Yakers Dog Chew - Medium

1 Treat
: 4/5
Unique vegetarian chewing snack made from yak milk, 100% natural, gluten-free and ideal for medium dogs. It offers dental health support and long-term chewing enjoyment from the Himalayas....further information
Product description
Yakers Dog Chew - Medium
Yakers Dog Chew - Medium
Yakers Dog Chew - Medium
Yakers Dog Chew - Medium
Yakers Dog Chew - Medium
Yakers Dog Chew - Medium
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Yakers Dog Chew - Medium - 1 Treat
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Yakers Dog Chew - Medium

- 1 Treat

£64.14 / kg

Product description

Unique vegetarian chewing snack made from yak milk, 100% natural, gluten-free and ideal for medium dogs. It offers dental health support and long-term chewing enjoyment from the Himalayas.

This Yakers Dog Chew – Medium makes an innovative chewing snack for your dogs, particularly hardy and offering an unbeatable flavour. The Yakers Dog Chew - Medium originates from the Himalayan mountains and was initially produced for human consumption. The recipe is entirely natural and comprises 99.9% skimmed yak milk, as well as cow’s milk.

The gluten-free, vegetarian Yakers Dog Chew - Medium is rich in protein and contains valuable calcium. This helps to build lean muscles, healthy bones and strong teeth. It encourages your dog to chew and move the treats around its mouth, promoting good oral hygiene. The hard consistency makes this chew long-lasting and helps strengthen your dog's jaw muscles at the same time. The Yakers Dog Chew - Medium is around 11cm long and suitable for medium dogs from the age of 5 months.

A delicious supplementary dog food, this Yakers Dog Chew - Medium will help to support your dog’s health and happiness in a natural way!

Yakers Dog Chew - Medium at a glance:
  • Chewing snack for medium breed dogs and puppies from 5 months of age
  • Gluten-free: also suitable for sensitive pets with allergies or intolerances
  • 100% natural: no artificial additives, with only milk, a spritz of lime juice and salt added during production
  • With yak milk: skimmed milk from the Himalayas, from local farmers and dairies
  • Traditional production: unique flavour thanks to the original recipe from Himalayan mountains, with milk turned into cheese, pressed and cured for 28 days
  • Solid to chew: hard consistency for extremely long-lasting chewing enjoyment and to keep your dog occupied
  • Dental health: encourages chewing, which can improve dental abrasion and promote oral hygiene
  • High protein and calcium contents: for strong muscles, teeth and bones
  • Vegetarian: made only with milk, with no other animal ingredients added
  • Low-fat and no added sugar: for hearty snacking without the guilt
  • Size: approx. 11 x 2 x 1.5 cm (L x W x H)
Please note: dog bones, treats and snacks are available in a range of types and sizes so make sure to choose one that is the appropriate size and shape for your pet. For their safety, please supervise your pets when they are enjoying a treat or bone.


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Yak and cow milk (99.9%), lemon juice, salt.

Additives per kg:
According to the manufacturer this contains no additives.

Analytical constituents

protein59.2 %
fibre5.9 %
moisture10.0 %
oils and fats5.2 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Yakers Dog Chew - Medium is a supplementary food for all dogs over the age of 4 months.

Supervise your dog whilst eating. Fresh, clean drinking water should always be made available.

As soon as your dog has finished enjoying its Yakers Dog Chew – Medium, remove any remaining end pieces and put them in the microwave for 30-60 seconds to expand it. Leave it to cool, then give it back to your dog so it can finish off its tasty treat!

Store in a cool, dry place.


Yakers Dog Chew - Medium
: 4/5
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15/01/24|K H
: 1/5
Not as good as some others
Normally Yak Chews I get from elsewhere last my Frenchie a few days & I save the end to pop in the microwave. This one however, she was able to bite it into 3 pieces & eat it all within half an hour. I unfortunately won't buy these again and stick to our normal supplier for Yak chews.
: 5/5
Great boredom breakers
My boy absolutely loves these chews when i order his food off here I always order 2 of these and when the box arrives he goes crazy as he nos these are in there, there the cheapest iv found and they last for quite a while,
: 2/5
Expensive chew !!
While my rough collie enjoyed this chew it was gone in 10 minutes which is not long for the price and he is not a greedy dog.
: 5/5
All 3 dogs love them...great if your busy as great boredom busters for them. Don't be put off with the price. Give it a try.
: 5/5
our favourite edible chew
These are like a pacifier for my two Giant Schnauzer puppies at the time of this review they are 7 and 9 months old but have enjoyed these since two months old. As they each want what the other has, I put down 3 and they are very happy with that and it keeps them busy for quite some time. The chew lasts a LONG time, much better than rawhide, and I prefer that they are chewing what is like a VERY hard cheese versus an animal skin..
: 5/5
Teething puppy LOVES these!
I have 2 dogs, one a new puppy who is teething. I wanted something that wasn’t rawhide for him to chew on as an alternative to furniture! He loves these. Will chew on them for hours. My other dog, who doesn’t normally chew bones at all, will also sit with this for a bit. I don’t think it will last as long as I hoped but had one about 2 weeks now and only a quarter of a medium one left. He does eat it every day though! Definitely recommend
16/10/20|Pippa Dent
: 2/5
A whole 40 minutes of fun!
I bought these for my German Shepherd and my designer mongrel. They absolutely loved them, but they were gone in 40 minutes. At that price, and from the description, I'd expected them to last a lot longer, so felt a bit ripped off.
: 1/5
poor quality
poor quality chews in comparison to other brands.
01/07/19|Laura and her dogs
: 1/5
there is no Yak milk in the EU
Since the import of dairy products is forbidden from Nepal, I am wondering how you can offer cheese from Yaks ? The population of Yaks in the EU is very small (just in Zoo's and in Austria) and the milk is used for there calves. All illegal imports from China and India was already confiscated by the authorities in Netherland, Belgian and Germany. I am wondering why this did not happen in UK.
: 5/5
Great Low Fat Treat
Gave as a low fat treat for my English Cocker Spaniel, Betsy and she adored it!! Kept her occupied for ages.
: 5/5
Gave to my Lab for Xmas
Nutmeg adored the Yakers! She’s a very spoiled Labrador who gets many different gifts for Xmas. This was the best loved gift she received! I read reviews and bought due to them but didn’t believe it would be as great as it is. She has had it for 10 days now and chews it frequently daily and is only about half way through it. Well worth the money. Only complaint is we have to take it away and put it up periodically as she would chew it all day/night long lol. Highly recommend this for ALL dogs.
: 5/5
The perfect chew
These are quite honestly the best dog chew I have ever bought. No smell, little mess, lasts for ages and my pugs love them. One of my pugs is food sensitive but these are fine for her. Highly recommend
04/12/18|Stuart W
: 5/5
Yakers doggy chews
We’ve been using these for a few weeks now as an alternative to antler bones. Our Pug loves them they last for ages and when there too small to be safe you pop them in the microwave for 30-60 secs and they puff up so nothing gets wasted. So far they’ve proved to be worth the money.