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Trixie Dry Shampoo

Product description

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Product description

Powder for regular, gentle fur cleaning. Removes nasty odours and grease, and cares for fur without the need for any water. Smells nice, ideal for water-shy pets, handy when on the go.
Trixie Dry Shampoo cares for your pet's fur gently without the need for a single drop of water. The mild shampoo removes grease thoroughly from your pet's fur and makes fur beautiful and clean. The ingredients both remove unpleasant odours and give your pet a pleasant, fresh fragrance.

The gently dry cleaning powder is ideal for water-shy or sick pets that won’t be bathed. It's also ideal for pets over the age of 12 weeks to get them used to regular fur care.

And another plus: the dry shampoo is incredibly handy on trips or out and about.
Keep your pet clean without the need for water.

Trixie Dry Shampoo at a glance:

  • Contents: 200g
  • Powder for in-depth fur care
  • Gentle cleaning – no water
  • For water-shy or sick pets
  • Also suitable for pets over 12 weeks old
  • Removes grease and cleans fur
  • Makes fur clean and healthy
  • Gives fur a fresh fragrance
  • Ideal for home and on trips
  • Guaranteed to be non-toxic for man and pet when applied appropriately
Instructions for Use:
Trixie Dry Shampoo should only be used on dry fur. Apply powder liberally and massage into skin. Then carefully comb/brush out.
In order to achieve the best results, we recommend massaging the powder well into fur (against the grain) and allow the powder to work overnight. Then comb it out the next morning.



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