product arrived Saturday morning. Will be ordering again for sure.
: 5/5
Good quality
My dogs can get tummy problems easily. But this chicken and rice dry food does not make my dogs' tummy weak. Also, great value for money!
24/05/18|Jenny hern
: 5/5
Arden grange chicken and rice adult
Very good for all sizes
05/04/18|Joanne lowe
: 5/5
Food to suit young and old
This food is ideal co,plate food to suit both young and old. I have two active springer spaniels, one aged almost 11 and the other almost 3. They are fussy eaters so finding a food that they both enjoy fantastic. I recommended to my sister in law who has a working cocker and she too is delighted with the food.