Vitakraft Cat Yums

Cheese (40g)
: 5/5
Tasty sugar-free snack morsels for cats, with extra meat and a soft centre. Carefully oven-baked with fine ingredients to keep them flavourful and succulent....further information
Product description
Vitakraft Cat Yums
Vitakraft Cat Yums
Vitakraft Cat Yums
Vitakraft Cat Yums
Vitakraft Cat Yums
Vitakraft Cat Yums
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£32.25 / kg

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Vitakraft Cat Yums - Cheese (40g)
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Vitakraft Cat Yums

- Cheese (40g)

£32.25 / kg

Product description

Tasty sugar-free snack morsels for cats, with extra meat and a soft centre. Carefully oven-baked with fine ingredients to keep them flavourful and succulent.

Yum! Your kitty will love these little treats! Vitakraft Cat Yums are 70% meat treats with an especially tasty consistency. They have been carefully oven-cooked to ensure the filling stays soft and ensures a juicy chewing experience.
The snacks come in two delicious flavours: cheese and liver sausage, and all of them are sugar-free. They can be used to supplement your cat’s main food as a reward, during play, or just as a tasty treat between meals. The unique way in which these snacks are made, along with their quality ingredients and delicious aroma make these little bites into a valuable supplement for improving your cat’s vitality. They come in a practical resealable pouch for extra freshness.

Cat Yums product details at a glance:

  • Treats for your cat
  • High meat content (70%)
  • Sugar free
  • Soft, delicious filling
  • Very succulent thanks to a gentle manufacturing process
  • Resealable pouch for lasting freshness



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Meat and meat by-products (71.9% chicken, pork, poultry), vegetables, plant protein extracts, milk and dairy products (1.5% cheese powder, includes 3.4% fresh cheese), yeasts, minerals, vegetable by-products.
Liver sausage:
Meat and meat by-products (72.8% liver (24%), chicken, pork, poultry, liver sausage (1%)), vegetables, plant protein extracts, yeasts, minerals, vegetable by-products.

The manufacturer states that no additives have been included in this product.

Analytical constituents

protein24.0 %
fat12.0 %
fibre1.5 %
ash6.5 %
moisture38.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:


Vitakraft Cat Yums 40g is a supplementary food for cats.

Use as a between-meal snack or treat. Max. 5 pieces per day.


Vitakraft Cat Yums
: 5/5
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: 3/5
Unfortunately as good as there size and easy break up despite all good review my cat won't touch them either broken up or whole tryed several or more times but no and so it wasn't something are get again but don't make them bad just preferable to other cats quantity is good and value
: 3/5
So kamara likes these but in small amounts and not each day she not fan of them while whole put broken up is ok but not overjoyed this the liver ones there smell isn't the best but there are handy as a back up option depends on each cat think
: 5/5
This are a really nice soft treat that are easy to give as a full treat or to break up into pieces for the more fussy cat who wants their humans to pamper them and hand feed them their treat, my four male ragdolls cannot get enough of these when they are aware that we have them in their treat cupboard
: 5/5
Firm favourite
My boy loves this. He is not fussy though, but this I would say is his second favourite after the liver paste I also reviewed.
: 5/5
Love them
My 2 cats go crazy for this, even my very fussy Eater
: 5/5
Game changer
Omg my very very fussy cat finally eats something I've bought!! Abso loves these I need to buy in bulk now
: 5/5
Game chamber
Omg my very very fussy cat demolished these. Will deffo be ordering again
: 5/5
Happy cats
I agree with the other commenter who suggests buying more than one bag of these treats..They arrived this morning and all five cats gobbled them eagerly even my fussy one who turns her nose up at some treats They are larger than a lot of treats and very soft and absolutely delicious as my cats can testify And lastly at 99p a bag very good value Thankyou
: 5/5
Buy more than 1
I bought just 1 to try and that was a mistake. My cat became instantly obsessed with it and was waiting to have it every single day. She prefers this over all the other treats she has and even stopped eating less tasty treats that she would otherwise eat.
: 4/5
Yes to Liverwurst
I was looking for some softer treats - I had brought back some soft treats filled with liverwurst from Germany and my bengals go absolutely mental for them. You can’t get the brand in the UK - that’s why I’m so happy I found this alternative. The two love them just as much. I‘ve taken 1 star of because they are pricier than the ones I can get in Germany
: 5/5
My Mini Panther's Favourite
Although my cat will eat most treats happily these are the ones he comes running to most eagerly! They are very soft and smell very meaty, although his favourite flavour of this: chicken and cat grass, is not available on here.
: 5/5
Froglet adores these
Meaty smell, soft rather than crunchy texture. Only disadvantage is that having had some as a bedtime treat, she keeps tapping my face to ask for more.
20/03/19|Sandra McCann
: 5/5
Perfect !
One of my cats has to take tablets three times a day. Since I found these cat treats its been so much easier, the product is soft and easily covers the tablet and they go down a treat.
01/12/18|lynda hillman
: 5/5
Cats went crazy for these
I have never seen my cats go for anything like these.My cats eat most treats and sticks but they are the most popular yet
07/10/18|Shar G
: 5/5
My cats no nuts for these!
Can;t say no more. 5* from my felines.
: 5/5
My cat favorite treat
My cat loves this treat so much its so soft but there's not much it's ran out quickly
: 5/5
paws up
My two cats love these treats they are chunky and soft.
: 5/5
Popular with my cats!
These treats are a firm favourite amongst my cats. They are very smelly, but also lovely and soft and are gone in an instant!
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
Very good
Our cat loves these treats. I also think that they're a good buy because the ingredients are very solid. I especially like that there's no sugar. I'm always happy to buy them again.
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
These are great! My cat does that exciteable double purr when getting these! We have tried the Cheese and the Liver and both have gone down well. Plus high meat content and sugar free is a massive plus!! I can't work out tho if these are grain free? If so..then they would be even more fantastic. Both cats enjoyed and I can easily hide tablets in them if I wanted too. My elderly nearly toothless cat can get his gums round these. They are quite big but extreamly soft. I hope Zooplus get the Salmon variety in too. :)