Golden White

: 4/5
Golden White is a fine, clumping betonite cat litter that locks in odours. With blue hygiene granules and subtle lavender scent....further information
Product description
Golden White
Golden White
Golden White
Golden White
Golden White
Golden White
Golden White
Golden White
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Product description

Golden White is a fine, clumping betonite cat litter that locks in odours. With blue hygiene granules and subtle lavender scent.

Golden White Cat Litter is a completely natural cat litter made of white clay.
The benefits of Golden White at a glance:
  • Betonite
  • With blue hygiene granules for even better odour control
  • With subtle lavender scent
  • Fine clumping litter
  • 320% absorbency
  • Economical – can be used for up to 8 weeks without having to change litter completely

The clay used to produce Golden White Cat Litter is a completely natural product, making it absolutely safe for your cat. The fine granules are particularly soft on your cat’s paws.

The superior absorbency (320%) and blue hygiene granules help to prevent unpleasant odours by locking in moisture. When the litter is disturbed, it releases a pleasant lavender scent.

Golden White Cat Litter is especially economical, and can be used for up to 8 weeks without completely changing your cat’s litter. When cleaning daily, you can simply remove the clumps and dispose of them in your household rubbish. This means 14kg of Golden White Cat Litter are the equivalent of approx. 42kg conventional litter.


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Latest user reviews

22/04/23 | Ariel Wilson
: 2/5

Not as good as it used to be

I have used this litter in the past, and it was very good, as well as being economical. It clumped well, didn't smell, and he cats seemed happy with it. A couple of months ago, I ordered a bag which was fine, but then I ordered two more, which arrived in different bags (different image to before), and they were rubbish! I have had to throw out whole trays of litter, because the clumps of wee crumbled, smelt awful and ruined the whole tray!
08/03/23 | Yvonne McGorrin
: 5/5

Excellent product

I’ve been using this litter for my indoor cats for seven years now ( started with five , now sadly down to two) I’m so glad I found it as it made keeping my cats daily toileting cleaning much easier, with NO nasty smells . It clumps together really well and smells good & my cats are happy using it . You do need to put quite a deep layer in the trays to begin with but it scoops out so well the litter itself does not need to be changed as often as cheaper litter, so it is economical.
20/02/23 | Ausra
: 3/5

not the best any more

The litter doesn't clump well any more. It became difficult to clean it as it falls apart like a sand.
26/10/22 | Claire E Bell
: 1/5

like porridge

this litter is useless. it clumps wet like porridge and is really hard to clear properly. the worst litter we have used
14/06/22 | LouiseP
: 5/5

1st Time Here - Excellent.

1st time using the company and it was faultless ! This cat litter is the best i've tried, my usual supplier and brand has been out of stock for weeks and came across this site's products. Small grain cat litter is far better for my cat and this is excellent.
16/05/22 | Arran's mom
: 1/5

Avoid this product

I use to use Tigerino Canada litter as it's great value for the money and it does perfect job but it was out of stock for a while so I had to order different litter. This litter is a completely disaster. 1. It's white so if you have darker floor you'll see it everywhere. 2. It stick to my cats paws (he's canadian sphynx) so he distribute it all over the hose. Much better choice is Golden gray version.
: 4/5


The litter is very nice, it keeps the smell, but you have to talk to yodel couriers because every package comes to me damaged. The litter bags are torn, have holes in them and everything spills out into the carton
22/02/22 | Kazz
: 5/5

No smells and very economical

I have three indoor cats and this lasts about 12 days, I have tried many and this seems to be the most economical and there is no smell at all. It does not really smell of lavender or anything but this is probably a good thing.
: 4/5

It's OK

This is an economical litter which clumps well. It's better than the brand's current 'original' litter, but still disintegrates while scooping. It tracks quite easily too. Smells do linger despite scooping up instantly so I'm not sure if I'd re-purchase - it's nowhere near as good as the original used to be, still better than 'supermarket' brands though! White granules are useful for monitoring urinary tract concerns which is why I've given this 4 stars.
20/10/21 | Yvonne
: 5/5

Its white and smells lovely

I only like white litter never had clumping I bought this along with 2 other brands as I got the Litter Robot this is amazing it lasted 12days the other 2 brands did not come close to this I am putting a order in for more
30/09/21 | Linda devereux
: 5/5

Cat litter

Brilliant cat litter I have used golden white for many years and would not want to use any other
: 5/5

Used it for years

I have been using this cat litter for three years now and I have tried a few different ones during that time to see if I can get any cheaper however they don’t come up as good. Yes at points the clumping does get a bit tacky and can stick to the litter picker however the smell is really kept down considering that I have an open cat litter tray. I have two cats and are use half a bag in a large litter tray which will last me four weeks with a small top up occasionally
: 1/5

Agree with review below - not the same quality

I have sworn by Golden White for a while now. However, my last 6 bags have all been a disappointment. The wonderful, fresh smell is still there, but the litter did not clump well, and got stuck in my ragdoll's fur, because it was still went :( This is a shame, as I am now reluctant to buy it again. There are cheaper litters that are more effective now.
07/10/20 | Annabelle
: 2/5

Quality has changed

I have been using this litter for a few years now the last two bags were sticking to my cats paws, now have litter EVERYWHERE its not clumping so well in the tray either.
: 5/5

Do not buy any other litter!!!

I have tried at least 10 brands of cat litter. I always find my 6 cats prefer clay based litter. My previous brand was discontinued, so I tried both Golden Grey and Golden White. Both are the very best clumping cat litters, and I would be happy to use both. Golden White just edges it because of its smell. I also think it might clump slightly better too. Love it!
: 1/5

Terrible dust

My cats eyes are sore and running this litter was good 6 months plus ago but not any more the dust is unbelievable my room is covered iv bought 6 bags of this and can't use it I changed to a new brand and no more dirty irritated goo in cats eyes manufacturer will be notified as I want a refund
06/05/20 | Aleksandr
: 1/5

Poor quality , message to manufacturer

Dear Zooplus, please pass this message to company who produces this item Quality of item is terrible it is not block smell of toilet AT ALL. It happens all the time... first time product is excellent but as soon as it become popilar quality drops... dear factory I understand that prices of production going up, please do not try save on the expenses, but increase little bit price and please keep same quality, we cat owners ok to pay for good product litle bit more to avoid bad smell in our hous
: 4/5

Used it for years

I discovered this litter a few years ago and have been using it ever since. I have two cats sharing a jumbo tray and never an issue. They had been fussy about using wood pellet style litters hence going to clay. Easy to siv on a daily basis and lasts around 1 month however does need a little topping up. The only and I mean only negative is that it does come out of the tray a fair bit on their paws despite having a tray mat. But overall it’s great my tray never smells and cats are happy
10/10/19 | Oryn oldpath
: 4/5

You cat to be kitten me

I am a slave to a multi cat household and there is 7 igloos and litter boxes in my house. I filled 2 with golden white and cleaned out the others refilled with their old cat litter.some days later only the 2 with golden white litter in them are being i think my lot approve of golden white. So im happy . Will keep bulk buying thank you zooplus
17/09/19 | Carrie
: 4/5

Clumps gr8, cover odours gr8 but tracking horrendous!

As my title explains, the litter is good at all it says on the bag but the tracking is just so terrine. I'm going to continue my search for something that ticks all the boxes as my regular one that I used to use I can no longer fond so tried this