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Modkat XL Cat Litter Box

Product description

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Product description

Extra large cat litter box with the option for either top or front entry depending on your cat’s preference, with a reusable litter insert to help keep your home clean and stylish.
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This Modkat XL Cat Litter Box is the perfect modern accessory for large cats or multi-cat households, with the ability to work as a top entry or front entry litter box. The award-winning design meets the highest style demands and will be a perfect addition to any home. The white tray is 43cm high and has an opening in the top with a diameter of around 26cm. Alternatively, there is a flap on the side to allow front entry, allowing your cat to jump easily inside. Inside the Modkat XL Cat Litter Box your cat can enjoy privacy whilst keeping the area round its tray hygienic and clean.


The removable lid and stepping platform in the side entrance, which can be attached with a few grips, are both equipped with small holes. This ensures that any stray pieces of litter attached to your cat’s paws simply fall back into the tray as they step out, no matter whether you use the Modkat XL Cat Litter Box as a top entry or front entry box. It also comes with two litter inserts, adapted for use as a top or side entry litter box and reusable. The insert fastens to the top edge of the box using 4 hooks and can help remove, clean and renew the litter. It is particularly practical, with a litter scoop that hangs directly on the tray and can be removed with a simply click.

The Modkat XL Cat Litter Box features a clever design and offers the ideal solution for cats that like a large, enclosed toilet, with both top and side entry options and easy to clean.

Modkat XL Cat Litter Box at a glance:

  • Extra large cat litter box, ideal for large breeds or multi-cat households
  • Can choose between top or front entry: your cat can enter the box in its preferred way
  • Clean environment: closed design that prevents any litter or waste coming out of the tray
  • Retreat: the high border and lid offer your cat privacy and calm
  • Removable stepping platform: for easy entrance and exit at the side entry
  • Holes in the top and stepping platform: litter attached to your cat’s paws will simply fall back into the tray as they leave
  • 2 reusable litter inserts: included with the litter tray, with and without side openings, fastens to the tray with the simple use of 4 hooks, easy to clean
  • Removable lid: swivelling and folding to allow for easy cleaning
  • With litter scoop: practical and can hang on the edge of the tray
  • Award-winning design: linear, prize-winning product design that is ideal for the modern pet household
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: 53.3 x 41.25 x 43.2 cm (L x W x H)
    • Upper entry opening: approx. 26cm diagonal
    • Side entry opening: 21 x 25.4 cm (W x H)
    • Entry height: 15.9cm (H)


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