Royal Canin Veterinary Cat – Renal with Fish

12 x 85g
: 5/5
Complete wet cat food for cats over 6 months suffering from renal insufficiency or hepatic encephalopathy. Can reduce the risk of kidney and bladder stones, for better renal health....further information
Product description
Royal Canin Veterinary Cat – Renal with Fish
Royal Canin Veterinary Cat – Renal with Fish
Royal Canin Veterinary Cat – Renal with Fish
Royal Canin Veterinary Cat – Renal with Fish
Royal Canin Veterinary Cat – Renal with Fish
Royal Canin Veterinary Cat – Renal with Fish
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Product description

Complete wet cat food for cats over 6 months suffering from renal insufficiency or hepatic encephalopathy. Can reduce the risk of kidney and bladder stones, for better renal health.

General information:

  • Please seek your vet's advice before using this food or extending the feeding period.
  • When feeding your cat with a veterinary diet you should consult your vet regularly for check-ups.
  • If your cat's health deteriorates please seek veterinary advice immediately.
Cats with chronic kidney disease often lose their interest in food. It is important that you feed your pet a food that is highly palatable and tempts your cat to eat.
Royal Canin Veterinary - Renal with Fish is an energy-dense wet cat food, especially formulated for pets with kidney failure. Even a small portion of this food provides your pet with the energy it needs.

This complete wet food supports kidney function in cats with chronic or temporary renal insufficiency, and is ideal for use in combination with Royal Canin Veterinary - Renal RF 23 dry cat food. It has a low phosphorus content and contains top-quality proteins, which can help to prevent the occurrence of urate, cystine and calcium oxalate stones in susceptible cats. The antioxidant complex in this dry food also supports cell protection and your cat's immune defenses.


  • Chronic renal insufficiency (CRI)
  • Hepatic encephalopathy
  • Prevention of calcium oxalate stones in combination with renal insufficiency
  • Prevention of recurrent urate and cystine stones
  • Pregnant and lactating cats, kittens
Key benefits:
  • Low phosphorus content: Renal failure means that your cat's kidneys can no longer eliminate phosphorus properly. Limiting the dietary intake of phosphorus can support renal function and help prevent secondary hyperparathyroidism, which can lead to chronic renal failure.
  • EPA/DHA: Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which can have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping to improve glomerular filtration.
  • Digestive system: Advanced uremia can result in gastro-intestinal ulcers. The combination of fermentable fibres (FOS) with zeolite helps to promote a balanced gut flora and support the health of your cat's intestinal mucosa.
  • Antioxidant complex: Synergistic complex of antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamin C, taurine and lutein), which helps to protect the cells against against free radicals. It also supports the body's immune system and can prevent cells from premature aging.
Changing your pet's diet and length of treatment:

If your pet suffers from chronic kidney disease, it may be necessary to feed your cat Royal Canin Veterinary - Renal with Fish for the rest of its life. The earlier you start feeding your cat a specialist diet, the more effective it will be.


Go to analytical constituents
Meat and meat by-products, cereals, fish and fish by-products (4% fish), vegetable by-products, oils & fats, minerals, various sugars.
Protein Source: chicken, pork, salmon.

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin D3 (190 IE/kg), iron (4 mg/kg), iodine (0,36 mg/kg), copper (2,9 mg/kg), manganese (1,4 mg/kg), zinc (14 mg/kg).
Urinary alkaline substances: calcium citrate, calcium carbonate.
Technological additives:
Clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin (0,2 g/kg).

Analytical constituents

protein6.6 %
fat6.0 %
fibre1.0 %
ash1.0 %
calcium0.14 %
phosphorus0.09 %
magnesium0.016 %
chloride0.13 %
moisture80.0 %
potassium0.18 %
linoleic acid1.54 %
sodium0.08 %
lutein1.4 mg
L-lysine0.35 %
sulphur0.13 %
vitamin D (total)330.0 IE/kg
hydroxyproline0.05 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation (g/day):
Royal Canin Veterinary Cat - Renal with Fish is complete wet food for adult cats.

Recommended daily ration (pouches/day):

Cat's weight Lean Normal Overweight
2kg 135g 105g -
3kg 205g 160g -
4kg 270g 215g 175g
5kg 340g 265g 215g
6kg 405g 320g 260g
7kg - 370g 305g
8kg - 425g 350g
9kg - 480g 390g
10kg - 530g 435g


Royal Canin Veterinary Cat – Renal with Fish
: 5/5
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: 5/5
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Customer Photos
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24/04/24|Diana Mensah
: 5/5
The products are very good and very efficient quality.
: 5/5
Good so far!
Vet recommended this brand as our cat needs a special diet for his kidneys. He’s very fussy about his food, but he’s been happily eating this for a few weeks now with no issues.
: 5/5
Leo seems to like it
I tried the Hills and Purina renal food but Leo just licked the gravy off and struggled to finish the rest. The Royal Canin is better for me because it doesn't smell as strongly (the others were revolting to me) and he likes it. Leo ate 2 sachets today, which is great in terms of improving his appetite and maybe regaining some weight but at £1 per sachet that's £60 per month which is going to be expensive! Sad that a special diet food which will help cat live longer costs so much.
: 5/5
My cat is 15 to be fair never been a fussy eater but after hearing about renal food, I thought I may have issues! Anyway I didn't! He loves it! So personally I would recommend giving it ago.
: 5/5
Vet recommended this for our cat. I was worried that she wouldn’t eat it but she loves it. Much more competitive price than vets even if you have to pay for delivery which is very fast.
: 5/5
Cat loved this
Having swapped to a specialist diet, our cat was missing tuna - however, they absolutely adore this product and couldn't eat it fast enough
: 5/5
Our 9 year old bengal was diagnosed with kidney problems so we were advised to change her diet to something more renal friendly. She goes absolutely mental for these sachets and they are a great compliment with the dry food. I have never seen her this happy about eating and the transition between her old food to this was so easy.
15/02/19|J H BARCLAY
: 4/5
They liked this one (well, the gravy anyway)
I have 2 sixteen year old cats, one of whom had renal failure. Bought these and vet said specialist renal diet might help turn his kidneys around. Both cats seemed to enjoy these sachets, although the mostly ate the sauce and left the chunks behind! Can't comment on efficacy for renal support, as Kaspar died from kidney failure within a few weeks of my purchase, but my experience with other Royal Canin Veterinary products (Urinary Diet and Gastrointestinal Diet) has been very good.
: 5/5
Vet prescribed. Cats love it
I'm so relieved my cat (age 17) with Stage 1 kidney failure loves the Renal Wet foods and so does my younger one aged 10 years. No problems switching them & Zooplus products help to make it more affordable.
: 2/5
cat hates it
The product was recommended by my vet. my boy is 13 and has hyperthyroidism and recently diagnosed renal disease. He really is not happy from being moved over to this and wont even eat it mixed in with his applaws. he hides under the bed he hates it that much. It may be a great product, but he just wont eat it. Hats off to zoo plus they reimbursed me and suggested i donate the unsused packets to an animal rescue. nil points from my cat for the flavour but 10/10 to zoo plus for customer service
02/02/18|Jennifer Galloway
: 4/5
Helped my cat to live a long and happy life
Switching to royal canin food and special diet helped my beloved cat live a long and happy life.
: 5/5
Happy happy
So glad I buy from this co. as I have saved money. Cat likes the special food. Delivery time is amazing,
: 5/5
My cat likes this food
My vet recommended this food after my cat was diagnosed with renal problems. She has been fed this food for the last two years and likes it. She previously needed hypo-allergenic food but has not had any problems with the pouches.
: 5/5
A real life saver
My 5yr old cat was very poorly last September with renal failure. He had lost all his condition and was miserable. My vet prescribed Royal Canin Renal and Ipakitin powder and within a couple of weeks he started to improve. 10 months later he is still here, has regained most of his condition and happy enough to play - his quality of life is fantastic.
: 5/5
A Renal Diet that Will be Eaten.
My cat was refusing to eat an alternative make renal food. Then I tried Royal Canin. Tuna and Beef.o My 16 yr old cat adores this food, after a short while it is good to see how much brighter her eyes are, and how much better her coat is
: 5/5
Expensive but tasty...the cat's only concerned about it being tasty!
Like many people considering this product it was recommended by our vet due to our cat's kidney problems. Forunately the problems are minor and due mainly to old age....she's 20! She absolutely loves the stuff. In recent year's she's become a bit of a fussy eater but she wolfs this stuff down. Luckily I can afford to pay the price, but if the price is an issue perhaps it could be included as part of the dietry mix? If you're cat has health problems I hope you find a solution.
08/06/14|Liz Evemy
: 5/5
Best Price Canin
I ordered this after being advised by my vet that my cat's kidneys were in trouble but this could be controlled with diet. The vet's price for Royal Canin was quite high so I researched the product online. Zooplus was the cheapest I could find and their service was excellent. Delivery was very fast and postage free. Very satisfied customer, will be ordering again.
: 5/5
Cat loves it
I was very worried that my 14yo cat would detest the Royal Canin renal food after reading various forums, but no! She loved it straight away, and, as a bonus, she likes it more than Felix. In fact, she normally prefers expensive high-meat-content food to Felix, which I got her before she was diagnosed, but I didn't imagine she'd be so enthusiastic about this special diet one. She devoured it! Here's my girl, with a taste for what's good for her. :)
: 5/5
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet – Renal with Tuna
Used this with my late 14y/o Birman who was diagnosed with acute Kidney Failure. The vets reccommended it over other brands, and as a Royal Canin fan of a few years already we were happy to give it a go. Unfortunately we only got to trial it for a couple of days before my girl passed away, but she seemed to enjoy it as much as her normal food, and it looked very easy to eat as it was in small pieces. We actually ended up taking the remaining sachets to a local Cats Protection society who said that they also use this with their cats who have similar illnesses, so must be good if they use it also!