JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black

: 5/5
Ergonomically designed harness that distributes pulling force through the dog’s chest and ribcage, instead of putting pressure on the neck. The harness also has a breathable and skin-friendly lining....further information
Product description
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
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Product description

Ergonomically designed harness that distributes pulling force through the dog’s chest and ribcage, instead of putting pressure on the neck. The harness also has a breathable and skin-friendly lining.

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Innova Dog Comfort® (IDC) Products from JULIUS-K9® stand for quality, security and modern design. The carefully designed ergonomic structure of the Power Harness puts it ahead of the pack: Whilst other harnesses often cause an uneven pull on your dog’s neck, the JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness rests on the dog’s chest and distributes forces evenly across the dog’s chest and ribcage.

The even force distribution makes the JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness the ideal harness, even for high-impact activities like sports, walking over rough terrain or for using with working dogs. The lining of this robust, quality harness is made from Ökotex, a breathable and skin-friendly fabric. The chest and tummy straps can be continuously adjusted, allowing the harness to be fitted to your dog’s exact shape. The heavy-duty buckle has been crash tested for durability and the reflective chest strap and seams provide added safety. The back of the harness features an INOX® stainless steel ring for attaching the lead, and is placed to ensure that your dog finds walks on the lead much more comfortable than with a conventional collar. There is also a back handle grip (except in sizes Baby 1 & 2), to allow you to lift or hold the dog for a short time.

The harness has a label patch on each side where you can fit reflective slogans with Velcro. Julius K9 Logos are fitted as standard, but you can replace them with other logos to suit your taste and style.


JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness – Black at a glance:

  • High quality dog harness, suitable for home use as well as for working dogs
  • Ergonomic design: The special shape distributes pulling forces evenly across the chest, rather than tugging on the dog’s neck
  • Ökotex lining: Breathable and skin friendly material, developed according to strict ecological and chemical guidelines
  • Reflective chest strap and edging: For higher visibility and security
  • Durable material: scratch-resistant, robust and water-repellent
  • Unbreakable buckles: with a proven strength of up to 350kg
  • Additional side buckles: for attaching side bags (only Sizes 0 to 3, bags not included)
  • Guaranteed perfect fit: adjustable along the chest and waist
  • Breathable and skin-friendly
  • Reflective JULIUS-K9® lettering on the side
  • O-ring for attaching leads
  • 2 tabs for attaching safety lights (only Sizes 0 to 3, lights not included)
  • Harness type: saddle harness
  • Material:
    • Outer material: 100% Polyester
    • Lining: ÖKO-TEX® certified
    • O-Ring: Stainless steel
  • Colour: black
  • Closure type: click fastening
  • Closure material: plastic


Size Guide for JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness:

Size Chest circumference Dog's weight
Baby 2 33 - 45cm 2 - 5kg
Mini-Mini 40 - 53cm 4 – 7kg
Mini 49 - 67cm 7 – 15kg
Size 0 58 - 76cm 14 – 25kg
Size 1 63 - 85cm 23 – 30kg
Size 2 71 - 96cm 28 – 40kg
Size 3 82 - 115cm 40 – 70kg


JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Black
: 5/5
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: 5/5
Great harnesses, BUT NOT FOR EVERYONE!
Have lots of experience with these harnesses.I use them at work, too. They're either the best thing you've found or just completely useless item. Make sure you measure! Great for scared dogs to get them used to harnesses as it requires minimal contact as you don't lift any legs! However, terrible for harness-escape-masters! They can slip them off without much effort. Use double-ended leads= clip to the collar and harness. Iam yet to see dog that would stop pulling purely because of it.
: 3/5
Harness came off whilst walking
Sturdy but still came undone completely when out walking for the first time! Think the velcro is shiny and not rough enough to adhere properly the first few wears. Otherwise happy with it.
: 5/5
The Best
Just the best Harness money can buy. Strong, quality,hard wearing. Would never use any other harness again.
10/06/17|Rebecca Hurry
: 5/5
Absolutely Amazing
I've got two big dogs, 60kilos each, one as good as gold (usually, but not where cats are concerned) one a monster and these harnesses keep them both safe and secure. Easy to use, dogs like them and are comfy in them and it gives you complete control when needed. The top handle on the harness is an absolute godsend, extra grip when necessary and keeps the dogs very close to you, should you need to pull them into you for whatever reason. So worth the money!
05/02/17|Samantha Turner-cavill
: 5/5
Julius k9 harness
My dog isn't keen on harnesses but this one he likes it's strong. Brilliant for my 8mnth lab
: 5/5
Awesome, A Must Have Harness!!!
Got 4 of the Julius K-9 harnesses for my 40kg GSD, my nans 60kg and 46kg mastiffs and my mums 13kg Frenchie and they were the best udea ever, the frenchie doesn't choke when pulling anymore and the GSD gets walked on his collar but the harness is great for in the car and for when we're on a walk and I need to get hold of him there's a very useful handle on the back for me to grab. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a decent harness at a decent price. Best item I've ever bought for the 4 of them xx
: 5/5
We just love it...
Best harness ever..
18/08/16|Amy Tumber
: 5/5
Love it! So sturdy and hard wearing!
Love it! We bought this for our Old English Sheepdog last year for Christmas, and it is practically in the same condition it was when we bought it (just a lot muddier). Nothing is coming un-stitched etc. Only thing that has gone wrong, is the little pop stud that holds the flap down over the handle has rusted and doesn't hold anymore, but that is a minor detail. It is easy to keep clean, everything still reflects and glows on it like we should! It holds back our 37kg baby magnificently! :)
: 5/5
Why have I only just found this product!
Notorious puller JRT. Now I have only discovered this amazing harness! Why after only nine years of suffering! My arm has constantly been pulled out of socket! :D Done various training to correct but never worked. I guess thats a terrier for you.The difference was instant, he has never walked as calmly like that ever in his life. The harness itself is very well made, good quality. Looks to be comfortable on my JRT. Recommended!
06/04/16|Zaz R
: 5/5
Perfect fit
Got the mini, fits perfectly for a 5 month old French Bulldog and plenty off leeway for when he gets bigger. Good comfortable harness, fits securely around him. Good price & quick delivery from Zooplus. Thank you.
: 5/5
VERY happy!
Wish I had bought one of these years ago. Dog loves it, he doesn't realise he's on a lead and walks in a more relaxed manner without pulling. Very comfortable well made harness, with the added bonus of reflective bits. Good price too!
28/02/16|Amy Tumber
: 5/5
Totally fantastic!!
We bought this for our Old English Sheepdog, who previously hated wearing his harness - He now can't wait to get this one on! It is so comfortable for him, supports him exactly where it needs to and is so simple to put on and off. The harness inspires confidence - feels robust and wear resistant. The Velcro tags on the side can be removed and we purchased stick on lights for it, which are great for the winter! The slot for a small torch is also very handy. Overall, it's great!
: 5/5
I bought one of these for my Labrador. It is a great harness, easy to get on and off of him. It is very sturdy and well worth the money.
: 5/5
Wow I love this harness!! I've been after one for a while but didn't want to keep paying out so waited til my pup was almost grown. I have a 9 month old big strong English bulldog, he's a puller, gets a scent and he's off, the amount of times his other harness' have just popped off is ridiculous, but this is great! Bought with the k9 lead also, hardly any pulling, fits great, he's comfortable in it and looks lovely on. Delivered really fast too.
13/07/15|Kevin Kinsey
: 5/5
Thought this a great harness well made dog loves it does not like it put on his head but once fitted he is fine he also looks cool in it will buy another for my other female Husky.
: 1/5
Didn't help very disappointed
Was really hopeful with this harness as it had such good reviews, but didn't help at all, if anything made it worse. It's fits nicely and looks well made, but it's doesn't help with pulling at all, and as the lead clips to the middle of the body it makes the dogs position awkward so difficult to control as their head is ahead of you rather than the head being at your side. I have a very energetic dalmatian who is enthusiastic on the lead, i have tried halti's, other head collars and harnesses and check chains and now this. The best is a padded head collar, doesn't rub, stops the pulling, ability to steer and control the dog, the only downside is that the dog tries to get it off.
23/05/15|Sarah Matthews
: 5/5
Smart and comfortable. Looks fantastic
When this arrived I was concerned I had ordered a size to small - size zero, however once on the fit is perfect. We have a Staffordshire bull terrier and struggled to find a nice looking harness that was comfortable and worked with the dog rather than either being too bulky , to aggressive looking or to restrictive on her chest and back muscles, or which did not cause friction rubs under her armpits. We are so pleased with this harness! It is a lot less bulky than I would of expected, the ease of use with no stepping into the harness is fantastic and so much better for our dog who disliked other harnesses for that reason. It is well made and really does seem like it will last a long while. It sits on her back so comfortably and no digging in like other webbing harnesses. The chest strap sits well and no armpit rubbing or restriction. The edging on the webbing straps is not rough or sharp and I am confident that this harness will be a favourite with her. I have already thrown out her old ones. As an owner I feel much better going out of walks with her as I am sure in the knowledge it is comfortable for her. The metal lead loop is solid and well attached. The reflective chest strap is a great feature and works extremely well.
: 5/5
At last!!
They've brought out a new design at last! I bought it straightaway, and also got the new sticker sets. It's a perfect fit on my Sunny. This is definitely the harness for her.
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