Jumping Stars Cat Toys

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: 4/5
Two bouncy balls in star-shaped plush covers with cute stitched faces. These fun ball toys contain catnip and have an extra-high bounce, perfect for wild games with your cat. Diameter: approx. 6cm....further information
Product description
Jumping Stars Cat Toys
Jumping Stars Cat Toys
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Jumping Stars Cat Toys
Jumping Stars Cat Toys
Jumping Stars Cat Toys
Jumping Stars Cat Toys
Jumping Stars Cat Toys
Jumping Stars Cat Toys
Jumping Stars Cat Toys
Jumping Stars Cat Toys
Jumping Stars Cat Toys
Jumping Stars Cat Toys
Jumping Stars Cat Toys
Jumping Stars Cat Toys
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Product description

Two bouncy balls in star-shaped plush covers with cute stitched faces. These fun ball toys contain catnip and have an extra-high bounce, perfect for wild games with your cat. Diameter: approx. 6cm.

These Jumping Stars Cat Toys in bright purple and orange will really get your cat moving! Each plush star contains a rubber ball that will bounce around wildly, rebounding quietly off the walls and encouraging your cat to go chasing after it. These colourful ball toys are ideal for throwing, catching, rolling, bouncing and other lively games, whether your cat wants to play with you or entertain herself.

The catnip inside these Jumping Stars Cat Toys will stimulate your cat’s natural desire to play, while the soft plush covers and cheerful embroidered faces will be sure to make you smile.

Jumping Stars Cat Toys at a glance:

  • Two bouncy balls for fun games with your cat
  • Contains catnip: encourages play
  • High bounce: rebounds off walls and floors, bounces wildly around your home
  • Low noise: plush cover helps to dampen sound, quiet bounce
  • Cheery design: embroidered smiling faces and bright colours
  • Colour: purple, orange
  • Material: rubber, plush
  • Dimensions:
    • Rubber ball: Diameter 3cm
    • Total dimensions: Diameter 6cm
Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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Latest user reviews

18/10/23 | Maria
: 5/5

My cats absolutely love this fun bouncing ball

My cats are so loving these bouncing balls with a smiley face! They keep my cats so entertained for ages ! I just hope they come back into stock again so I can buy some more. 2 isn't enough as they sometimes get lost under furniture !
01/07/23 | Helen Grogan
: 2/5

Not chew-proof

It lasted two days before one of my cats chewed huge chunks out of the ball. Quite bouncy but they seem to have lost the other one already.
27/04/22 | Rosie
: 3/5

Bit rubbish

They don't bounce and they don't roll so it's hard to use them as toys. They're also heavy for the size and when it hit my wall it made a very loud noise so I am worried about it hitting my cat
: 1/5

Need more bounce

Not very bouncy at all. Also the plastic bits to attach to the packaging gets stuck in the ball and you can't remove it.
: 5/5

very good bouncy balls

this is the premier cat toy - both our cats absolutely love it. cant get enough of its bouncing action.
15/04/21 | Maria
: 3/5

Too good to chew

My kittens loved this toy... but they chewed off all of the little legs in half a day so... not that good.
13/02/21 | Diana
: 3/5

Nice ball bounce when you (the human) do it, but fizzle after 1st bounce

The toys are well-made and nice quality. The balls bounce really well when a human bounces them. but they don't really bounce again after the 1st bounce - unless the human keeps doing so. Our (older) kittens sometimes like to push them around once they've bounced, but I'd hoped these toys would have been a bit more interactive. But they do bounce and they are nice quality.
22/12/20 | Helen
: 5/5

A favourite chasing toy

One of my cats would never be without this toy. I have to make sure that they have one of these around all the time. SHe enjoys chasing it on her own or fetching it to me for me to flick and then she setches t back again.
: 5/5

Kitten plays fetch

These are amazing! It's so easy for the kitten to grab and carry around she learnt to play fetch! I throw them from the top of the stairs, she fetches and brings them back.
09/09/20 | Furbabys
: 4/5

Good toys

Cats like these , easy to clean and do not fall apart after washing weekley
: 2/5

Heavy, with annoying plastic tag

At first my cat was very interested in the fun movement of these whizzing along the floor, but the balls are deceptively heavy and so you need to be careful. My poor girl took a bop to the head and now the mere sight of them brings a play session to an immediate end. So they've gone in the cupboard. Better to roll them along the floor. Oh and there is an annoying plastic tag in each of them that you just can't quite remove, so they stick out slightly sharply.
10/05/20 | Star
: 5/5

Cute & Fun

Very bouncy and cute. My kitty was interested before I even removed it from the packet. She was having fun chasing it and enjoys the way it bounces off walls and furniture
03/02/20 | Alison Farrow
: 5/5

Great for playing fetch.

Our foster kitten only has the use of one eye, so these are great for her to play fetch with. The thud they make when they bounce helps her to work out distance to her pretty of she didn't see it go over her head. The material is great for her to be able to bring it back to throw again. Obviously it's an interactive toy and shouldn't be left for cats to amuse themselves,especially if they are prone to chewing and shouldn't be thrown directly at animals/humans. Definitely the best toy for Luna.❤
31/01/20 | Helen Nicholson
: 5/5

Favourite toy. My cats never ture of them

These are a favourite toy of my adult cats and my kittens. They last a long time without getting wrecked too. Definitely order more.
29/11/19 | susie
: 5/5

great and cute

my baby girl adores these ....there a favourite of hers...so 5 stars
: 1/5

Very hard, not bouncy

My friend threw it at me by accident and I got a massive lump... They're DANGEROUS if thrown at children or animals.
02/04/18 | Lou
: 1/5

Waste of money.

Not bouncy. And if you throw it with force its quite solid & will badly hurt your cat if it hits it. My cats have no interest in them whatsoever.
: 5/5

A firm favourite

My brother's cats love these. They are very bouncy and lots of fun. Good value
06/11/17 | Julia
: 1/5

dont buy - dangerous

within a very short space of time, my Bengal had completely chewed this apart resulting in sharp shards flaking off which she luckily didn't swallow as I managed to take the product away in time. Don't buy badly made and dangerous to cats.
: 5/5

Favourite toys

Our two 10 month old cats go mad for these, they have a box full of toys but these are their favourite. One of ours will play fetch for hours with these! She can easily pick it up by one of the prongs and she loves chasing it if you throw it for her. They bounce really well although one of the balls inside feels as though it has split after lots of use. For the price these are excellent, best £2 ever spent!