Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

: 4/5
An exciting cat toy which can be expanded and varied as you wish. It is a great way to exercise your cat's dexterity and to indulge your pet's natural hunting instincts. Approx. 110 cm long...further information
Product description
Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
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Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
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Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

- 110cm


Product description

An exciting cat toy which can be expanded and varied as you wish. It is a great way to exercise your cat's dexterity and to indulge your pet's natural hunting instincts. Approx. 110 cm long

The Catit Design Senses Play Circuit is a toy which your cat will love. This fun game was created to stimulate all of your cat's senses.

Cats have a highly developed sensory system and see and hear things that we cannot even start to imagine. They see and hear things which we cannot and they experience the world in a very different way to us.

These well-developed senses are very important when hunting and the Catit Design Senses range provides your cat with activity centres and toys which allow it to indulge its extraordinary sense of sound, taste, feel and smell as well as satisfying its natural instincts.


  • Peep hole design: There are peep holes in the track so that your cat can see, nudge and chase the ball.
  • Grey-green ball: The ball is constructed to attract your cat's attention. Please note: this ball does not light up. Illuminating balls can be purchased separately.
  • Circuit can be extended: Additional elements can be used to extend the track.


The Catit Play Circuit at a glance:


  • Total length approx. 110 cm
  • 6 pieces:
    • 4 play track pieces: 24 x 6 x 5 cm (L x W x H)
    • 2 end pieces: approx. 6.5 x 6 x 5 cm (L x W x H)
  • Openings:
    • Lengthwise openings: approx. 10.5 x 2.5 cm (L x W)
    • On the extension pieces: 3 x 4 cm (L x W)
    • On end pieces: diameter 2.5 cm
  • Easy to assemble with a "click" system
  • Grey-green ball (does not light up)
  • Easy to assemble click-system
  • Individual elements can connected together
  • Encourages agility
  • Satisfies your cat's natural hunting instinct
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Caution: As with any other product your pet should be supervised with this toy. Please check the product regularly for any damage, and replace the toy whenever it becomes defective or when a piece of the toy goes missing to avoid any harm coming to your pet.


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Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
: 4/5
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: 3/5
Cat loves it, but...
Our cat loves it and it keeps her busy playing, but the blue tunnel covers don't lock in place very well and she managed to open them up very quickly, so we have to keep putting them back and that's a bit of a shame. The idea is great, but the covers need to be improved somehow.
: 5/5
My kitten is playful but getting bored quickly. This circuit keep her attention for hours! Well made, holding together when kitten jumping back and forth, ball running smoothly. I didn't used end pieces, made simple circle.
: 3/5
Cat got bored after a few days!
Didnt seem to hold my cats attention for long, my baby grandson loved it! Cats get bored so quickly with their toys!
: 3/5
Fun toy
This is a fun toy and keeps my cat entertained for hours. The only issue with it is that the blue cage needs to be clipped on and comes off easily. This means when my cat is playing with it I have to keep clipping peices together
: 4/5
Great fun
Some of my cats play with it and some don't, but those that don't are entertained when I drop treats in. They can see them and smell them so it's an excellent puzzle for them.
: 1/5
My very playful kitten has completely ignored this product. He is totally disinterested in it. If I roll the ball over the floor though, that's a different matter. He loves playing with the ball but hates it in the circuit.
: 5/5
Keeps kittens entertained!
My kittens love this toy. They can play with it on their own or with each other. It's great for keeping them entertained.
: 5/5
Still plays with it a year later!
Bought the track for my 6mo kitten last year when he was small he is not a year and a half old and every time the track and ball comes out he plays with it im surprised its kept his attention so long! Would recommend for kittens/young cats. You can change the track as well to keep them entertained to an S, C or O shape easily.
: 5/5
Perfect for my kitty to get some extra indoor hunting and mental stimulation. It's awesome and doesn't feel flimsy or cheap, easy to put together and is sturdy. She can't stop playing with it!
29/04/20|Mave Childs
: 5/5
My cats love this product would highly recommend
: 1/5
Waste of money
4 of my cats looked at it then proceeded to ignore it. Can't see how this has got such good reviews.
: 5/5
Absolutly amazing amazing amazing, My kitten plays with this so much longer than any other you he has and he has so much fun. Must need for any kitten and cat ! ❤
: 5/5
Maya loves it!
I ordered this toy few days ago, and Maya is loving it!
18/01/19|Louise Milton
: 5/5
Best toy ever!
I got a freebie one of these with Royal Canin cat food. My three cats absolutely love it. They can’t leave it alone and even sleep next to it! It’s great because the cats can work it on their own, so it’s something to keep them busy when we’re out.
: 5/5
My boys love playing with this- even after months!
29/03/18|Stephanie Wring
: 1/5
Ball stops play
As with the previous reviews, the ball is too big for the track and it gets stuck. The concept is great and if I remove the blue covers then Sunny plays with it. The main issue then is the ball won't stay on the track so back to retrieving balls from under the sofa!
07/03/18|Jessica Pryce
: 4/5
Only had it a few minutes so it's a little premature to review but my one and a half year old cat loves it. The only issue is the ball is slightly too big for the circuit so it gets stuck, i don't think it detracts from his play much but i'm sure it's not supposed to be this way.
02/03/18|Jill & Alan Fidler
: 4/5
Our cat Saliam is 'big boy', doesn't do a lot excercises until he got this toy. He has his meal (first things first), then straight to have fun with his toy carn't leave it alone,great fun watching too.
: 1/5
ball too big!
not impressed at all. All put together and ball just gets stuck on various points of the track. Pointless. Did use another smaller ball which was fine but come on, do they not test their products before leaving factory?
: 1/5
Neither of my young, active, cats have evinced any interest in the circuit, a few half hearted pats and then they have completely ignored it! I found it difficult to assemble as I was unable to slot the pieces together, I was just not strong enough, however my husband made it seem very easy! Probably best for kittens.