Dibo Fruit & Vegetable Mix

: 4/5
High-quality, grain-free flake mix for dogs, for mixing with meat meals, made from vegetables & vitamin-rich fruit, natural & gently dried, natural source of fibre...further information
Product description
Dibo Fruit & Vegetable Mix
Dibo Fruit & Vegetable Mix
Dibo Fruit & Vegetable Mix
Dibo Fruit & Vegetable Mix
Dibo Fruit & Vegetable Mix
Dibo Fruit & Vegetable Mix
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Dibo Fruit & Vegetable Mix

- 1kg

£11.09 / kg

Product description

High-quality, grain-free flake mix for dogs, for mixing with meat meals, made from vegetables & vitamin-rich fruit, natural & gently dried, natural source of fibre

The grain-free flake mix of fruit and vegetables from Dibo is ideal as a supplementary food for a meat-rich diet or as an addition to barfing. Gently roller-dried and natural, the nutritious and vitamin-rich mix provides your dog with an optimum supply of vital nutrients.

Free from grains, the mixture can also be fed to nutritionally sensitive four-legged friends. The Dibo vegetable and fruit mix also serves as a natural source of fibre, which can support the natural digestive function. Special ingredients, such as exotic papaya, provide a special flavour experience. The food supplement is produced to high quality standards in Germany.

Dibo Fruit & Vegetable Mix at a glance:

  • High-quality supplementary feed for dogs
  • Rich in vitamins & nutrients: flake mix made from pure fruit & vegetables
  • Grain-free: also suitable for intolerances, easily digestible
  • To BARF: suitable as a supplement for meat meals
  • Natural source of fibre: can contribute to normal digestive function
  • Exotic papaya: for a particularly varied flavour
  • Manufactured using gentle roller drying
  • Natural: without artificial additives, pure & unadulterated
  • Made in Germany: a premium-quality product


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Carrots, peas, beetroot, spinach, broccoli, leek, apple, papaya, pineapple.

According to the manufacturer, no additives are included.

Analytical constituents

protein14.7 %
fat1.5 %
fibre8.5 %
ash5.3 %
calcium0.35 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Dibo Vegetable-Fruit-Mix is a complementary feed for dogs.

For adding to meat meals. Pour hot water over the flakes and leave to swell for 15 minutes.
Recommended daily ration: 1-2 tablespoons per 10kg body weight. 1g of dried product corresponds to approx. 5g of fresh product. The total amount of food should consist of 75-80% meat, 10% vegetables and 10% carbohydrates. In addition, use valuable oils such as DIBO salmon oil. Adjust the amount of food to your dog's needs.

Fresh drinking water should always be available.


Dibo Fruit & Vegetable Mix
: 4/5
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12/03/24|Trudy Craig
: 5/5
Dogs love it!
Was a bit dubious when it arrived- as my Daughter asked why I was feeding rabbit food to the dogs - and they have been used to frozen raw fruit and veg. However, the dogs love it and there is never a scrap left. I do use this to add to raw meat so they are getting a well balanced diet and they seem to be thriving on it.
: 1/5
Dangerous for dogs not worth the risk
This contains a LOT of tiny leek flakes, which is highly toxic for dogs even in very small quantities. I spent hours picking out everything I could identify as not being leek but have now found that, due to the high acidity content, this has given one of my dogs inflamed gums and significant infection in both top canines and has stripped the enamel off one of them. Weeks ago his teeth were really healthy but having started adding this to his raw feed every day he might lose them. DON'T RISK IT
: 4/5
Pretty good
Been looking for a nice mix of veggies my GSD can digest as she has a lot of digestion problems. I’ve been mixing this in with her cooked chicken and rice and her poops have been pretty good so far! Very colourful! Good initial thoughts. I hope it it stays this way, hopefully I’ll be reordering!
13/03/22|Victoria Ross Bush
: 1/5
please do not buy this for dogs
We all known onions are toxic to dogs but leeks are of the same family. "Leeks are part of the Allium family (which also includes onion, chives, and garlic) and are poisonous to dogs and cats." Do you you really want to risk your dogs health?
20/10/21|Agnieszka Dobrzynska
: 5/5
great mix of veg (and not just potato)
I love this food, and so does my dog. Even though there is no meat in it, he goes crazy when I put it in his bowl.
: 5/5
Great fruits and veg
I was bit worried that I will find onions in it but I haven’t ..lovely mix of fruits and veg . I am adding hot water and letting soak - red juice comes out so there must be beetroot in it . My dog likes the taste so I will definitely buy again
: 5/5
Great mix of veg and fruit
My dog likes the taste
19/09/21|Paulette Laine
: 4/5
Smells nice
My dog loves this mix which I give him with his raw food. My only issue is not knowing how much to give him.
: 1/5
Contains ONIONS
I used to love this stuff, convienient etc. And so did my dog. I found a circle of veg in there that looks like onion so it tried it.... It was definantly onion. And there were little green flakes of onion in it also, the closer i looked. I shall never touch it again for my dog. However other than that you cannot fault it. Ide happily eat it myself. (onions are commonly known as poisonous to dogs)
10/10/20|M weller
: 5/5
Great to know you fur baby’s are getting real fruit and veg
I soak this before feeding my husky this. Or I find he drinks huge amounts. And I found it wasn’t being digested properly.
11/08/20|Bev Adcock
: 5/5
Smells wonderful
I only got my delivery this morning so haven't even fed it exactly. It smells really great. I made the mistake of putting it into a plastic tub for ease of serving where my Frenchie could reach. She had her head straight in and was not happy when I pulled it away from her. I will be adding some to all her raw meals.
: 5/5
A great addition to raw feeding
I came across this product by accident, but I am now on my second bag. Although I feed my Maltese a raw diet & Lukullus wet dog food (after trying to find something to replace a complete dry food), I still felt it would be beneficial to add this product & all is going well.
22/02/17|Sam Connelly
: 5/5
Fabulous product
We feed our Labrador on a natural diet of raw meat and vegetables. This product is an excellent blend that includes vegetables and fruits. Milda, the Labrador has a beautiful coat and the vet has just checked and commented on how fit and healthy she is. Great product!
05/12/16|Mrs Ruth Owens
: 5/5
I have 5 large adults and 3 puppies all fed on a BARF diet. I found this product by accident and whilst in the middle of a kitchen and dog room re-fit it has proved invaluable. I have only used it for a week but so far, so good. No adverse reactions, important in a long-coated breed, no storage problems, a good variety of fruit and veg, it smells good and the dogs like it. I think I may continue to use it!