thrive Complete Adult - Tuna & Salmon

6 x 75g
: 5/5
thrive Complete is a premium cat food made with top quality tuna & salmon and other fine ingredients. It contains all the nutrients and vitamins your cat needs for a balanced diet....further information
Product description
thrive Complete Adult - Tuna & Salmon
thrive Complete Adult - Tuna & Salmon
thrive Complete Adult - Tuna & Salmon
thrive Complete Adult - Tuna & Salmon
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Product description

thrive Complete is a premium cat food made with top quality tuna & salmon and other fine ingredients. It contains all the nutrients and vitamins your cat needs for a balanced diet.

thrive Complete is a balanced, premium quality wet cat food, gently processed in its own juice. It tastes delicious. This great tasting complete cat food uses only the best delicious, freshly caught tuna. thrive Complete contains all the necessary nutrients and vitamins your cat needs to stay healthy. thrive cat food is available in practical 75g single-portion sized cans.

thrive Complete cat food uses only top-quality ingredients:

  • Freshly caught tuna, caught using dolphin-safe methods
    The company is registered as dolphin-friendly with the Earth Island Institute
  • Cooked in its own juice
thrive Complete Cat Food:
  • Complete cat food
  • Contains minerals
  • Contains vitamins
  • Delicious premium-quality meat
  • Gently processed to preserve the true taste
  • In practical, single portion-sized cans
thrive Complete cat food is a great way to vary your cat’s diet.


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Tuna (71%), tuna stock, salmon (4%), sunflower oil, vitamins and minerals.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (28,000 IU), vitamin D3 (290 IU), zinc (120mg), iron (60mg), manganese (14mg), copper (6mg), iodine (2mg), taurine (5g), calcium (9.3g), phosphorus (8.2g), potassium (6g), sodium (7.4g). Ca/P ratio: 1:1.

Analytical constituents

protein14.5 %
fat2.0 %
fibre0.1 %
ash2.0 %
moisture81.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
2-3 cans per day, served over the day. Please take your cat’s activity level and weight into account


thrive Complete Adult - Tuna & Salmon
: 5/5
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: 4/5
Given for love
Both my boys love this. Not quite as much as the Sardine & Mackerel but this one is slightly less smelly, which I prefer. Obviously they get both. Dropped a star just because it's outrageously expensive, especially when you consider it's a tiny 75mg rather than 85mg as other brands are.
: 5/5
My fussy cats love it
Recently I just discovered that my cats are allergic with chicken. I tried my best to let them shift to fish flavored food but no success either on wet or dry food. I ended up throwing away a lot of foods. But they love this food straight away. It is pricey especially with two Maine Coons. But as long as my kitties don’t have allergy symptoms, everything is worth it.
31/03/22|the fat londoner
: 5/5
Always gobbled down.
The price made me wince and I thought was too small portions. However, high amount of protein leaves them fuller than cheaper products at 100g so that isn't the problem I anticipated. I'd rather pay more and have clean bowls & happy mogs than pay less with unenthusiastic eaters leaving food. They're 15 now so have earned a decent diet.
: 5/5
My cat loves it!
No issues at all, quick delivery, packed well and my cat loves this food!! Fully recommended.
: 5/5
Bought by mistake but great
My chihuahua has diabetes and I bought it thinking it was dog food . I have tried everything to get her to eat her diabetic food this I put on top and she now wolfs it down . It had no sugars and it’s fish . I’m just glad she is eating something. It’s been really difficult as she turns her nose up at normal dog food . She loves this .
: 5/5
It's always devoured!
Plenty of meat in each portion & there's never anything left when I give this to my cat.
: 5/5
So far my cat loves this
My cat Tess has renal problems and was on a renal diet, there was one she really liked then they seemed to change it and she wouldn't eat it. I decided that I needed to get her to eat no matter what the food. I tried a few different foods and Thrive was the best, Tess particular likes the tuna and salmon - please don't change it!!!
: 5/5
Much loved by our cats
OUr cats love this food. It gets devoured in seconds. Plates are licked so clean, it's like they have come straight out of the dish washer. One of our cats needs daily medication and will take his pills inside this food without fuss.
21/02/17|Jo V
: 5/5
Great replacement for non-complete foods like Encore
Our cats love Encore as a treat, but now I've found Thrive Complete I can give them this instead - and I think it's slightly cheaper than what we were paying for Encore. Honestly, Ocean Fish variety looks very unappetising, but the cats aren't fussed about what it looks like, and the empty bowls suggest it tastes better than it looks.
: 5/5
Tuna & Salmon
Tuna & Salmon gets absolutely devoured. No crumbs left. No grains, no sugar, and a high meat content. Which means it's not cheap either. And it even has responsible and sustainable sourcing. What else could you want? I will buy a few tins now and again to mix things up at home.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Smells good and cat eats it all
This is one of the very few foods my 18month old female cat will eat all of - she's a bit of a fusspot but this is always eaten up and she comes running when she hears me opening the tin! It's pricy but good and I would rather pay more and have it eaten than use a cheaper bbrand and throw half of it away...