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Trixie Target Stick

14 - 65cm
: 5/5
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Stick with integrated clicker for effective training of all pets. Includes instructions....further information
Product description
Trixie Target Stick
Trixie Target Stick
Trixie Target Stick
Trixie Target Stick
Trixie Target Stick
Trixie Target Stick
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Trixie Target Stick

- 14 - 65cm


Product description

Stick with integrated clicker for effective training of all pets. Includes instructions.

The Trixie Target Stick with integrated clicker is an effective tool for training your pet. It can be used for all pets, regardless of age and type of animal. The stick is ideal especially to teach small pets new exercises and set new challenges. Great not just for cats and dogs - try it on your rabbit, guinea pig, rat or bird!

This is how clickers work:
Immediate reward is essential for the successful training of pets. If the time between the desired behaviour and the giving of the reward (e.g. a snack) is too long (> 2 seconds), your pet may not be able to connect the two together. Once trained to work with the clicker, the "click" will provide this immediate reward. Before training your pet with the clicker you will have to teach it to recognise this. Leave the Target Stick folded up and work only with the integrated clicker. On each "click", give your pet a snack or treat. Over time, your pet will learn that a "click" means "reward". Repeat this initial training at least 15-20 times on several successive days. You will now be able to use the "click" as a reward in itself, but don't forget to also regularly add a real treat after a click!
This is how the Target Stick works:
Having trained your pet to associate the "click" with a reward you'll now be able to use the Target Stick. Teach your pet to follow the stick with its nose by clicking when your pet's nose touches the ball point on the stick (and following it up with a treat every now and then). You'll now be able to train your pet to do various exercises, following the stick with its nose.

The Trixie Target Stick at a glance:

  • Training aid for all pets
  • With an integrated clicker: for combined visual and clicker training
  • Extendable stick from 14-65cm
  • Ball at the end of the stick: easily visible and nose-friendly
  • Special signalling system: for effective training
  • Belt clip: with removable nylon cord
  • Quick-releasing clip
  • Training instructions included
  • Colour: grey/ black or dark blue/ light blue
  • Material: plastic

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Trixie Target Stick
: 5/5
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: 5/5
Bargain Purchase. Ideal when training a pup & you can’t reach the target on the floor yourself.
With this target stick we were able to teach our most recent pup, to retrieve specific random items from the floor for us, which we could not reach or bend down to point at to initiate retrieval. After a few weeks & then moving on to ‘pointing with our foot’ at something we had dropped & needed retrieving with the command ‘fetch’, she picks it up & puts it on a level she knows we can reach. She is not an assistance dog, Just a Very Clever Dalmatian willing to help at anytime & adores praise.
: 4/5
This is a great tool and I like how you only need to hold one thing if target training. I've used this for my rabbits and dogs and I do find that the target is quite small so they struggle to see it.
: 4/5
Trixie target stick
Great product. Seems quite sturdy and the retractable strap is a good idea. Arrived in white and black. The clicker noise is quite quiet, which I would say is the only downside of it.
24/05/18|Bethany Upton
: 4/5
Love it!
I clicker train my horse and decided to try it with my dogs and hamster. I purchased this for the dogs and although I've yet to test it out, I absolutely love it! The belt clip with extendable cord is a fantastic idea, and the target stick extends a good amount! If anything, my only issue with it is that the clicker isn't particularly loud. It's not a big issue, but with my horse I use clickers that are more defined. Other than that, I'd definitely recommend this product!
: 4/5
Easy to use
Easy to use, can teach fun tricks with it, the only downside and reason for four stars the extension clip broke quickly but you dont really need it.
17/04/12|Lorraine T-B
: 5/5
A great help
What a wonderful clicker for disabled people to use, I am unable to bend to point at items and was having great difficulty in training my dog, this target stick clicker was just the answer I needed, it's a great help and others have also shown an interest in it.
: 5/5
a huge help
Its easy to hold and you don't need to put a lot physical effort to make it fun. It could maybe be a little smaller. It seems a little heavy at first. I think it makes training easier since you already have the two things you need in one hand and don't need to juggle.
: 5/5
generally happy
I'm really happy with the target stick. Nothing to complain about.
: 5/5
perfect for rabbits
I got something like this a while ago but without a clicker. I had to make the clicking noise with my tongue instead. Since my 5 bunnies already got the principle, I didn't need to do it any more. I find this target stick really practical and I love how the clicker is integrated into it. Challenge your pets just the way they should be. Definitely recommend it - have fun! Oh, and btw: it works differently depending on how you hold it and every animal reacts differently to it.