KONG Cozie Ali

25 x 23 x 8 cm (L x W x H)
: 3/5
Fun polyester dog toy with integrated squeaker, ideal for chewing and chasing or for fetch games, with a soft surface that is ideal for cuddling, extremely robust thanks to added material....further information
Product description
KONG Cozie Ali
KONG Cozie Ali
KONG Cozie Ali
KONG Cozie Ali
KONG Cozie Ali
KONG Cozie Ali
KONG Cozie Ali
KONG Cozie Ali
KONG Cozie Ali
KONG Cozie Ali
KONG Cozie Ali
KONG Cozie Ali
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25 x 23 x 8 cm (L x W x H) 318719.0
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KONG Cozie Ali

- 25 x 23 x 8 cm (L x W x H)

RRP* £6.91
Our Price £6.89

Product description

Fun polyester dog toy with integrated squeaker, ideal for chewing and chasing or for fetch games, with a soft surface that is ideal for cuddling, extremely robust thanks to added material.

The cute KONG Cozie Ali is an irresistible toy for your dog, a cuddly, squeaking plush alligator that is a suitable toy for dogs. It is great for wild tugging and throwing, as well as being a great cuddle companion for snuggling up!
If your dog is afraid of nothing and no-one, then the KONG Cozie Ali is the toy for your dog. This alligator is cuddly soft, with sharp teeth and leathery skin replaced by a plush outer and soft filling.
The cuddly dog toy is made from robust polyester and has an additional fabric layer that is particularly durable. The KONG Cozie Ali is also a great choice for games of tug of war! Inside there is just a little filling, so that it does not fall out all over the place if your dog's teeth get a little too enthusiastic.
The highlight of this KONG Cozie Ali is the squeaker inside it, that is set off when your dog presses or bites and adds an extra level of fun! This KONG Cozie Ali is not only a great chew toy but also perfect for fetching and biting. And after all of that, your dog can settle down for a snuggle! Your dog can take this little KONG Cozie Ali to its bed and cuddle, with its soft characteristics making it the ideal companion.

KONG Cozie Ali at a glance:
  • Plush alligator toy for dogs: for playing and cuddling
  • Ideal for biting and fetching
  • With squeaker: set off when your dog plays
  • Robust craftsmanship with additional fabric layer
  • Colour: green
  • Material: polyester fibres
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: approx. 25 x 23 x 8 cm (L x W x H)
    • Body: approx. 9 x 7 cm (W x H)

Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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Latest user reviews

: 2/5
Great fun but not durable
Bought on a Tuesday, by Wednesday our Cairn had opened up the toy via the soft furry side revealing the loose stuffing. The tough outer remains intact but have hade to remove all the stuffing. This has prolonged its floppy life but I think a soft fur side defeats the object of the toy. To add, he loves it still.
04/08/22|Samantha Deenajeet
: 4/5
Nala has a thing about soft toys. She doesn't do much with them, but she likes them in her bed and nudges and plays with them on her own sometimes. Otis isn't really into toys much, but when he saw these, he was curious. Nala claimed them as hers and I bought them with her in mind, knowing she has a penchant for them. On first receiving the toys, she gave Otis a terrible look and growled at him when he wanted a sniff, but as soon as her back was turned he was checking them out.
: 5/5
Still going strong despite our two Labrador puppies!
We bought one for our 9wk old Labradors. They love Cozie Ali & usually each have a leg and run around with it, often in different directions so it gets a lot of abuse. It's been chewed by both, slept with and used as a tug toy & survived it all. Pups are now 14wks and 10kg and this toy won't give up. We supervise play as no toy is indestructible, plus we like to play with our pups. It's part of the joy! We just bought a 2nd, this time a large and it's huge, so much fun to be had :)
: 1/5
Lasted seconds
Didn't last at all.. i've bought toys for a fraction of the price that lasted longer. One minuet into it then my dog (who is a eight month Beagle) had the squeaker out in his mouth and could of choked! i turned my back as i just gave him it but usually i leave him a toy in his crate. save your money and your pet. big. no.
03/02/21|S Clark
: 1/5
I am very disappointed with this toy, the description claims it is robust dues to extra material which it definitely is not. My Tiny JRT had the squeeker and half the stuffing out within a day. Toy stuffing is renowned for causing dangerous blockages in dogs and yet these companies are still using it. I knew it had stuffing but thought given KONGs reputation and the claims the description made that I would give it a try. False advertising and a dangerous toy. DO NOT BUY!!!
: 1/5
My 4 month old poodle cross managed to destroy the toy within 10 minutes of playing meaning we had to take it off him. Complete waste of money and a shame as we payed double the price listed here.
: 2/5
Not as described
This toy looks great but DOES NOT have an internal rope structure as described - therefore it is not the robust toy i thought i was ordering. Disappointed. I doubt he will survive long with my Stafford!
08/02/20|Sophia Faye
: 5/5
Our puppy loves it!
We bought this for our puppy as he enjoys squeaky cuddly toys, and it’s by far his favourite one! Its good quality and Banksy has got a tendency to rip his toys but it has help up really well. Definitely worth its weight in gold!
16/06/19|Ken Lockyer
: 1/5
Not impressed
Thought I was paying more for a durable product. My 20 week springer ripped this open within 10 minutes, had to take it off him, complete waste of money!
09/02/19|Charlotte Phillips
: 5/5
My dog a westie can reduce a toy to nothing within minutes. He has had this toy for a year and plays with it daily sleeps with it nightly. Surprise it is still intact. Well worth buying it.
26/12/18|sam wickham
: 3/5
ok for a few days
no where near as good as the wild knot bears. my staffy girl just loved this and wouldn’t leave it alone. it was minus a leg and half the insides with in a couple of days. she also for some reason kept taking it out in the garden and we kept losing it in the grass as it’s the exact same colour! i think it is still out there somewhere after 4 months, i won’t buy this one again
: 5/5
Absolutely excellent, my dog is a real terror with soft toys but the Kong products are brilliant for her.
: 5/5
Good quality
Excellent for dogs who chew or rag toys. Great size for medium/large dogs. Excellent double layering and rope toy inside. Good set of squeakers.
: 1/5
Just a soft toy
Honestly I expected better from Kong, encouraged by the good reviews here I brought this for our 8 month old Springer. It took 5 minutes for her to rip this apart, it is no more durable than a cheap toy you could buy in the supermarket. Very disappointed and will think again before buying Kong items
: 5/5
Kong Cozie Ali
This is my puppies definite favourite toy! he snuggles it and chews it like crazy. No holes yet and the speaker is going strong. Easy squeaker that he can do himself (9 week). Will definitely purchase again.
: 5/5
Amazing toy
She loves it and she has now started using it as a pillow.
08/07/17|Abygail Frazer
: 5/5
Super toy!
Has lasted the test of time and is still in one piece, another fantastic toy from kong.
13/01/17|Clarisa Hammond
: 5/5
Very good quality
We got this for our lab, in the last year. Usually, toys for our dog does not last very long before parts start coming off. However, with this Ali, it has been great! No parts of come off despite us playing with her with it using tug of war, the squeaker still works, and she loves bringing it with her everywhere she goes!
: 2/5
My 7 month old puppy loved his alligator.. very disappointed when he managed to rip open the belly!! Also bought a kong shaker which lasted less then 24hrs! Very disappointed as I was expecting these toys to be very strong. He is a small dog (frenchie) and still young... he loves plush toys but guess it's not to be!
12/01/16|A Armstrong
: 5/5
Dog loves it
By far one of my dogs favorite toys, loves to chuck it about. Probably would not withstand heavy chewing/tugging but still standing strong after nearly a year
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