Chewies Coffeewood Chew

1 chew: S (150g), for dogs <10 kg
: 3/5
Chew for dogs, with small fibre for dental floss effect, satisfies your dog’s need to chew and helps to clean teeth, especially hard, natural, digestible and hypoallergenic, made from coffeewood...further information
Product description
Chewies Coffeewood Chew
Chewies Coffeewood Chew
Chewies Coffeewood Chew
Chewies Coffeewood Chew
Chewies Coffeewood Chew
Chewies Coffeewood Chew
Chewies Coffeewood Chew
Chewies Coffeewood Chew
Chewies Coffeewood Chew
Chewies Coffeewood Chew
Chewies Coffeewood Chew
Chewies Coffeewood Chew
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£61.27 / kg

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Chewies Coffeewood Chew - 1 chew: S (150g), for dogs <10 kg
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Chewies Coffeewood Chew

- 1 chew: S (150g), for dogs <10 kg

£61.27 / kg

Product description

Chew for dogs, with small fibre for dental floss effect, satisfies your dog’s need to chew and helps to clean teeth, especially hard, natural, digestible and hypoallergenic, made from coffeewood

Have fun and keep teeth clean with the Chewies Coffeewood Chew. This hard chew will keep your pooch occupied for hours on end. When your dog chews on coffee wood, the wood breaks into small fibres that have a similar effect to dental floss on your dog’s teeth. These fibres are harmless and can be swallowed and digested without any problems. This chew also helps to keep teeth in check and strengthens to jaw muscles.

This 100% natural chew for dogs does not have any ingredients of animal origin or artificial additives. It has zero calories, so you can allow your dog to chew without worrying about its weight. Coffeewood is also ideal for dogs with allergies and makes a great alternative to meat chews or chews that contain carbs or sugar. These wood chews come in different lengths and diameters, to suit each individual dog’s jaw size. Chewies Coffewood Chews are an eco-friendly chew that will satisfy your dog’s need to gnaw on something with the added benefit of helping to clean the teeth!

Chewies Coffeewood Chew at a glance:

  • Chew stick for dogs
  • 100% natural: no artificial additives and free from ingredients of animal origin, also suitable for dogs with allergies
  • Especially hard wood from the coffee bean plant: ensures a long-lasting chewing and keeps your dog occupied
  • Oral care: promotes mechanical cleaning of the teeth and strengthens the jaw muscles
  • Dental floss effect: chewing coffee wood loosens tiny fibres that have an additional cleaning effect on the teeth
  • Non-toxic: wood that does not splinter, with fibres that can pass harmlessly through the dog’s system
  • Satisfies the natural need to chew
  • Zero calories: ideal alternative to chews that contain fat or sugar
  • 3 sizes: to suit your dog’s jaw size
Sizing chart:
Suitable for dogs weighing
approx. 20cm
approx. 3cm
approx. 150g
approx. 25cm
approx. 5cm
approx. 200g
approx. 25cm
approx. 300g

Chewies wooden chews:
Olive wood
Vine wood
Wood origin
Liguria, Italy
Liguria, Italy
With bark
stick & knot
Chewing strength

Please note: dogs with particularly strong jaws may be able to bite through the chew sticks. If this happens, the chew should be replaced immediately. The Chewies Coffeewood Chew is a natural product, so size, shape and weight are subject to natural variation.


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Coffee tree wood.

Analytical constituents

protein10.4 g
fibre64.6 g
ash1.0 g

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation

Chewies Coffeewood Chew is a supplementary chew for dogs.

The Chewies Coffeewood Chews are available in three sizes. Please refer to the guidelines below to choose the correct size for your dog:

Size S for dogs weighing up to 10kg.
Size M for dogs weighing up to 20kg.
Size L for dogs weighing more than 20kg.

Please choose the right sized chew for your dog’s weight and bite strength. The chew should ideally not fit between your dog’s back teeth.


Chewies Coffeewood Chew
: 3/5
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: 3/5
loved - but broke
bought for a beagle - took to it instantly - had it for 15 mins and the end broke of - not as wearing as i had hope and will turn out to be very expensive to keep buying - xt
08/11/21|Justyna Popera
: 1/5
Splintered In half
21/07/21|Tracey Johnson
: 5/5
Large for Great Dane
My order arrived earlier today and my Great Dane absolutely loves her new stick.. just the right size for her to hold and chew
: 1/5
Splinters in no time
Both my small puppy and grown up lab had a go on this for literally 5 minutes and they both splintered it, and they were sharp splinters. In the bin the same day it arrived... Waste of money.
16/12/20|Sue Armstrong
: 5/5
Excellent chew
My Staffy and Staffy cross love these. I bought the large (they are big!) and they’re still enjoying them after about 10 - 12 months. Great value and safe.
: 1/5
Destroyed as soon as chewed
Puppy isn’t even 6 months old and it very quickly and easily destroyed this. The wood splinters very very easily!
: 5/5
I have (english) mastiffs and as most people know they have a very powerful bite. To find them a chew they can properly dig into to relief stress is difficult. Until I found these they are perfect. They do not splinter they are not so hard that they break their teeth like the antlers which are very bad for dogs and they last forever. I clean them of regularly and I even had one that I rubbed clean with some sandpaper and it is good to go a bit longer.
: 1/5
Appalling sold on lies
This wood splinters everywhere big and small jagged pieces. Like a lot of others taken away almost as soon as given as I dont want my dog eating splinters. The write up specifically says it does not splinter. That is a total lie. DO NOT BUY.
02/06/20|Dog Lover
: 1/5
Don’t Bother!!
Bought this for our tiny 4.5kg dog, it splintered and there were bits of it all over the floor. It claims no splintering which isn’t true at all & I don’t want my dog to eat wood splinters. I can only imagine a bigger dog would end up with more splintering. I bought it cause it said it didn’t splinter, don’t make the same mistake I did.
25/04/20|Vivienne Nelson
: 5/5
Coffee wood chew
This chew is great , my golden retrievers love it , keeps the occupied for ages .
: 1/5
In the bin
Had to throw it away cost 10 pound couple of bites into it wood shavings all over floor looked like a carpenter had been doing so me work plus main thing looked like wood splinters going into his tummy..took it off him put it in the bin ...
: 1/5
No interest
That was just a piece of wood they could go and bring back, not chew value for our 2 lab's
: 1/5
Lots of splinters
My dog was only a little bit interested in this. Usually he has stag horns and loves them. With this he seemed to chew a little and managed to create some very nasty looking splinters!! He's gone back to stag horns now, I would rather he risk cracking a tooth than needing his bowels operated on from swallowing splinters!
: 1/5
Splinter and very messy
We have two large breeds ,one loved it and one wouldn’t touch it .They create lots of splinters and bits every where ,ended up in the bin
12/02/19|Anna B
: 1/5
Really disappointed. Dogs loved them, but product description says they do not splinter. My dogs are all 10 to 20 kgs so I bought the mediums. My smallest dog (14.5kg) immediately got a couple of big flat splinters off one, and last night some more big pieces which he would have eaten if I hadn't been there to grab them.
02/05/18|Christine Millard
: 4/5
Loved but messy
Bentley our 11 month lab loves to chew and our 11 year old lab Alonso isn't too bothered. Bentley took to it straight away leaving bits of wood everywhere. Easily swept up as I have wood flooring just a bit of a pain when you have just cleaned and mopped. Saying that would rather have the mess than my skirting boards chewed. So its a winner with us.
: 5/5
Great Favourite Here
Both my 7 month old and 10 year old border collies really love this chew. It's particularly given the pup hours of chewing entertainment.
: 5/5
Coffeewood dog chew
I ordered the medium and my cocker spaniel loves it - yes it’s a bit messy but easy enough to clear up and if you’ve got a dog and you don’t want any mess, don’t get a dog! Will definitely buy again and from zooplus as best price and service!