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Choosing the right cat litter can be a tricky business. Luckily, we’ve got a variety of affordable cat litter from top litter brands to choose from, helping you find the best cat litter for your cat! Read more below.

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Natural and highly efficient cat litter made from plant fibres, forms clumps quickly, neutralises unpleasant odours, compostable or can be flushed down the toilet, non-toxic and gentle on the paws.

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For hygiene and cleanliness in your cat’s litter tray

Unlike dogs, cats do not like to leave their business in the great outdoors, but would rather bury it underground. The same rule applies in the house, so it is vital that you provide the opportunity to carry out its natural behaviours. A cat litter tray filled with litter is a great way to facilitate this, and here at zooplus we offer plenty of cat litter options to choose from. This includes silica cat litter, clumping cat litter and natural clay cat litter, as well as non-clumping cat litter. We guarantee that here at zooplus you will find the perfect litter for you and your cat!

Which type of cat litter is right for my cat?

Experienced cat owners know that choosing the right litter is just as important as finding the perfect cat litter box. However, the broad selection of options can leave a cat owner lost and confused! Here you can find a brief overview of the different types of litter available and their individual benefits.

Clumping cat litter – practical and economical

When you buy a clumping cat litter, it is generally a mixture of mineral cat litter and natural clay cat litter. This combination melts and forms clumps when it meets with moisture. This means you can quickly and easily remove any soiled clumps from the litter tray without needing to clean out the entire box. It is great for saving time, as well as making it particularly economical, as you do not need to throw away an entire tray of litter each time you clean.

Silica cat litter – using silica gel to combat bad odours

The basis of silica cat litter or silicate cat litter is silica gel, which is particularly absorbent and helps to bind odours and moisture. Its high absorbency means that you need to change your cat’s litter less frequently, offering a great alternative for cat owners that want to spend as little time at the litter tray as possible! Silica cat litter is also very quick to bind odours, so providing stool is regularly removed, the litter can remain in the tray for as long as four weeks. This makes it a very economical choice! An additional benefit of silica gel cat litter is that it is suitable for cats with allergies. Be aware that silica cat litter is only available in non-clumping varieties.

Biodegradable cat litter – environmentally-friendly and ideal for kittens

Particularly when raising kittens, a biodegradable cat litter can be the sensible choice. Kittens are naturally curious and prone to nibble on anything they can reach. A completely biodegradable cat litter made from plant fibres can be great as it poses no health risk to a kitten – as well as the bonus of being environmentally-friendly! These litters tend to be 100% biodegradable, made from wood, maize or other plant materials. Moisture is effectively bound in the capillary system of the natural plant fibres. Most biodegradable cat litters can simply be flushed down the toilet or composted, as well as being low in dust and lightweight compared with other litters.

Non-clumping litter – hygienic and varied

Non-clumping cat litter is made from silica gel or other materials and remains in its loose state both before and after use. When moisture hits the litter, it is simply absorbed and the smell bound. Non-clumping litter can absorb large amounts of liquid and doesn’t require you to remove clumps every day. No matter whether you choose silica gel, hygienic litter or any other non-clumping variety, here at zooplus you are bound to find a suitable option!

How much litter does there need to be in a cat litter box?

Putting the right amount of litter into the cat litter tray can help to improve the entire experience and your cat’s overall wellbeing. Many litter manufacturers recommend filling around a 5cm depth of litter, although this can be individually adapted. Feel free to be generous with the amount of cat litter you use – your cat will love it! Most cats love to dig and burrow in the cat litter. Filling the tray higher can also help to ensure that urine and stool do not land directly on the base of the litter box, which can make cleaning easier. Experiment with different amounts of litter to find the perfect level for you and your cat!

How often does a cat litter tray need cleaning?

Cleaning out the litter tray isn’t much fun, so many cat owners end up getting a little slack with the job! Cats have more sensitive noses than humans, so it is vital that you keep the litter box clean for it to use. How often your litter tray needs cleaning depends primarily on the type of litter you are using – with many litters, once-monthly cleaning will suffice. If you have a multi-cat household with many cats using one tray, it will naturally need to be cleaned more thoroughly and more frequently. Here at zooplus we also offer litter disposal systems, which are great for daily cleaning without having to take the litter out the bin every time. No matter which kind of litter you use, you should be sure to regularly remove all the litter from the tray and carry out a complete deep-clean to stop the tray smelling and prevent your cat giving it a wide berth!

Why choose zooplus for cat litter?

Here at zooplus, we have made buying pet supplies easy! Instead of traipsing round a shop and dragging heavy bags back home, we will bring everything you need right to your door. We offer a great range of cat litter as well as cat litter accessories such as litter trays and litter scoops, all at great value, affordable prices!