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Advance Atopic Care Shampoo

Product description

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Product description

A special dog shampoo with triple effect, thanks to a combination of aloe vera, collagen and olive leaf extract. It helps to renew and regenerate fur and protect against irritation.
Any kind of relief is a blessing when your dog suffers from itchy fur. Persistent itching can have a number of causes, including dietary intolerances, skin or contact allergies, or reactions to dust mites. Scratching, licking and nibbling can all make the skin extremely sore, which can be upsetting for you as well as painful for your dog. If your dog is permanently itching, it can even lead to intense irritation or to inflammation of the skin. This antiseptic Advance Atopic Care Shampoo uses a beneficial combination of aloe vera, collagen and olive leaf extract to help heal sore skin, reduce inflammation and regenerate the skin. Antimicrobial qualities ensure that microorganisms do not spread or cause infection in your dog’s skin. The shampoo is also extremely easy to apply. Help to bring the joy back to your dog’s life and take away the stress of constant scratching!

Advance Atopic Care Shampoo at a glance:

  • Dog shampoo for all breeds, designed to protect the skin
  • Ingredients with three key effects:
    • Aloe vera: supports the healing of wound, calms the skin, helps with regeneration and care of both skin and coat
    • Collagen: for improved wound healing and reduced skin inflammation
    • Olive leaf extract: with anti-inflammatory effects and anti-microbial properties, to promote overall skin health
  • Protects against irritation: noticeably reduces itching
  • Antiseptic and reconstructive
  • Gently cares for the skin: making fur soft, smooth and glossy

Application and use:
Moisten your dog’s fur before use with lukewarm water. Lather and rinse. Repeat and leave to work for 5-10 minutes. Avoid contact with eyes.
Use one to three times per week or following the instructions of your vet.


Water, aloe barbadensis leaf gel, dinatrium laureth sulfosuccinate, sodium laureth sulphate, cocamide diethanolamine, cocamidopropyl betaine, panthenol, sodium chloride hydrolysed collagen, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, olea europaea leaf extract, glycerine, salt, polysorbate 20, potassium sorbate, citric acid, chlorhexidine digluconate, triethanolamine, diethanolamine, perfume.

Analytical constituents


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