Toy Mouse with Microchip Squeak and Catnip

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: 3/5
An exciting toy mouse made of grey plush with red felt ears, eyes and tail. Microchip technology gives this mouse a realistic squeak! With catnip....further information
Product description
Toy Mouse with Microchip Squeak and Catnip
Toy Mouse with Microchip Squeak and Catnip
Toy Mouse with Microchip Squeak and Catnip
Toy Mouse with Microchip Squeak and Catnip
Toy Mouse with Microchip Squeak and Catnip
Toy Mouse with Microchip Squeak and Catnip
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Product description

An exciting toy mouse made of grey plush with red felt ears, eyes and tail. Microchip technology gives this mouse a realistic squeak! With catnip.

Nothing is more fun for your cat than an exciting mouse chase! The Toy Mouse with Microchip Squeak and Catnip is a cute, grey toy mouse, with a realistic squeak. With every movement, the mouse makes a little noise, just like a real mouse. The mouse also contains catnip, to make the game even more fun for your cat.

The mouse is made of soft grey plush, with little black stitched eyes. The ears, nose and tail are made from red felt, making this one cute little toy.

The Toy Mouse with Microchip Squeak and Catnip at a glance:

  • Colour: grey with red felt ears, nose and tail
  • Cuddly plush fur
  • With catnip
  • With microchip squeak
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: 13 x 3 x 3.5 cm (L x W x H)
    • Körper: 6 x 3 x 3.5 cm (L x W x H)
    • Integrated battery, not replaceable
Please note: No toy is indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.

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Toy Mouse with Microchip Squeak and Catnip
: 3/5
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: 3/5
This toy will drive you insane 🤣
My kitten is obsessed and yes it’s cheap but it sounds like a car alarm 😫 it’s ‘gone missing’ already after listening to it squeal for 10 minutes straight this momma had enough haha
14/07/23|angela dawson
: 5/5
Lasted ages
The mouses lasted 2 years cats loved them i bout 4 in total as cat fight over them
23/10/22|Beata Osicz
: 5/5
My cat loves this mouse.😍👌
: 4/5
good toy
Very good product - my cat loves it
: 1/5
Poor quality
My cat loves this toy but, as many other customers have said, it falls apart within hours, and the squeak could be dangerous if swallowed.
: 1/5
I bought 4 of these cat toys, within 2 days all were in the bin. These toys are extremely dangerous and should be taken off the market. Yes they squeak and do amuse cats but within minutes they fall apart once they are played with. The material is flimsy absolutely rubbish but the worst part is the mechanism that makes them squeak I had to remove that from my Pixiebobs mouth !! I cannot stress enough how dangerous these are. Do not buy !!
27/07/19|Melanie George
: 1/5
dangerous cat toy
i ordered 6 of these for my two cats. i gave them one each to play with and within 20 minutes both toys were in bits and my cats were playing with the battery part that squeaks! In my opinion these are not robust enough for normal cat play and i would imagine dangerous if the battery was ingested.
25/07/19|Angela Beaumont
: 1/5
Fell apart after 1 day
My kitten loved this toy but it has just fallen apart and the quality of the fur is so poor it's just disintegrating. Dangerous that this happened ad could have harmed my kitten had we not seen it. It only arrived yesterday and today it's going in the bin!
: 1/5
My cat absolutely loved this and played with it more than his usual ball toys ... it lasted for no more than a day and a half. The squeak was fine and still works but it's no longer inside the mouse ... Jasper 's not usually a chewer but he destroyed the outer fur in no time and took great joy in pulling out the stuffing. Stronger material and workmanship needed !
24/06/19|cat mum of 5
: 5/5
why did i buy this
My kitten and youngest cat love this. They play with it for hours. Its annoying for me, but they are happy with it!
: 5/5
A little annoying when you're trying to sleep
Our 2 year old Siberian loves these mice. I just keep buying them as he manages to loose them under beds, fridge's, sofa's. He particularly likes it if you hide it in one of his box scratching toys and spends hours trying to get it out.
: 5/5
Mouse chase
My cat loves chasing this little mouse if I throw it around for her. She’ll play with it by herself too although it takes a firm knock from her paw to make it squeak so she loses interest fairly quickly once she’s stopped moving it around. Great value & an immediate hit - well worth it!
: 2/5
Not as good as the white one I bought previously
I wanted her to love this as much as the white one I bought not long before from Zooplus but this one squeaks at the slightest touch and it annoying and doesn't surprise her! The original white one only squeeked a little when she actually caught it or it was bounced on the floor - she absolutely adored that one and I thought I was buying a replacement for her favourite toy but sadly not - she just doesn't enjoy playing with this as much and, I think, finds the endless squeaking too irritating!
: 5/5
Love it!
I buy a set of 3 of these my little dog plays with them more than my cat, I buy them regular with all the mauling I don't expect them to last to long but they take quite a thrashing I've been buying them the past 3years look same size to me regarding a review saying they were smaller I see no difference at all, they have provided hours of enjoyment for the small price and when these mice eventually had it I'll be buying more!
10/03/16|Barbara Taylor
: 1/5
Rubbish mouse.
Pulling the tag I was subject to a continual buzzing sound. No squeak at all, and the mouse itself half the size of the usual one.
: 5/5
My tabby cat loved playing with this and when my daughter visited with her chihuhua and shitzu they loved it too especially Ruby the shitzu......she mauled the heck out of it and it was still going strong squeaking after 2 weeks......great value and enjoyment.
26/09/14|Kisangani Bengals
: 1/5
disappointed kitties
The Bengal ladies found the mouse to be great fun for about 12 hours, then the squeak died and they totally lost interest.
: 5/5
Best toy ever!
My cat LOVES this toy! The squeak drives her nuts (and thankfully is not so annoying as to drive us nuts)! She carries it all over the house and chases it and plays with it for hours. Excellent value for money.
: 3/5
Great toy but....
Griffin loves these, but unfortunately bites them so hard that the squeak is destroyed in the first 30 second of use I am going to get some more and see if I can't undo the mouse and insert some kind of protection
29/11/13|Jennifer H
: 5/5
My cat's favourite toy
This is the most brilliant mouse ever. It makes a loud squeaking noise which drives my cat crazy with excitement. He carries it from room to room and then tosses it about.It is so cheap but the best fun and I am just ordering several more.