Golden Grey Odour

: 4/5
Golden Odour is a very fine, Canadian betonite clumping cat litter. Perfume-free, with biological odour control and extra absorbency...further information
Product description
Golden Grey Odour
Golden Grey Odour
Golden Grey Odour
Golden Grey Odour
Golden Grey Odour
Golden Grey Odour
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Golden Grey Odour

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Product description

Golden Odour is a very fine, Canadian betonite clumping cat litter. Perfume-free, with biological odour control and extra absorbency

Golden Grey Odour kitty litter made from fine bentonite is very popular among cat owners.
Benefits of Golden Grey Odour Cat Litter at a glance:
  • Bentonite (granules size 12)
  • Without Baby Powder Scent
  • With biological odour control
  • Clumping litter
  • 350% absorption
  • Low in dust

The clay used for Golden Grey cat litter is a purely natural product, so it is entirely harmless for your cat.

Immediate odour control that lasts several days is only one of the features of Golden Grey Odour clumping litter. It also completely prevents the build-up of bacteria and germs which may occur with urine and stool. Even if secretions are left in the litter tray for a week or more - with this litter, your cat will keep using it.
Golden Grey Odour is 100% odour-neutral with no added scents. The biological odour control agent immediately neutralises unpleasant smells.

The litter is low in dust production and consists of extra-clumping granules that won't stick to your kitty's feet and get spread around the house. There is no need to empty the whole tray to clean, you'll only have to pick out the clumps, so Golden Grey is more economical and easier to use than conventional clay.


Golden Grey Odour
: 4/5
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22/03/22|Ruby Queen
: 1/5
Very dusty
Very dusty. I won't buy again. My daughter chokes cleaning the litter for her kitty and it doesn't smell very nice either.
: 5/5
Golden Odour
smells very neutral, clumps really well, makes solid, easy to remove clumps, highly recommend, I won't bother wasting money on the other larger particle litters this is the better value for money by a long chalk. I don't like the highly scented litter it is too chemical, this seems to not need the fake scent.
: 5/5
Love this litter, it clumps really well so it's easy to scoop out the wee and it dries out the poo quickly to control the pong. We use this litter for our 7 month old unneutered Tom, and other litters were very smelly. This litter though controls the smell and is more economical. We scoop out twice a day and top up a little if necessary then on the 5th day we do a complete change and the odour has been minimal, apart from the initial stink that is. Would definitely recommend.
21/06/21|Justyna Bartnik
: 5/5
the best
the best clumping litter i ever have!!!
: 5/5
Been using this for 3 years
Excellent litter, doesn't have a strong unnatural scent. Doesn't irritate my cats sensitive eyes. It clumps really well and controls odours perfectly. Will always buy this.
: 1/5
Sticks to paws and tracks all over carpet
I've used other golden grey products before which have been great. This product clumps well but sticks to my cats paws (he's a domestic shorthair) and it tracks all over the carpet (despite a mat in front of the lifter tray). It also does not neutralise the odour. Will not be buying again.
: 5/5
Very good
I have had used this little tray from 4 years and still love it. It is easy to clean and odurless.
: 3/5
Not terrible
The good: • Easy to clean • Clumps really well • Cats like it and good to dig in The bad: • Gets everywhere and I mean everywhere! • Sacks are very heavy • If your cat has wet feet/longhair it clumps into their feet. Obviously not good for them and clay footprints around house • Clumps so well it has been hard to see if one of my cats had diahrrea which was very important to know with his medical history
: 1/5
Must have changed
This used to be an excellent product but now it just sticks to the tray and is difficult to remove. They must have changed something.
: 5/5
Best litter
I never write reviews, however I bought a bag when it was on sale and I am so pleased with it that I wanted to reccomend it. This litter is so quick and easy to maintain, makes for very little work. It is completely odourless. You may think it's a little pricey compared to some litters but you use very little just to top it up. I get atleast a month from one bag between two house cats. Thoroughly impressed and I won't use anything else.
: 5/5
The best ever
I have two grown up kitties that are very sensitive when it comes to cat litter. It is eithersmelly because of too much perfume, too dusty or inable to clump. This type of cat litter works wonder. The smell of the feces is well hidden. 14 kg last 11/2 month with my two cats.
: 1/5
No good
This has to be the worst litter I have ever used, gets everywhere, and lasts a very short time, not recommended I'm afraid.
: 4/5
Excellent clumping for my 15 cats
I think this the next best to Catsan ultra clumping. With low dust, really effective clumping. Odour control is ok but I don't think it's quite as good as Catsan but I do frequently buy this one. My cats are happy with it too.
: 5/5
Best cat litter
I wouldn't use any other cat litter. It does exactly what is needed from a cat litter fantastic clumping almost immediately, easy for cats to use. So economical as well.
: 5/5
Clumps well and not very dusty
Having just made the mistake of trying Biokats Micro I am back to Golden Grey with relief. If you think this is dusty then try that stuff! Golden Grey is great - clumps immediately into solid non breakable dry clumps and isn't dusty that I would notice. Yes there probably is some dust, there is with most litters, and I guess we all have different perceptions and there are bad batches/bottom of the barrel, but, in my opinion at least, this stuff is not dusty. I have 7 cats, four of which are Maine Coons with big hairy feet and yes, if they are clumsy enough to stand in it it does make grey marks on the floor but they easily wipe up. I have 7 enormous litter trays filled with a very deep layer of litter which are cleaned at least 3 times a day but they do still manage to stand in it which can be annoying but having tried so many other litters the only other that comes close is World's Best. But given the choice the cats much prefer the Golden Grey so that's what they get.
: 1/5
getting everywhere
I have used this litter for a long time, but this latest batch is getting tracked everywhere and making such a mess that I wouldn't bother buying it again. It's unfortunate because it has been a good clumping litter.
: 1/5
Extremely dusty
i agree with other reviewers, the last few batches have been so dusty that I cough when I pour it into the tray. My cat smells strongly of this dust whenever he uses the litter, which must be very bad for him as I'm sure it's getting into his lungs. I've bought this gor years now but will definitely be switching.
: 1/5
Messy litter
This litter forms huge clumps you find your self changing it more often it also tracks and messes up area our cat gets it stuck to his paws and it is difficult to remove it.. Very disappointed waste of money.
31/10/14|Crian Shenston
: 3/5
I have 4 maines coons and as good as the litter is it stuck to their feet, it gets everywhere, it has been trodden all over my patio and i now have clay marks on the slabs which wont come off!! I have gone back to non clumping
: 4/5
Product great, packaging not so much
This is fantastic cat litter. I've been using it for 3 years and it does exactly what it says. However, we've had a few bags that have had tears in them, resulting in cat litter pouring out everywhere when we remove the product from the box it's delivered in, which is a huge pain. Not sure whether this is a problem with the litter bags themselves or with Zooplus's dispatch methods.