Meowing Heads So-fish-ticated - Salmon

: 5/5
This kibble is packed with succulent salmon, making a whisker-licking dinner that will have your kitty meowing for more! Try this super yummy adult cat recipe, made using natural ingredients....further information
Product description
Meowing Heads So-fish-ticated - Salmon
Meowing Heads So-fish-ticated - Salmon
Meowing Heads So-fish-ticated - Salmon
Meowing Heads So-fish-ticated - Salmon
Meowing Heads So-fish-ticated - Salmon
Meowing Heads So-fish-ticated - Salmon
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Product description

This kibble is packed with succulent salmon, making a whisker-licking dinner that will have your kitty meowing for more! Try this super yummy adult cat recipe, made using natural ingredients.

Meowing Heads So-fish-ticated - Salmon dry cat food is a delightful recipe for keeping your adult cat purring and meowing for more! Approved by vets, this tasty dry food is made using only the best quality, natural ingredients. It also has a unique anti-hairball formula and is taurine-enriched to keep your kitty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The purr-fect combination to keep your adult cat purring!

Meowing Heads So-fish-ticated - Salmon at a glance:

  • Complete cat food for adult cats aged 12+ months
  • Rich in delicious salmon, chicken and egg: high-quality natural proteins to aid growth and repair
  • Enriched with taurine: to help maintain healthy eyes and immune system 
  • Prepared with a special blend of plant fibres: to help reduce hairballs
  • Made with natural ingredients: free from any nasty ingredients, like artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • Complete and balanced: with added vitamins and minerals,
  • Approved by vets for adult cats

All Meowing Heads cat food is packed full of high-quality meat, fish and other natural ingredients needed to maintain a happy, healthy cat! We have a great range of wet and dry foods to ensure your fabulous feline has the purr-fect dinner every time.


Salmon (32%), dried chicken (22%), dried fish (salmon, tuna & blue whiting) (12%), peas, potato, white rice, dried chicken egg (5%), salmon oil (3%), chicken gravy (2%), oats, chicken fat (1%), yeasts, malt extract, cellulose, minerals, seaweed, tomato, carrot, cranberry.

Additives per kg:
Amino Acids:
Methionine 1120mg, taurine 1040mg.
Vitamin A 26670 IU, vitamin D3 560 IU, vitamin E 200 mg.
Trace Elements:
Zinc (as zinc chelate of glycine hydrate) 89mg, iron (as iron (ll) chelate of glycine hydrate) 80mg, manganese (as manganese chelate of glycine hydrate) 10mg, copper (as cupric chelate of glycine hydrate) 6mg, iodine (as calcium iodate anhydrous) 1.5mg.

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation:

Meowing Heads So-fish-ticated - Salmon  is a complete dry cat food for adult cats.
Cat's Weight Daily Amount
Indoor/Neutered Cats Outdoor/Active Cats
1kg 15g 25g
2kg 25g 40g
3kg 30g 50g
4kg 40g 65g
5kg 45g 75g
6kg 50g 80g
7kg 55g 90g
8kg 60g 100g

The food quantities given are recommendations and should be adjusted according to your cat's individual needs in order to maintain an ideal body weight. The kibble should be served dry. Please make sure your cat always has fresh water available.


Customer Photos

Meowing Heads So-fish-ticated - Salmon

Latest user reviews

12/01/19|John Hatch
: 3/5
Not bad
My British Blues eat the biscuits without complaint; they seem to prefer Royal Canin judging by the fact that there are always some biscuits left in the bowl when they get Meowing Heads food and none when on Royal Canin. Passable, but RC are cheaper in bulk.
: 5/5
Cat's favourite flavour
Our moderately picky cat gives this a definite paws-up. She was put on a gastro-friendly vet diet after being a sickly kitten, but a gradual switch to Meowing Heads has gone very well, and she eats it with enthusiasm.
: 5/5
One happy cat!
Having become alerted by a raw-feeding friend to the questionable nutrition our beloved moggy was receiving from his commercial cat-foods, and their associated health-risks, I entered the perplexing world of trying to identify a healthy alternative. There are lots of natural products out there, but I wanted something British-sourced, with high meat-content, and cereal-free. This ticks all the boxes. Our cat was hooked from the first sniff. He seems much fuller and more satisfied - I dread to think how little protein he was getting from his old food - and I am much happier knowing he is getting good quality nutrition.
03/05/15|Kath Webb
: 5/5
Wholesome and ( evidently ) tasty !
Changed my cat Mikey over to this complete food 6 months ago . No more turning his nose up ! He loves it ☺️ and I'm happy knowing all the ingredients are first rate and contain no additives etc. Highly recommend this product .
: 5/5
For the Pickiest Cat on the Planet!
For picky cats, I cannot recommend this more. It's 80% meat (salmon and chicken) and I think that that's the perfect reason why I give this to my cat. I alternate it with other Meowing Heads cat food too, but this has always been my cat's favourite and I don't see that changing any time soon.
: 5/5
Fab food!
Brilliant. Both my cats took to it like ducks to water. I tried a trial pack but shall be ordering the larger bags from here now on. I am happy they are enjoying a higher meat quality food. I also tried the Purr Nickity and Gone Fishing Pate Pots which went down a massive success with two very fussy cats who only ever eat biscuits!! Please Zooplus...get the pate pots in stock too!!!
: 5/5
Excellent food - my fussy kitties love it
My two cats, aged 5 and 7 now, absolutely love this food. We got them 3 years ago and had to keep trying them on different foods as they would go off everything within a week or two of trying it. However, they have now been on this for 2.5 years and both still love it. They are extremely fussy with their food, both wet and dry, but they can't get enough of Meowing Heads purr-nickety. Also, one loves fish and the other loves chicken - but they both love the salmon and chicken flavour Meowing Heads!
03/09/14|Claire & Mia
: 4/5
My very fussy cat absolutely loves this food, I found with JWB she was being sick alot but put this down to the 'presents' she brings me on a regular basis. I decided to change, as the JWB although excellent, was becoming very expensive, and she would rarely eat it. Since feeding her Meowing Heads she scoffs the lot and even hangs about for more... her sickness has also improved greatly. Great price and great product, I would definately recommend to people with fussy eaters. My only negative would be the packaging, it's not very easy to open, and once opened it doesn't have a seal. Improve this and I would give it 5 stars!!!
: 4/5
Good product and price not bad
My cats like this food very much and it doesn't break the bank
: 5/5
Old boy loves it!
My old Henry is 18 and is a bit fussy in his old age (he's earned it!) and as a little supplement to his wet meat and other posh bics he gets these, he always loves them. I had another old cat who loved these too, they seem to be extra tasty (as it says on't packet)
08/06/14|Jill Bray
: 5/5
Cat Meowing Controlled!
On adoption by me, my cat Holly, a very vocal rescue Seal Point Birman, turned her aristocratic feline nose up at other dry products. However, when this one was presented to her at the recommendation of my daughter's cat, she took to it like a cat to comfort food and now scrunches away at it noisily and contentedly every day.
: 5/5
Fantastic Food, Fantastic Price!!
For the price, this cannot be beaten!! My cat LOVES this and gobbles it up. ****HANDY HINT**** since this food is so cheap i actually used it as a filler. I use Acana normally which my cat devours, but it is more pricey so what i do is mix this and the Acana (use your favourite brand) she loves it and it makes the expensive food last twice as long. My cat has had no side effects / allergies (she has a very delicate stomach) doing this so the quality of the 2 foods are very high!!
: 5/5
What a winner!
My two year old cat will only eat kitten dried food from another top brand. And has refused other adult and kitten food from a variety of top brands . Until NOW , I put some of this along side his usual brand and it disappeared ! He left the other one . I only bought a small bag but will now be ordering large ones! It says for the fussiest of cats and it works! My cat loves it !
: 5/5
Prrrr verry tasty
Wow, I orderd this food on Fridey en it's was alredy delivired on saterday! This food smels good, taste good. My cat is verry happy. He likes it ! This food is not tested on animals, and the ingrediënts are pure en from good quality ( for human consumption ) im verry happy , this food is like orijen or applaws, but it have more taste for my cat.