Trixie Leika Plush Dog Bed - White / Light Brown

Diameter 50cm
: 5/5
A luxurious Trixie faux-fur bed for small dogs & puppies. The ideal dog bed for dreams and slumbers. Colour: white - light brown...further information
Product description
Trixie Leika Plush Dog Bed - White / Light Brown
Trixie Leika Plush Dog Bed - White / Light Brown
Trixie Leika Plush Dog Bed - White / Light Brown
Trixie Leika Plush Dog Bed - White / Light Brown
Trixie Leika Plush Dog Bed - White / Light Brown
Trixie Leika Plush Dog Bed - White / Light Brown
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Diameter 50cm14864.0
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Product description

A luxurious Trixie faux-fur bed for small dogs & puppies. The ideal dog bed for dreams and slumbers. Colour: white - light brown

Please note: This product might take a little longer to arrive as it may be shipped from outside the UK.

This plush bed is ideal for small dogs and puppies. Your pet can doze there in comfort and dream of new, wild adventures.

The trendy wild cat styled faux fur looks great and makes a lovely accessory in any room. Not only your pet will love this unusual bed - you will too!

Trixie Leika Plush Dog Bed at a glance: 

  • Overall dimensions:
    • Total: diameter 50 cm, Inner dimensions: diameter approx 35 cm
    • Total: diameter 60 cm, Inner dimensions: diameter approx 40 cm
  • Colour: wild cat look in white/light brown
  • Material:
    • Outer cover: plush (polyester)
    • Inner cover: faux suede (polyester)
    • Stuffing: polyester fleece
  • Anti-slip nylon base
  • Fill height apprx. 8 cm
  • Stuffing removable
  • Cover is washable at up to 30°C
Please note: A protective underlay should be placed beneath the bed when used on parquet or PVC floors to avoid possible discolouration.

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Trixie Leika Plush Dog Bed - White / Light Brown
: 5/5
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: 5/5
Great bed,
I bought this for my wee Yorkie last Christmas and he absolutely loves it so much so that he doesn't want to get out of it in the morning and sometimes has an extra 2 hours sleep,He lies on his back and looks as snug as a bug in a rug
22/10/10|catriona calderwood
: 5/5
pennys lieka dog bed
just received my dog bed two days after l ordered it great service, the bed is better than l expected fantastic value for money will use this site again
: 5/5
big enough for chuncky cats!
Bought this after reading the reviews. My cats are very choosy. They are brit shorthairs & have everything - except a comfy single bed. I was worried i would get the wrong size & as 1 yr olds they wouldnt go in it. Well it took about 5 days before my chunky cream boy jumped in it - then my blue boy did after seeing his big bro! i did get the smaller one as they dont sleep together & its just about right although my cream boy has his leg hanging over - but he is a large cat so on average cats you would get the smaller one. Defo recommmend this bed, zooplus have done it again - good item, great price!
: 3/5
lovely bed - but
Bought this for my kitten its a lovely bed its so soft and l like the idea that you can take the cover off to wash it. the only thing that l would say is that maybe its for a older cat as my kitten has only slept in it a few times and doesn't like it think she is sacred of the middle section as it moves when she tries to sit in it. A shame but she is a really fussy cat three different beds and she prefers to sleep on top of the ironing pile or our bed. l would say wait till you have got your cat for a few weeks before you decide. lovely bed but l have wasted my money.
: 5/5
I bought one for my three cats and they absolutely adore it. I bought the larger one and all three manage to fit quite happily into it and look very cosy snuggled up together. I've never been a fan of cat beds as they get very dirty and hairy, and washing them usually ruins them. But this washes beautifully. The fact that the entire cover can be unzipped and removed is what makes this bed so brilliant, and after washing and a quick dry in the tumble dryer it comes out looking as if it was new, with not a trace of cat hair anywhere. The non-slip bottom is also a plus; I have the bed placed on top of a litter tray cupboard which has a smooth top, but it hasn't slid off. Will definitely get another, and can't recommend it enough.
22/01/10|Pamela Bloomfield
: 5/5
even the dog wants it
I bought this bed and its so snuggly and very very good quality, we've found our shap pei sitting in it,so i'm now on to try and get something as good for he is just a bit jealous and way to big it you wont regret it.
23/10/09|Jennie Lake
: 5/5
The very best buy!!!!
I bought 5 different beds from this website recently and can say without doubt that this bed is absolutely the best value for money, its snuggly, super thick base (no need for a cushion underneath before placing on the floor)nice design and above all else - my 7 moggies LOVE it!! they even climb in on top of each other while other beds stand empty nearby - paw power (7 moggies can´t be wrong!) - speaks for itself!!! will definately be ordering more of these in the future.
23/10/09|Jennie Lake
: 5/5
Forget the rest, its the best!!
I have bought 5 different beds for my moggies from zooplus recently, this is without doubt the best value. The quality is fantastic, the base is thick enough that I can put it straight on the stone floor of my bedroom and the cats can´t feel the floor, unlike some other beds that need a cushion underneath. Also actually true to the picture, some others looked very different when they arrived... wasn´t disappointed with this one at all though. Nicely made and my 7 moggies love it, sometimes climbing on top of each other to get in!! Wish I hadn´t bought the other beds, will definately be buying more of these though!!!
18/10/09|John Mac Donald
: 5/5
Value for money cat bed
I bought the bed on the basis of the other reviews. I was not disappointed; the bed looks good in all respects. My cat of 12 years has never had a proper bed so I thought that she would be reluctant to use it. After two days she sleeps in it all the time. I consider this bed a very good buy.
11/09/09|Sam Allen
: 5/5
Very happy furry babies
Highly recommended. Cats seem to love them. Have purchased both sizes, smaller size is ideal for one cat and the larger size is ideal for two or even three cats, even bought one for relatives cats. Easy to take apart for washing and comes up as good as new. I think the rolled edge is a good idea, as cats seems to use it as a pillow and would thinks it helps avoid any drafts. If you are thinking of buying, dont hesitate. I am sure I will be back for more in the future.
: 5/5
Purrfect bed
I have four very fussy cats and my attempts at buying a successful bed for them have so far failed. I have always edged towards the expensive end of the market until I spotted this and read the reviews, I thought I would buy just one and see what happened. What happened was they all fell in love with it and there is constantly a cat in it - I now have to buy three more! Peace at last, it is lovely to see that expression of sheer contentment that only a cat can show. This is a super supplier and they post to France so I shall be a constant customer!
: 5/5
I bought this cat bed purely based on the reviews on this site, my cats have never took a liking to cat beds prefering my sofa or a blanket on the floor. But I got fed up of a messy blanket on the floor or not being able to stretch out on my sofa! When I got it I was initally disappointed when they both ignored it for about 2 weeks, however one day Colin (my oldest cat) got in it and since then they both fight over who sits in it, so much so that today I am back to buy another so I can hopefully stop the fighting! I have got the bed in the wash right now and Colin has just come in and has been searching round the flat for his bed! Hope it dries quickly! Buy with confidence. x
: 5/5
Update on Luxury Bed
After washing the cover of this bed there was a slight renewed interest by my elderly male cat when he laid in it a couple of times. I have now put a clean cat blanket I usually put on our bed on the cat bed and that has done the trick, he's in it all the a kitten if she can get away with laying with him. Shame I can't see the nice pattern of this bed now, but least they are happily using it.
: 5/5
Five Star Luxury Bed
This is a really good quality bed and far better than any I've seen in the shops. It looks really comfy too and were I the size of a cat I'd be curled up in it. Sadly at the moment none of my four are interested in doing the same. I've seen one or two look like they are making a bed in it with paws going up and down and purring like mad, but then they get out! Maybe I've just got strange cats. I'm trying it out in key places round the house, but not even the prime place in front of the radiator has tempted them yet. As the cover easily unzips I'm going to wash it next to see if that fresh laundry smell can coax them.
01/10/08|Helen Kiernan
: 5/5
Happy cats at Chippers Sanctuary!
My cats adore this bed. I bought 2 and will be getting more. Trouble is they dont want to get out of them. They even prefer them better than my bed! Great shopping experience , great service and a very helpful team. Great value site for me as I have 20 rescue cats .
: 5/5
Too cosy to leave
My cat took a liking to one of my plush settee cushions and refused to sleep on anything else - until I bought this bed for her. She loves it and purrs very loudly, kneading it like mad every time she gets in it. She is constantly in bed now ! As a bonus it also looks good in my sitting room ! Recommended
: 5/5
Gorgeous and my cat loves it!
My cat curled up to go to sleep in this bed straight away - and his favourite place is usually lying in my arms! Posh looking kitty bed but clearly quality and well made. Recommend.
07/01/08|Linda Adams
: 5/5
Both our cats love it
We bought the 60cm size for our two rescue cats - neither of whom had ever slept in a cat bed before. As soon as I had unpacked it, they both curled up together in it. A really good buy - I am sure both cats would agree.
: 5/5
We love our bed!!
Four cats and one small terrier..they all think it is theirs so they cram in as many as they can! It is so easy to wash and comes up like new. a very good buy.
02/10/07|Gillian Russell
: 5/5
My cats are extremely fussy about cat beds and usually ignore them. I bought one of these and all 4 cats are fighting over it so I am buying more. Highly recommended.