Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover

25 x 19.5 x 7 cm (L x W x H)
: 4/5
Intelligence toy for fun & mental challenge for your cat - with 4 exciting exercises. Use with treats or dry food, it's a great way to encourage your pet to eat more slowly. Colour not selectable....further information
Product description
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
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Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
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25 x 19.5 x 7 cm (L x W x H)365407.0
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Product description

Intelligence toy for fun & mental challenge for your cat - with 4 exciting exercises. Use with treats or dry food, it's a great way to encourage your pet to eat more slowly. Colour not selectable.

The Cat Activity Brain Mover is a good way to combine intelligence games with plenty of fun. Give your cat a chance to show how clever it is. Hide some treats or dry food in the activity centre and watch how your cat works out how to get at the food. Your cat will love the challenge and enjoy the well-earned reward. This is one toy your cat will not get bored with!

The Cat Activity Brain Mover activity centre has 4 different tasks to challenge your cat:

1. Task with covers: Your pet has to remove the cover to get at the snack.

2. Task with drawers: Your cat has to push at the drawers to find the reward.

3. Task with lever: Your cat has to push the lever to open the drawer with the reward.

4. Task with loop: Your pet has to open the drawer using the loop to get its reward.

Once your cat has understood the various tasks you can change to feeding the dry food only in the Cat Activity Brain Mover. The amount your cat eats daily will automatically be reduced because it eats more slowly and feels full up more quickly. The Brain Mover is not just a great way to keep your pet occupied, it is also a way to change your cat's eating habits which is great if your cat has a tendency towards obesity or suffers with a sensitive stomach.

When your cat is able to solve the individual tasks you can start to make things more complicated by combining different tasks. And when your pet has mastered this level, make it even more interesting by leaving one or two drawers or hollows empty!

The Cat Activity Brain Mover intelligence toy for cats at a glance:

  • Colour: grey / burgundy / pink or blue / white (not selectable)
  • Material: plastic
  • Anti-slip
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Challenging and lots of fun
  • Stops gobbling
  • Use with treats and dry food
  • Ideal for house cats, overweight, older or sick cats
  • Adjustable level of difficulty
  • 4 different tasks:
    • 2 ball-shaped covers
    • 4 drawers
    • 1 lever
    • 1 drawer with loop
  • Includes instructions with tips and tricks to keep your cat motivated
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: 25 x 19.5 x 7 cm (L x W x H)
    • Ball-shaped cover diameter 4 x H 3.5 cm
    • Drawer: 5 x 4.5 cm (L x W)
    • Lever: diameter 2.5 cm
    • Lever drawer and loop drawer (each with 2 recesses): 12 x 4 x 1.5 cm (L x W x H)
    • Recesses for treats: diameter 3 x H 1.5 cm

Note for use: Instructions on how to use this toy are included with the delivery. Please read the instructions carefully so that you can motivate your cat to keep trying and not to cause it to feel frustrated.

Why not try this toy with some delicious Cosma Snackies Cat Treats?

Please Note:
As with any other product your pet should be supervised with this toy. Please check the product regularly for any damage, and replace the toy whenever it becomes defective or when a piece of the toy goes missing to avoid any harm coming to your pet.

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Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover
: 4/5
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: 5/5
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: 4/5
Good product for your cat to learn to use your paws for speech button training
One of our cats, Toren, really enjoy mental challenges, so we used it consistently with him for fun But it has proved even more useful with our other cat, Amos, as we decided to get them speech buttons. Amos is usually anxious, gets frustrated easily. When I started button training he only used his snout, so we went a step back and trained with this toy, and now he is a lot more skillful and aware of his paws, and gets less frustrated. Missing 1 star bc one bit does not slide properly.
14/08/22|Elisabeth Anne Guss
: 4/5
I'm intrigued
by reading the reviews. I gather I will need the instructions which were not included. My Bengal got the food ok but I think she'll enjoy the more complex games. I haven't figured it out because my brain shuts down as soon I need to learn anything spatial or mathematical or technical. My Maine Coon is mildly interested as he likes treats but isn't food oriented. I don't think he was given things to taste as a kitten. He's learning from the little female who is up for every sort of game!
28/05/22|Stacey Reay
: 5/5
My Maine Coon is obsessed with this
I got this to distract my cats, and give them entertainment when I go out and they love it. Works everytime, they play with it for hours. Now they can easily open the parts but to begin with it was very challenging for them
: 4/5
Cat likes it
My cat uses this now to ask for treats. First she mostly was able to do the easy ones but now she can do everything. No problems here with her pushing the lever. Only thing is, too small food will get stuck in the gaps of the sliders. So i only use bigger treat pieces in those.
: 3/5
Not perfect but well liked, needs human supervision
Had this a week. Both my (food motivated) cats have enjoyed it but both also needed human help even with the more simple challenges. On the upside it's good because they haven't mastered it too quickly and got bored. On the other hand, compared to a treat ball or food maze where you can fill it up and let them go this one (so far) needs more input from us. And yes, the slider holes are just the right size for treats/biscuits to get stuck. Glad we have it but also glad we didn't pay full price.
: 4/5
Begs me to refill it!
My cat absolutely loves this toy. He is an old rescue who is very food motivated. I imagine if you're cat is less food motivated they might lose interest. I also play along with him to teach him how to operate the more complicated lever dispenser, so it's great for bonding. I would give it 5 stars except that the gaps for the sliding parts are big enough to get most treats stuck in them and then the sliding parts get jammed and I have to pull the food out, which is an annoying design flaw.
06/03/21|Jen Coote
: 3/5
They will take it or leave it
Two 6 month old Bengals aren’t overly entertained by this. The left hand leaver is quite stiff. They will spend a few minutes on it with some of the easier compartments to open. I think they may have more patience when they get older
: 3/5
Not very well designed
The spaces that allow the squares to slide are the perfect size for treats to go in and get stuck. The holes are too small for cat paws to get in effectively too. The cats seem to enjoy it so far anyway, but only really able to use it when I'm supervising to help rescue lost biscuits
: 3/5
There is a gap between the top and bottom layers that allows the ‘pockets’ to slide along. Unfortunately most treats end up in between the two layers and then can’t be got out. However I’ve found that I can use the freeze dried treats as they are in cube shapes and this works much better.
: 1/5
I wanted it to be good.
Firstly I will say that I've bought other interactive feeders made by this company andthey were all well made and practical. But this one is a mess. The slider isn't slidey. It sticks so no matter how hard my cat pulls, he can't open it more than an inch. The squares which slide around, get filled with the treats as your cat tries to get them out. Which means the cat goes nuts because it can't get the treat and the squares won't slide. I'm about to return it.
: 5/5
7 out of my 7 cats enjoyed it
I have 7 cats, one part siamese (very very bright), one has brain damage, one has 3 legs, the others are a fairly intelligent bunch who are all indoor cats. It's very important for them to have toys and things to do, so I bought this item to try. Every single one of them has played with it & all enjoy it. 4 cats can do every part of this and love to play with it (no one is bored with it), the other three have favourite parts. I found that the dreamies worked best as other treats get stuck.
: 5/5
Keeps our girls entertained! Not great for dreamies...
Great product, keeps our two cats intrigued for a long while. Dreamies can get stuck in the slots where the squares slide across so would recommend using bigger treats. Freeze dried cube treats work quite well.
: 5/5
Bought for my (small) dog!
My dog loves 'brain games'. This one is similar to another she has (but which is not currently available to us due to isolation) but Mllly remembered the one she has so it didn't take her long to figure this out! However, she still enjoyed it and wants to do it again which was the reason I got it for her. I wouldn't recommend for a bigger dog or one who destroys things, but great for a small dog under supervision, or of course a cat!!
: 2/5
Did not work for us
I bought reading the good reviews hoping to entertain our super intelligent cat. Its a good idea but there are flaws in design. Fist the holes in the trays are too small and my cat had trouble getting the treats out. Second, the teats get stuck in the gaps of sliding section and there is no way she could get it out (even I could not get it out without tipping the whole thing over). I ended up with a frustrated cat and a useless toy
: 4/5
different response from different cats
One cat ( the smart one) has worked this out, and enjoys it, the other one seems a bit afraid of it
17/01/19|Claire Morgan
: 5/5
Great puzzle
I bought this to keep my cat entertained when I'm not there, and also to slow down her eating, however she was definitely puzzled by it in the first place so needs a bit more support from me. Fortunately it comes with detailed suggestions on how to encourage your cat to explore the different components. I've sometimes used it with treats, sometimes with her dried food; she clearly likes it and sits by it rather than by her food bowl. So a happy purchase with plenty of potential.
13/05/18|Fiona Mosley
: 5/5
This really challenges my cat
One of my cats is very intelligent. She already has 3 other Trixie treat feeders but has mastered these and is getting bored with them. This one challenges her more than any other, especially when used with the Cosma treats, which she adores!
05/12/17|K Lole
: 5/5
We have two cats - a moggy and a long haired fluff ball! The fluff ball caught on really quickly and loves it. As soon as we have finished our evening meal she races into the lounge for us to load the toy. Our moggy took rather longer to get the hang of it and still can only manage the slidey middle section but still enjoys it. A great purchase
01/11/17|Sandra Lewis
: 5/5
Wasn't sure they'd get it but they do!
I wasn't sure my two cats would get the idea of this toy but they do! Wanted something to entertain and stimulate them now the winter nights are here, and this really does the trick. Keeps them occupied for quite some time and makes a few treats go further too. Very happy with this purchase.
: 2/5
not great
Maybe I have a super thick cat but this just did not do it. Her paws were a bit too big for the holes and the treats ended up getting stuck in the ridges where the drawers slide around so she couldn't get the treats even when she managed to get her big fat foot into the tray lol Just didn't work for us, I ended up giving it to a charity shop.