Trixie Plush Bird for Door Frames

L 175cm
: 4/5
Plush toy with catnip and fitting to hang in door frame, especially robust and high-quality....further information
Product description
Trixie Plush Bird for Door Frames
Trixie Plush Bird for Door Frames
Trixie Plush Bird for Door Frames
Trixie Plush Bird for Door Frames
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Product description

Plush toy with catnip and fitting to hang in door frame, especially robust and high-quality.

Satisfy all your kitty's hunting urges with this catnip toy! Great for indoor cats!

The bird is fastened to a rubber band and fixed onto the door frame with a plastic-covered clamp. Your cat will chase and play for hours while you can get on with other things!
Trixie Plush Bird for Door Frames dimensions:

  • Total length: 175cm
  • Bird toy: 13cm long
Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


Trixie Plush Bird for Door Frames
: 4/5
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: 5/5
: 4/5
: 3/5
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: 2/5
Not robust
My kitten snapped the elastic within 5 mins. Needs to be much stronger.
: 4/5
Our cat loves it
We’re now on our third one as both our cats love it. One even is adamant to bring it everywhere with him despite the racket it makes when clashing against the wall. We use it manually throwing it around from the string rather than the door frame.
: 3/5
So cute but my kitty doesnt seem interested!
Had her going for about 2 min before she started ignoring it completely. May try again with some catnip later!
: 1/5
Lasted a few hours
Needs to be more substantial as my playful 9 month old NFC/Maine Coon destroyed it in no time.
: 4/5
Kitten loved it!
Fair to say the kitten enjoyed this, however it did not last long, he chewed through the elastic quite quickly. Tied it back on but he just chewed through it again. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because I thought the little bird toy on the end was supposed to be a bit bigger, fits in the palm of my hand.
: 5/5
best toy ever
both my cats love it (7yrs & 2mths), occupys them for literal hours, never fallen from the door frame/broken in any way, best £3 I've ever spent
13/08/23|Phoenix Stanbridge
: 1/5
Waste of money
This toy lasted two hours of playtime with a 4 month old kitten. It is a waste of my money and I am very disappointed.
: 5/5
Good toy , cats will love it
: 5/5
Kittens love
My two kittens absolutely love this. Hours of endless fun for them.
: 5/5
Cat destroyed it
Didn't expect much from this little toy but boy oh boy was I wrong. My cat abused the poor toy constantly until it finally gave in, but definitely got our money's worth out of it.
: 5/5
Excellent toy
Very study and great toy for kittens to play with. They play with it quite often. The string is elastic so your cats won't be able to run off with it and hide the bird toy somewhere. It fits perfectly on our door frame.
17/09/22|Richard MacRichards
: 4/5
Duckie can fly
2 kittens (siamese and oriental) have hours of fun with this. yes the toy can come off and get hidden, yes the elastic can get chewed yes it may not last forever... but when the cats jump and make the duck bounce or pull it too far and then let go to see the duck fly - its hilarious and keeps them entertained. Definitely one to keep supervised
: 1/5
Lasted maybe ten minutes
The elastic ripped after just a few minutes even though my cats are neither big and strong nor particularly ferocious when playing. They just tried to pull it down to see it bounce up again, but that bounce never came... Bit sad because I really liked the idea. The elastic is very thin, so no wonder it ripped so fast.
15/07/22|Marie Aston
: 1/5
Not very robust
My four month old kitten managed to rip the wing off in a matter of minutes. Nice idea but not very well made!
24/06/22|Nicky Mcwilliam
: 1/5
Not Savannah proof
Lasted less than three minutes before the toy had been pulled from the cord Suitable for a regular domestic cat but not for strong larger breeds like savannahs
: 1/5
A dangerous waste of money
Lasted about thirty seconds before the elastic snapped. It broke again while I was removing it from my cat to dispose of, leaving him playing with a short length of string which could easily have been swallowed, potentially causing him serious harm. Obviously all toys suffer wear and tear and pets should always be supervised while playing with them, but this didn't last five minutes and could have been dangerous even with supervision.
: 5/5
Cat won't stop playing with it
I've purchased many toys for my maine coon, but this is the first one that he doesn't stop playing with. It will keep them entertained all day! Must have
: 1/5
Nothing special, cat not interested
Just a plushie toy on an extra long string that hangs in the doorway, supposedly has catnip but my cat didn’t react to it at all - won’t touch it Probably could make a more effective and exciting DIY version of this
: 5/5
Hours of fun
Have bought this a few times over the years. Cats adore it and destroy it in a couple of weeks. The spring in the clip is strong enough for them to pull at the toy and fight with it.
: 1/5
Great idea but broke in 5 minutes
Our cat managed to snap the elastic very quickly after putting it up so it was a waste of money.