Animonda Carny Adult Mixed Pack Beef Selection

6 x 800g
: 4/5
Delicious grain-free food made from pure meat. A premium, complete food for adult cats which is easy to digest and well accepted. Three different varieties in a handy mixed trial pack!...further information
Product description
Animonda Carny Adult Mixed Pack Beef Selection
Animonda Carny Adult Mixed Pack Beef Selection
Animonda Carny Adult Mixed Pack Beef Selection
Animonda Carny Adult Mixed Pack Beef Selection
Animonda Carny Adult Mixed Pack Beef Selection
Animonda Carny Adult Mixed Pack Beef Selection
Animonda Carny Adult Mixed Pack Beef Selection
Animonda Carny Adult Mixed Pack Beef Selection
Animonda Carny Adult Mixed Pack Beef Selection
Animonda Carny Adult Mixed Pack Beef Selection
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Product description

Delicious grain-free food made from pure meat. A premium, complete food for adult cats which is easy to digest and well accepted. Three different varieties in a handy mixed trial pack!

Cats are meat connoisseurs and you can't fool them with low grade meat. Animonda Carny cat food is made using only carefully selected premium meat which is gently processed to produce this delicious cat food. Animonda Carny contains only freshly prepared, tasty meat. Nothing more. It is completely grain-free and does not contain artificial flavour enhancers, colours or preservatives. Animonda Carny is guaranteed free of soya, artificial colouring and preservatives, and any GM ingredients. Each recipe is made using only the stated meat which is an excellent source of animal protein as well as natural taurine, a vital amino acid which cats cannot produce in adequate quantities, so it needs to be supplemented through diet. Taurine helps to support the immune system, cardiac function and healthy eyesight. It also helps to keep skin supple and fur shiny. Only pure meat is used in Animonda Carny wet cat food so it retains the natural, unadulterated and typical taste of meat which cats adore.

Animonda Carny wet cat food at a glance:

  • Balanced, complete cat food
  • Made only from fresh meat.
  • Grain-free, so suitable for cats with nutritional sensitivities
  • No soya
  • Top quality source of animal protein: Only made with fresh ingredients such as muscle meat, heart, lung,liver
  • With natural taurine: Essential animo acid in meat which supports cardiac funtion, eyesight, healthy fur and skin, healthy immune system
  • Vitamins & minerals: Important nutrients for a balanced, holistic diet
  • No artificial additives such as preservatives, colour, flavours
  • Well accepted
  • Easy to digest

Animonda Carny Adult wet cat food is now available as 800g cans in a mixed pack.

  • 2 x Beef
  • 2 x Meat Saucer
  • 2 x Beef & Chicken


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Meat Saucer: beef (30%, lung, meat, heart, kidney, udder), chicken (29%, liver, meat, stomach, neck), venison (6%), calcium carbonate.

Beef & Chicken: beef (35%, lung, heart, kidney, meat, udder), chicken (30%, liver, meat, stomach, neck), calcium carbonate.

Beef: beef (65%, meat, heart, liver, lung, udder, kidney), calcium carbonate.


Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
3a671 (200 IU), 3b202 (0.75mg), 3b503 (1.4mg), 3b605 (25mg).

Analytical constituents

protein11.5 %
fat5.5 %
fibre0.5 %
ash1.4 %
moisture79.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendations:

Animonda Carny Adult is a complete food.

Cat's weight Daily serving in g/day
3kg 175g
4kg 200g
5kg 245g


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Latest user reviews

06/11/22 | Mel Jackson
: 4/5

One of my cat won’t touch this

Quality is good. Smells good. Some few chunks of liver can be seen. Two of my cats loves this except for the fuzzy one. Really good price for a quality product.
04/12/20 | Dawne Hauxwell
: 4/5

8/10 Fussy Furbabies

Opted for this as its 65% meet & 11.5% protein, also soya free. cheaper than Feringa but not as high protein content. Smells ok in tin, looks like corned beef inc white chunks of hard fat. 1 800g tin feeds my 4 for a full day. They are fussy and this goes down a treat. They also seem fuller for longer. Lovely shiny coats. Only negative feedback: I dont like finding chunks of intestine in it and the thick layer of hard white fat at the bottom of the tin. Seems to much fat content.
01/02/20 | Alan
: 3/5

Not one for us I'm afraid.

I was hoping our cats would like it, as it is the cheapest (not in a nasty way) option, and as it's not the 'cheap' stuff (meant against the bargain basement type), so would have all the goodness of the food that people come here for, but at an affordable price, but unfortunately our cat's just did not like it, but it was really solidly compacted (like Chappie is for dogs), so with my health, and the wife's hands it was not that easy to get it out, we had to cut it into segments, shame really.
18/11/19 | Robert
: 2/5

Used to be good

My car used to love this. But quality seemed to drop quite significantly. My cat stopped eating some flavours completely. Gave then away to not so fussy cats owner and even they refused to eat it. After some time i bought pack of 200g cans. My cat loves them. All flavours. Since then im sticking to 200g cans and no problems so far. More expensive but can't risk with bigger cans anymore.
22/10/19 | Frances Papierowski
: 3/5

Too fatty

My three cats weren't keen. There is a lot of fat in it. You can see lots of white bits of fat amongst the meat. And when you have used most of the can there is a big layer of white waxy fat at the bottom. Not value for money as it works out at roughly £1 for 400gr. My cats would prefer a tin of Felix which costs less than a £1 for 400gr......if only I could still get cans of Felix! Won't buy this again.
28/05/19 | Samira
: 5/5

My two Fussy Bengals love it

So far no problem from their Highnesses' side. It is a bit fatty; usually, at the bottom, these fats settle downs, I avoid giving those. I also warm it a bit in the microwave, and they love it even more, especially during cold weather. You do not need to give a lot at a time, as cats are trickle-eaters. My Bengals are quite big with muscles, and their hunting instincts are quite high, so they watch over their weight. I give a little bit at a time, around 4 five meals a day.
13/01/18 | Janet Thompson
: 1/5

Carney cat food

My cat would not eat this
: 4/5

Great value - Cats over-grooming

Occasionally dented cans. Nice look to product. A bit short on jelly, good meat content. My two Burmese eat about 1 large can a day. Recently, they have exhibited signed of over-grooming and itchy skin on legs and belly. I swapped to Whiskers pouches (chicken and fish from local supermarket) and they eat loads more but their skin irritation and over-grooming has ceased and fur is returning in those areas. I will cycle brands more.
16/02/17 | Melody
: 4/5

Good value

High meat content and doesn't smell too bad. My cats love it. They have been eating animonda carny since kitten. Great value esp with the 800g tin, Would be nice if there are more flavour choices.
28/06/16 | Maria Green
: 3/5

My 2 girls aren't keen.

I'm a week in to transitioning my 2 female Siberian cats from kitten to cat food. After doing some research on wet cat food 'meat content versus price' I came across Animonda Carny. This has much more goodness in and around 50% meat but kg for kg works out the same price as leading brands available in the supermarket that have less than 10% meat. So far a week in, neither of my girls are that keen and one turns to the dry food I put out over this. It could well be because they are used to pouches that are a lot wetter so I'm going to have one last attempt and try the Animonda Carny - meat saucer which I'm hoping is a gravy variety as opposed to a more solid meat like all the other flavours. I agree with a previous reviewer that there seem to be lumps of fat in the tins but cats need some fat in their food so it doesn't worry me too much. I would recommend this if your cats are used to the solid tinned foods but not so much if they aren't. As my cats have a top quality dry food and are on L-lysine, probiotics and dental supplements I will go back to a high street brand if I have to as all other quality wet cat foods I have found cost considerably more. Wish me luck!
26/03/16 | Berger
: 3/5

Used to be excellent

These used to be the best value 'real' grain-free food that my cats would eat. However, in the last 6 months the meat is noticeably fuller of hard fat particles and gets very unappetising after the initial opening. The 400g remain ok.
14/02/16 | Ambra
: 5/5

Loved by my fussy moggies

I have a pack of 6 cats and they are all related. Each one with their very own personality but all in agreement when it comes to their most loved band of food. Tried lots of types and brands to provide them with some variety, but I have always to go back to this one which is evidently their favoured. No questions!
04/11/15 | kim
: 5/5

Cats love it

All of our cats love this food. They clean their bowls which is a first!
15/10/15 | Chloe
: 5/5


I love this brand, I was buying the smaller tins but as I have 3 cats it makes sense to buy the big ones. I have found the bigger tins, when left open they will not last as long, I have been keeping lids on and in the fridge for a max of 2 days. Its smells and looks like corned beef and my cats love it. They are all super healthy with gorgeous shiny coats! Fantastic value and quality... :)
20/09/15 | MICHELLE
: 2/5


Decided to purchase the 800g tin as I have 2 elderly cats with health issues and wanted to suppliment their diet with good quality food - usually buy the 400g tins and food looks and smells good enough to eat, fresh ground beef and other meet products. But the 800g tin looks like dog food - no evidence of the beef in the receipe - smells and looks vastly different - extremely disappointed - would not buy the 800g tins again
: 5/5

Loved by an old lady

Lulu (16) can't get enough of this - the others weren't allowed near her dish, which was licked clean. It's quite fatty at the bottom of the can but I'm happy that Lulu eats it and hopefully this will help keep her weight on
17/05/15 | Stephanie
: 5/5

High Quantity and Quality Meat!

having to change my cats diets drastically after finding being told they were overweight- I had to change to a higher meat content and lower carb diet. This is stuff is not only all of that but my cats love it! It's great value for the meat content and my cats have had no tummy issues! Definitely recommended
03/05/15 | Katherine Watson
: 5/5

The best wet food money can buy

I changed my 4 cats to this diet about a year ago as I was horrified how little meat is in the usual supermarket brands and also concerned about feeding a dry only diet, especially as one of my toms has a tendency to bloat, even if being fed grain-free products. I'd even tried raw feeding but this wasn't popular with all of the cats. Anyway, the cats absolutely love Carny! It keeps them trim (no more bloating), glossy coats, they're getting a good fluid intake and most importantly, the high meat content with the required amount of taurine and nutrients. The price works out at better value than buying supermarket brands too. I can't recommend this food more highly.
18/04/15 | Claire
: 5/5

Great quality

My adopted cats had been home-cooked for, which I don't have time for. So after noticing their coats suffering on the supermarket food I was giving them I paid more attention to content and was horrified! Found this online, fantastic content at affordable price. I had to mix with 4% stuff for a week or so (and got the pawing around the bowl / eating around it), but once they realised it was that or nothing they started eating it. Coats back to happy state, now eating it without issue, my only challenge is gauging quantity as it fills them up they don't need as much of it. Not changing back!
09/02/15 | Claire Morgan
: 5/5

Simply the best!

My cats were on a raw diet, but this proved troublesome as they would only eat it when it was very very fresh, then a home cooked diet- brilliant but time consuming plus expense of buying taurine etc- now on this as I have little time. Perfect small poops, no sickness from my sensitive pedigree- they LOVE it and it's amazing value. I buy the 800g tins and freeze 200g portions.