GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste

: 5/5
Delicious cat paste with unique Anti-Hairball Complex, combination of natural malt, high quality oils & fibre, supports natural shedding of swallowed hair, with beta glucan....further information
Product description
GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste
GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste
GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste
GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste
GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste
GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste
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GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste

- 50g

£61.80 / kg

Product description

Delicious cat paste with unique Anti-Hairball Complex, combination of natural malt, high quality oils & fibre, supports natural shedding of swallowed hair, with beta glucan.

Cats devote a lot of time to grooming. In the process, some hair is often swallowed, especially by long-haired pets. GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste was developed for this case. This is a functional snack that can support your velvet paw with hairy problems.

The paste has an anti-hairball complex with naturally pure malt, high-quality oils and valuable fibre. This supports the natural removal of swallowed hair and the subsequent excretion. At the same time, the risk of hairballs forming again is reduced. GimCat Malt-Soft Paste Extra contains beta glucan, which can also support the natural function of the gastrointestinal tract.

GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste at a glance:

  • Natural malt, high-quality oils and dietary fibres: support against digestive disorders caused by lumpiness
  • Beta glucan: can contribute to the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Without sugar & lactose: particularly well tolerated
  • Daily extra: suitable as a vital substance-rich snack between meals
  • Easy to give: also suitable as a delicious topping for wet and dry food
  • High acceptance: excellent taste
  • Recommended by vets
  • Made in Germany
  • Free from artificial flavours, colours & preservatives
GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste prevents the formation of hairballs - a solution to a hairy problem.


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Vegetable by-products (malt extracts 43.7%, cellulose 4%), oils and fats (31%), yeast (contains 1% beta-glucan).

Technological additives:

Analytical constituents

protein5.5 %
fat38.5 %
fibre2.5 %
ash5.0 %
moisture12.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
GimCat Malt-Soft Extra is a supplementary food for cats.

Serve 6cm (1cm = approx. 0.5g) straight from the tube or onto the main feed daily. Serve at room temperature and store somewhere cool.


GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste
: 5/5
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: 5/5
Best hairball remedy
I have a picky maine coon and he is very strict about what he eats. Finally, after lots of trial and error , I found a hairball remedy that he likes and eats with pleasure.
: 1/5
Not a success
The boys don’t like this at all sadly
: 5/5
No more hairballs
My long hair cat suffered from furballs and constipation. She is fussy but likes the taste of this malt.
: 5/5
Effective against hairballs (100%!)
My Siberian cat has been vomiting hairballs regularly (every other day or so) for years. He loves the paste, will eat it from my finger and has had no hairballs or vomit whatsoever from the first day I gave the product. I'm really surprised and impressed by how effective this is and will definitely repurchase.
: 3/5
Cats love it but....
My cats love this paste but it gives them awful diarrhea. I bought this as it comes in a huge tube and they love the Duo version but sadly, will not be buying this again.
: 5/5
Helps our cat and us in many ways
This paste does what it says on the label and it is so tasty, our cat likes it so much that we can also use it to give him supplements and medication (provided it is not super bitter). It is his favourite treat and we have the pickiest cat I ever heard of. I hope he will never get bored of it to be honest because it is so versatile and practical! I totally recommend it.
: 5/5
No hairballs yet!
Just mix it in with food for my 5yr old girl and she’s very happy with it. She’s been doing well with it so far and no hairballs yet :)
: 5/5
Great for for sensitive tummies
My cats had poor diet when they were kittens, and it was a nightmare to find the food that wouldn't upset their tummies. I tried all fancy and expensive foods and add-ons without any success. This paste given once a day cleared it at once. Now they can eat any food without any trouble what so ever.
27/06/22|Theodora Ford
: 5/5
Worked like magic!
My three semi-long haired cats moult heavily in the spring and bring up sausage sized hairballs practically daily. One of them also gets frequent diarrhoea, even when being fed really expensive hypo-allergenic food and sometimes would be really mopey which I put down to having a sore tummy. Since giving them GimCat paste, we have had but three hairballs and only one instance of diarrhoea. It is as if someone has thrown a switch. All three cats are now full of the joys of spring!
: 5/5
Good for cat with allergies
My cat who has severe allergies also had hair balls once a week if not more. I found this paste which has no meat derivatives in it to try and not only has she not had a reaction to it but no furballs in a month since we started using it!! She won’t eat it on its own but is fine if I mix it in with her wet food.
: 5/5
This must be really tasty
Both my cats eat this with actual pleasure. They consider it a treat and I am very happy because they do not try new things easily. They can be quite fussy about hairball paste. The only negative thing about the product is the tube. It is hard to squeeze the paste out of the big tube and the aluminium tends to crack on the sides due to pressure. As a result paste is coming out from the sides and it gets messy. Other than that, I do recommend this item, it does help with hairballs.
: 5/5
Cat loves this
I only bought this to avoid shipping costs, figured I‘d give it a try and didnt think much of it. The cat ended up absolutely loving it to my surprise! Definitely a nice change to have her enjoy a healthy snack alternative instead of her beloved dreamies.
06/02/21|Mel is
: 5/5
Used this when my Ragdoll seemed to be feeling a bit sluggish within a couple of days he was back playing and happy again!! Brilliant product
: 5/5
Cats love this and eat it from tube
One of my cats gets constipated often and have tried various different products but find he loves this one and will even eat it from the tube. With some I have to mix in with food and then sometimes he will not eat.
: 5/5
Cats love it!
They cant get enough and try eating it from eachother
: 1/5
GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste
My cat would not touch this at all,even tried it in his food.on his paws,a definate no no for my cat
: 5/5
My cat loves it
My cat loves it and never had any problem with hair balls!
: 5/5
The only one they will eat willingly!
I have tried a few malt pastes and this is the only one all of the cats (three) like. I was having to put paste on the leg of the old one which she hated but now she licks this and eats it in her food. Brilliant! Great product I would recommend. I now buy the big size.
: 5/5
Good stuff
My cat was suffering bad being sick and choking on furballs, i bought this and at fist she wasn't having it until i put it on the front of her paws for a few days and she brought up a fur ball. I use it regularly and she's not sick now and it really works with fur balls. I highly recommend and great at the price.
: 5/5
Very popular
My little rascal could finish the whole tube, and he leaves my fingers a little raw when I feed him ;-) He loves it. I only order the big tube now.
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