NORTHMATE ® Catch Cat Feeder

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: 4/5
An innovative bowl to encourage slower eating. The rounded spikes turn dinner into a challenging playtime, to make meals last longer and promote healthy digestion. For dry and wet food. Colour: Purple...further information
Product description
NORTHMATE ® Catch Cat Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Catch Cat Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Catch Cat Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Catch Cat Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Catch Cat Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Catch Cat Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Catch Cat Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Catch Cat Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Catch Cat Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Catch Cat Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Catch Cat Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Catch Cat Feeder
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Product description

An innovative bowl to encourage slower eating. The rounded spikes turn dinner into a challenging playtime, to make meals last longer and promote healthy digestion. For dry and wet food. Colour: Purple

The Karlie NORTHMATE® Catch feeder encourages your cat to eat more slowly, and at the same time it stimulates the cat’s natural hunting instinct, turning mealtimes into a game.
The feeder hides food or snacks in-between rounded plastic prongs, so that your cat has to make an effort and use its skills to push small portions of food out from inside the feeder.
The special shape of the bowl helps your cat to eat more slowly, reducing the chances of bloat and other digestive problems that can be caused by eating too fast.

Simply spread out your cat’s food between the different prongs of the NORTHMATE ® Catch feeder and let the fun begin! Your kitty will be interested to work out how to get at the tasty morsels, using its paws to push them out. Sometimes it is easy for your cat to get to the tasty morsels and sometimes it's more difficult: the plastic prongs are of different lengths, so that your cat has to take its time to feel its way through.

The durable plastic is hygienic and dishwasher safe, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The Karlie NORTHMATE® Catch Feeder at a glance:

  • Specially designed bowl to encourage slower food intake
  • Challenging playtime: To make meals last longer
  • Special interactive design: 37 rounded prongs with varying heights – between 2cm and 6cm – to make eating more challenging
  • Prevents bloating and digestive problems: Encourages your cat to eat slowly and in smaller portions
  • Suitable for wet and dry food
  • Stimulates natural hunting instincts
  • 4 Anti-slip feet prevent the bowl from sliding around whilst your cat is eating
  • Suitable for use indoors and outside
  • Material: Robust rigid plastic – Phthalate-free
  • Dimensions: approx.. 27 x 23 x 8 cm (L x W x H)
  • Colour: Purple
  • Cleaning: Dishwasher safe

Important information: Supervise your cat when using the item for the first time.
Do not leave your cat unattended whilst it is eating from the bowl.
Do not use NORTHMATE® Feeder if your cat is suffering from any gum injuries or any other mouth-related complaints.


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Latest user reviews

16/02/22 | Helen
: 5/5

Works for our greedy pig!

We bought this feeder to try and slow down our cat's eating. He understood the concept immediately and he seems to enjoy having a little game to play to get the biscuits. And now sometimes he even leaves some biscuits to come back to later, whereas before he would eat his whole meal in one go and beg for more immediately. I can see how some cats will not get it how it works or enjoy doing this, so it won't be for everyone.
07/01/22 | Sadie
: 5/5

Robust and does the job

This is a good quality product and so far is serving its purpose. I have 3 cats and they all have a go but 2 are bored quite quickly and give up.. the other persists and enjoys fishing the food out so overall I’m very happy with it. I will use more as I want them to eat much less dry food
01/06/21 | Annie
: 5/5

Great success

Our British Shorthair is very food motivated and this is effective at stopping her wolfing down a feed in a couple of gulps. The food disappeared so quickly she forgot she'd had a meal! Now she knows she's been fed, though she does a good impression of looking starving to con different family members! I can't imagine using wet food in here - we have only used dried. The smaller nibbles are better as it takes longer.
29/03/21 | Liane
: 4/5

Like this

I have a greedy cat and this slows him down. Works well. Just wish it came in a less bright colour option-why purple??? it would not go with many people's decor!
: 2/5

My cat refused to eat

My cat absolutely hated it. I thought this was going to be softer, more like a silicon feeder, but my cat just would not stick his head inside for nothing, and would only eat what he managed with little effort from the borders. The food would still be there hours later...
28/09/20 | Helen H
: 5/5


When I adopted my cat he would eat his biscuits really quickly then throw them back up. I quickly bought this feeder which he took to immediately and has solved the problem completely. He has a second feeder now, but he always goes for this one first so it's clearly the favourite! I would thoroughly recommend.
31/08/20 | Kirsten
: 4/5

Bought to slow down eating

One of my cats was eating her food really quickly and would finish in half the time of the others. This bowl has been really effective in slowing her down. She very quickly learnt how to scoop and pick up the food using her paw. I started off having the food at the edge of the bowl to make it a little easier. Now I just pop it in a leave her to it. Only reason it didn't get 5 stars is that it does slide on the floor, but I have put it on a silicone mat which has done the trick.
: 5/5

Great big feeding tool

I am embarrassingly happy with this purchase - I’ve already sent photos and links to other cat owners, and we’ve only had it a few days Our cat is very big, and very nervous. He is known to eat very quickly and throw up. This feeder slows him down and seems to calm him down. He takes a lot longer to eat and will even leave some biscuits for later! It’s smooth plastic, very sturdy and easy to clean (despite the “tongues”). It’s also big, so keep that in mind.
: 5/5

Can't wolf their dry food now!

Feeder is larger than expected - big enough for 2 or 3 cats to feed at once. 1 siamese took to it straight away whilst the other looked at me as if to say "You expect me to work for my food"! Its solidly made so they can hook out the food without it moving around the floor.
05/05/19 | Helen H
: 5/5


I bought this for my cat shortly after adopting him two years ago because he wolfed his biscuits down then threw them back up! This instantly helped and he even leaves a few biscuits for later now. I bought a second puzzle feeder too but this is definitely his favourite. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone.
15/10/18 | Kate
: 4/5

Good for entertaining a housebound cat

My cat has been housebound with a lame hind leg, and I bought this as a way to keep her entertained (she is usually very much an outdoor cat, so is hating being stuck indoors). She worked out how to get the treats out very quickly, but she enjoys scooping them out with her paw. The feeder slips a bit, even on a rug, but she doesn't seem to mind that. She likes anything that means she gets more treats, so this has been a success!
04/01/17 | L Taylor
: 5/5


In the endless search for ways in which to keep my food-obsessed cat amused and/or not regurgitating this is without doubt the best purchase I've made. He clocks feeding balls, towers, food puzzles etc etc within days, scoffing the lot in seconds and then kindly leaving furry parcels outside my bedroom for me to step in the next morning, but this has kept him going for months. He's fast with it these days, absolutely, but in terms of slowing him down (relatively speaking) and keeping his weight down this has been a godsend. If your cat has a one track food mind like mine, to the extent that nothing - and I mean NOTHING - gets between him and his food, this is a must.
29/03/16 | Bonita Quittenton
: 1/5

Waste of money

I knew getting my cat to use anything new would be hard but this turned out to be a complete waste of money. My cat is weary of it and after trying to get at his food a few times he refuses to go anywhere near it no matter how I try to coax and show him how to use it.
15/10/15 | nta16
: 5/5

Very good

This has been very good at getting my cat to slow down his eating and to have slightly smaller portions by sometimes leaving some food for later. I've only used it with dry food so far. It is easy to fit into the washing-up bowl and to clean and towel dry. The four feet pads on it are small so it does move slightly sometimes on the (unpolished) wooden flooring. Overall - very good.
: 5/5

Really cool!

I've got two cats and they both used to gulp down their food like crazy! The prongs mean that they now eat slower and not so frantically. At the beginning, one of my cats refused to use this but with some coaxing (and some demonstrating!), this is no longer a problem! :) I wouldn't use wet food with this, as they eat the food from their paws and that could get your floor dirty!
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5


Unwrap, fill with food and away you go - even our cat showed a lot of perseverance with this feeder (not usually his strong suit)! It is stylish and easy to clean, plus it's non-slip so it doesn't move too much at dinner time. Highly recommended!
Translated from by zooplus