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Greenwoods Plant Fibre Natural Clumping Litter

Product description

Greenwoods Plant Fibre Natural Clumping Litter 4 210
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Product description

A Litter Bit of This! This clumping cat litter is made from plant fibres so it is biodegradable and compostable. It is highly absorbent, economical, virtually dust-free and extremely kind to cat paws.

Greenwoods Plant Fibre Natural Clumping Litter at a glance:

  • 100% completely natural
  • Very economical and long-lasting
  • Locks in nasty odours and bacteria
  • Low in dust
  • Gentle to paws - doesn't stick
  • Biodegradable
  • Can be flushed down the toilet (please refer to local waste disposal regulations)
  • PEFC certified
We understand your cat's business - that's why we concentrate on the important things: Greenwoods Plant Fibre Natural Clumping Litter is highly absorbent, fast-acting and gentle enough for even the most sensitive of cat paws. Dust? That's a thing of the past, along with those bad smells. And it's made from environmentally friendly, 100% natural, compostable plant fibres, so it's biodegradable. Just scoop it up and flush it away. It's that easy!

Life's more pleasant with Greenwoods Plant Fibre Natural Clumping Litter - it's simple great!

Helpful tips for soiled litter disposal:
Only flush one clump of soiled litter at a time down the toilet.
For best results let the individual clumps soak and soften slightly in the toilet before flushing.
Make sure each clump has completely disappeared before putting the next clump into the toilet.
The clumps are easier to dispose of if they are lightly crushed with the litter scoop before you drop them into the toilet.
Never add more than one clump at the same time.
For best results remove soiled clumps several times a day and add fresh litter as needed.
Never dispose of the entire cat litter from the tray in the toilet. Please refer to your local regulations for disposal of large amounts of cat litter.


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