Smilla Adult Beef

: 5/5
Smilla Adult Beef cat food is a top quality complete dry food for cats from one year of age with normal activity levels, with premium quality protein from beef....further information
Product description
Smilla Adult Beef
Smilla Adult Beef
Smilla Adult Beef
Smilla Adult Beef
Smilla Adult Beef
Smilla Adult Beef
Smilla Adult Beef
Smilla Adult Beef
Smilla Adult Beef
Smilla Adult Beef
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£3.99 / kg
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Smilla Adult Beef

- 1kg

£3.99 / kg

Product description

Smilla Adult Beef cat food is a top quality complete dry food for cats from one year of age with normal activity levels, with premium quality protein from beef.

Smilla Adult Beef at a glance:

  • Complete dry food for adult cats
  • With vitamins A and E: for powerful sight and beautiful skin
  • Effective dental hygiene: kibble with special shape and surface
  • With high quality protein: to support organ functions
  • With vegetable fibre: to help pass hairballs
  • Highly digestible: for ideal nutrient absorption
  • With taurine: for strong cardiac function and sight
  • With yucca extracts: to reduce stool odour
  • With linseed: as a natural source of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids
  • No artificial colour, flavouring or preservatives
  • Non-GMO: part of a balanced diet
  • Comes in a convenient, resealable pack: simply open and enjoy fresh, time and time again
Smilla Finest Healthy Nutrition Adult in tasty Beef flavour is an innovative, premium, complete, dry food perfectly adapted to the requirements of your cat from one year of age with normal activity levels.

The high-quality, easily digestible dry food was developed in cooperation with leading experts and according to the most recent scientific findings. It contains vital vitamins and nutrients for a cat life full of vitality. Smilla Finest Healthy Nutrition will not only be loved by your feline friend, it will also supply it with a balanced and healthy diet.

Adult cats from one year of age with normal activity levels need less protein and fat than small kittens, which still have some growing and flourishing to do.

Smilla Finest Healthy Nutrition complete dry cat food for adult cats - for a healthy and indulgent life from one year of age!

Smilla is available in the following sizes: 1kg, 4kg, 10kg and 2 x 10kg


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23% poultry animal protein (dried), maize meal, 15 % greaves (11% beef greaves), rice meal, maize, oils and fats, barley, beet molasses (dried and desugared), apple pomace (dried), potassium chloride, linseed, sodium chloride, yeast (extracted and dried), 0.03% yucca schidigera (dried)

Energy per kg:
ME (FEDIAF, 2021) 15.86 MJ / 3792 kcal

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 15,000 IU, vitamin D3 900 IU, vitamin E 110 IU, vitamin B1 4mg, vitamin B2 4mg, calcium-D-pantothenate 10mg, niacin 45mg, vitamin B6 4mg, folic acid 3mg, biotin 435mcg, vitamin B12 65mcg, vitamin C 25mg, taurine 1000mg, DL-methionine 4500mg, iron (ferrous sulphate monohydrate) 65mg, zinc (zinc oxide) 85mg, copper (copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate) 13mg, manganese (manganese(II) oxide) 16mg, iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) 1.6mg, selenium (sodium selenite) 0.25mg
Technological additives: Antioxidant, tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils

Analytical constituents

protein32.0 %
fat15.0 %
fibre3.0 %
ash6.5 %
calcium1.0 %
phosphorus0.7 %
magnesium0.08 %
potassium0.3 %
sodium0.3 %
calories that can be burned3810.0 kcal

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

Smilla Adult Beef is a complete dry food for adult cats.
The amounts of food given are guidelines and should be adjusted to individual needs, ask your vet if in doubt. Weigh kittens regularly. Always provide fresh drinking water. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Manufacturer's feeding recommendation in g/day per cat:
Cat's weight Neutered cats Active cats
3kg 30 - 40g 55g
4kg 35 - 50g 65g
5kg 40 - 60g 80g
6kg 45 - 65g 90g
7kg 50 - 75g 95g


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Latest user reviews

28/08/23 | Penny Pugmore
: 5/5

Best value

My breeder recommended and have carried on using as my cat eats and is very happy on this food. Good value when on offer. She loves all flavours. Fish ones are slightly larger
24/11/22 | Becky
: 5/5

Very good for dry food

My cat loves this food. We try to give him higher meat dry and this isn’t bad for dry at all for the price
16/07/21 | Salik Rafiq
: 5/5

Cat gobbles this up

Must have a good flavour because my cat gobbles this up the only thing that will distract her is tuna.
22/09/20 | Natalie Morten
: 5/5

maine coon loves it

my maine coon boy was swallowing smaller kibble whole so transferred him onto this, so glad I did as he is now eating slower and crunching on it
: 5/5

Cats love it

I bought this for one of my cats as he was having urinary issues and now he won't eat any other biscuits. My others like it too
15/09/20 | Flora Day
: 5/5

Great for Ragdolls

2 ragdolls who used to bolt their food - now significantly slower eating and they absolutely love it
23/08/20 | David L Wright
: 5/5

Spoilt Old Cat

Since first introduced to product, refuses to eat anything else
18/05/20 | chip
: 5/5


My cat LOVES these things, and they love his insides. So much better than hills & the like. Great value, and apparently very tasty
: 5/5

Excellent good quality cat food

Great for cats who swallow smaller kibble whole! Really helped with dental health in lazy Maine Coon
09/12/19 | Tina
: 5/5

Perfect size for my bsh

My girls love this stuff.i went for xxl kibble which is a similar size to royal canine for bsh adult but a fraction of the cost.if my girls are happy than so am I 😻😺😽
16/12/18 | Karen James
: 5/5

Seven Happy, Healthy Cats

I have been using Smilla for about eight years. All my cats were brought up on Smilla Kitten, then graduated to the Adult version. They love all the flavours, but Beef is their favourite.
03/05/18 | Dg Chilton
: 5/5

My cats say yes

I have been buying Smilla beef for a long time now. Eight spoilt cats with five different flavour food to graze and it is always the beef that I have to replenish first. The cats have spoken, think they would leave home if I stopped buying Smilla beef. Recommend
15/09/17 | Fiona
: 5/5


Have been feeding my 4 cats with Smilla beef for couple of years, they all love it. Tried dried and wet food in every flavour, won't buy anything else now. I have 4 very different but happy and healthy cats
11/09/17 | DG Chilton
: 5/5

The cats say YES!

I am owned by 8 cats ranging from one year to sixteen. They have 5 different flavour dry food to choose from and the one I have to top up the most is Smilla Beef. They loved it the from the first time I bought and if it ever goes out of production I think they will all leave home! I buy this in quantity every month and have done for the past couple years. Highly recommend.
: 3/5

kibble size has changed! pity...

...the old, quite large kibble size was great for my two Maine Coon toms. Now it is tiny in comparison... I guess because other reviewers complained about the kibble being too big before. Couldn't Smilla possibly produce another product for large cats? I'm sure it would be profitable enough. Apart from that, this food is excellent.
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5

dry food

Our cat will only eat this food. She turns her nose up at all other dry food.
Translated from by zooplus
26/03/14 | Marc-Andre Runcie-Unger
: 5/5

Fantastic pet food

My cats absolutely love this food. The only downside is that it wasn't immediatly apparent how to open the cat food bag! Please find a complete review with pictures of the product on my blog:
: 5/5

there's nothing else better

I honestly have tried almost every brand and every variety of cat food out there to see which my cat prefers. Smilla Beef and Fish are the two frontrunners. Everything else they ignore: poultry, etc. Now I need to try Sensible and Light and I will report back ;)
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5


It's good for the price. The size is nice as my pets cannot just swallow it but have to chew. Definitely recommend it.
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5


It's good value for money. My tom has no problems digesting this food and happily eats it all up. Since he has to "work on" his food, the size of the kibble in perfect. Sure, there's probably dry food out there with better ingredients but there's certainly also food out there that's waaaay worse.
Translated from by zooplus