Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey

diameter 55 x (H) 25 cm
: 5/5
Anti-stress bed for cats and small dogs, extremely fleecy and cosy, padded bedding area, extra high border, ideal for curling up inside, very fluffy and soft, non-slip bobbles, colour: light grey...further information
Product description
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
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Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
Mochi Cat Bed – Light Grey
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Product description

Anti-stress bed for cats and small dogs, extremely fleecy and cosy, padded bedding area, extra high border, ideal for curling up inside, very fluffy and soft, non-slip bobbles, colour: light grey

The Mochi Cat Bed offers your cat an extremely cosy and snug environment to snooze and sleep in. The bed is shaped like a nest and is made from very fluffy, long-pile material. It is the perfect place to curl up in and will make your pet feel totally at home.

This easy to care for cat bed is padded and has a thick yet soft and supple border, which makes it extra comfortable. This nest bed hugs your pet, providing a sense of warmth and security.

Mochi Cat Bed - Light Grey at a glance:

  • Cosy, round, nest bed for cats
  • Also suitable for small dogs
  • Extremely fluffy, soft and comfortable: your pet feels safe and at home
  • Padded bed: with built-in cushion, very comfy
  • Soft, high border: particularly supple border conforms to any body shape, provides a pleasant feeling of warmth and safety, promotes restful sleep, creates a relaxing and stress-free environment
  • Extremely long-pile fluffy material: incredibly cosy
  • The perfect shape to curl up inside: the ideal place to doze and sleep
  • Non-slip bobbles: on the underside of the bed, ensuring stability
  • Colour: light grey
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: approx. 55 x 25cm (Ø x H)
    • Bedding area: approx. 20 - 40cm (Ø)
    • Strands: 3cm (L)

Care instructions: fully machine washable on a delicate cycle and tumble dryer safe.

Important: Please place an underlay between the bed and parquet or PVC flooring to avoid stains to the floor.


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Latest user reviews

11/02/24|Lisa Wright
: 5/5
1st bed ever my girls have actually slept in 💞
: 4/5
Love it or hate it
I seem to adopt cats with problems. My last two cats were adopted aged 13 with renal failure. Obviously worrying about keeping them warm I got several baskets and beds for them to try. This one they adored and loved and slept in until they both sadly succumbed to the condition five plus years later. My new adopted cats (turns out they both have heart problems) wouldn't even look at this bed and wouldn't set paw in it, even after I replaced with new ones. So depends on your cats!
: 5/5
He loves it!
I was nervous to buy my kitty his own bed as he had already claimed my bed as his own. However 15 minutes after taking it out of the packet he jumped in and spends most of his nap time in the bed. It’s soft and fluffy, which makes it warm for him. Such a great purchase.
: 5/5
Looks so cozy
My Devon Rex cat loved this immediately. very cozy and cute.
: 4/5
How cute she looks in the bed was already worth the purchase!
It's so cute and fluffy! My cat initially was a bit hesitant as it doesn't really have any support and I think she did not want to sink in ... But once I took her favourite blanket and created a "floor" with it in the bed, she started going in there all the time!! Now she loves it. :) I have yet to wash it, so fingers crossed that goes well, but so far well worth the investment.
: 5/5
Very fluffy and comfy, my cat really likes it Recommend this
22/03/23|Julie McGonigle
: 5/5
My cat loves this bed
Cat took to this cozy cocoon immediately.
12/02/23|Carol Bird
: 4/5
Good quality
They are good beds but one of mine is damaged not stitched correctly at the bottom inside there is a 5 inch gap and can see all the filling. the other two are fine. I will be contacting Zoo plus tomorrow to request a refund for the faulty one.
: 5/5
Huge success
My cats both love this bed. It took Jasper 30 seconds to get in it. Followed closely by his brother Muschi. I have just ordered another one I can’t seem to be able to load a photo to show how much they love it 🤷‍♀️
10/02/23|Carol Bird
: 5/5
As soon as I put the beds out two of my cats went straight in them good quality beds and very warm.
02/11/22|Crazee cat ladee
: 5/5
Good for Maine Coon cats
I have two of these cat beds and my Maine coon cats actually fight over who is in them (need to order 3 more). The Maine Coon kittens (probably the same size as normal breed cats & moggies) get into the bed whereas the older larger cats prefer to lie on them so they flatten like a fluffy circle. Great fluffy cat beds for a great price - lots of cat biscuits made in them
: 5/5
Firm favourite
My cat is pretty huge (and pretty fussy), so I wasn't sure whether this would suit him. Anyway, after an initial hesitant start, I decided to place it next to me on the bed. He gave it a poke, realised he could make some awesome biscuits on it and has been attached to it ever since. He may be big, but he looks tiny in it. It seems to keep him warm (he's getting on a bit now) - so it's definitely a thumbs up from him and a thumbs up from me :)
: 5/5
Excellent priced winter bed.
I have 4 of these & the cats did like them in the winter. Too warm for the summer unless you have an old cat. I've only washed them a couple of times & they came up fine. I put on a radiator to dry. Then give a good shake & they are as good as new. My little dog also likes. She spreads herself across the top. She doesn't need keeping warm with her thick coat so the bed must be very comfortable. A good buy at a good price in comparison to others online. Time will tell how durable it is,
18/05/22|Judith Goodman
: 3/5
Mochi Cat Bed
The depth of this was way more than i was expecting! My two boys don't do cat beds so i thought it would be nice to use my points to get this for cats that i foster. It's too big and too deep imho. It's of more use as a dog bed. Unless you have a large cat or a cat you know loves these snuggly beds. It's made nicely etc but just way too big for the needs of my cats and the cats i look after.
: 5/5
Perfect bed for my soppy Jack Russell!
My little jack Russell, Lexie, loves this bed. It keeps her snug at night. Busy by day, sleepy and soppy by night!
: 1/5
Not as it looks in the photo
I used my zooplus points to purchase this item having read the reviews and seen the photos thinking it would get used but sadly the item has no supportive structure that does not allow anything to sit in it. I would not recommend buying this to anyone as the quality and design is poor and it looks better in the photo on the website than in reality.
: 5/5
He was suspicious at first, then now he goes all the time especially when it's cold. So sweet him snuggling in it. Sometimes he gets too hot and half falling of the cushion but stays in.
: 5/5
Amazing best bed ever
I got this get for free with my zooplus points (so I wasn’t expecting much) I’m in shock this is the best bed I have ever purchased! I have ordered another. It keeps my sphynx so warm
: 5/5
Purrfect bed
After spending a lot of money on various beds for my Devon Rex cat from sheepskin rugs to cat dens which were all rejected. I got this bed and Chloe loves it, it is a perfect winter bed for her. The only criticism is that it would have been better if the cover had been removable for washing. However I will be happy to buy another bed when this one becomes too shabby.
: 5/5
Quality item
I brought this as it looked lush and also supposedly help cats with anxiety/stress. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived, it was much more luxurious than I had imagined and the size was very good. Unfortunately, none of my cats like it but im going to try and find a use for it as it's so lovely. Quality purchase.
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