Lily's Kitchen Chicken Paté for Kittens

19 x 85g
: 4/5
Wholesome, nutrient-rich moist kitten food with 65% meat and fish, to support healthy development with a natural, grain-free recipe. Formerly known as Lily's Kitchen Curious Kitten Dinner....further information
Product description
Lily's Kitchen Chicken Paté for Kittens
Lily's Kitchen Chicken Paté for Kittens
Lily's Kitchen Chicken Paté for Kittens
Lily's Kitchen Chicken Paté for Kittens
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RRP* £23.75
Our Price £18.99
£11.87 / kg
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Lily's Kitchen Chicken Paté for Kittens

- 19 x 85g

RRP* £23.75
Our Price £18.99
£11.87 / kg

Product description

Wholesome, nutrient-rich moist kitten food with 65% meat and fish, to support healthy development with a natural, grain-free recipe. Formerly known as Lily's Kitchen Curious Kitten Dinner.

Please be aware that the Chicken Paté for Kittens was formerly known as Lily's Kitchen Curious Kitten Dinner.

This Lily's Kitchen Chicken Paté for Kittens recipe is full of all the nutrients your kitten needs to grow into a healthy, happy cat. We worked really closely with vets, nutritionists and eager kitty taste testers to make it the most naturally wholesome and delicious recipe possible for your new fluffball, with an irresistible pâté texture.
With 65% meaty greatness, it has a scrumptious mix of freshly prepared and sustainable sourced chicken, pork, trout and beef to keep your kitten interested, and to help them discover different flavours so they're braver with new meals as they grow. It's a nutritionally complete and balanced recipe with chelated minerals and Omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin and fur, and absolutely no meat meal or meat derivatives in our recipes.  As cats haven't evolved to eat grains, this recipe is completely grain free. It leaves more room for meat and offal, which is full of nutrients like taurine to keep your cat healthy, and taste to keep your cat happy.

Lily's Kitchen Chicken Paté for Kittens at a glance:
  • Nutritionally complete grain free wet cat food - specially created for kittens
  • Shredded premium chicken fillet, steam cooked and served in delicious juices
  • Freshly made with 30% chicken, 10% trout and 21% pork
  • Contains essential taurine, vital for you cat's health
  • No derivatives, preservatives or fillers - all natural healthy goodness


Go to analytical constituents
Chicken (30%), pork (21%), trout (10%), beef (4%), salmon oil, minerals.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (100 IU), zinc chelate from amino acid hydrate (40mg), copper chelate from amino acid hydrate (2mg), manganese chelate from amino acid hydrate (1.6mg), calcium iodate, anhydrous (0.78mg).

Technological additives:
Carrageenan (5.3mg).

Analytical constituents

protein10.5 %
fat6.0 %
fibre0.2 %
ash2.0 %
moisture81.0 %
calories that can be burned96.0 kcal/100 g

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Weight 0 - 4 Months 4 - 9 Months 9 - 12 Months
0.25 - 0.5kg 90 - 150g    
0.6 - 0.75kg 155 - 200g    
0.8 - 1.25kg 210 - 275g 220 - 250g  
1.5 - 2kg 300 - 375g 255 - 310g 230 - 250g
2.5 - 4kg   350 - 500g 290 - 400g

Food should be served at room temperature. Always ensure your cat has a supply of fresh water. This is a guide only and will depend on your cat's activity level.




Lily's Kitchen Chicken Paté for Kittens
: 4/5
Overall Rating (24)
: 5/5
: 4/5
: 3/5
: 2/5
: 1/5
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Customer Photos

Lily's Kitchen Chicken Paté for Kittens
21/09/21|Foxy's frustrated feeder
: 2/5
It's changed
My cat liked it before but the price of it on Amazon kept peaking so had sought for other options. After seeing it was comfortable priced on zooplus I ordered 3 packs of 57 tins altogether and my cat doesn't like it. I can even see with my bare eyes the colour of the paste is slot darker, and the smell is obviously different (no I have not tasted it but I don't think I need to). I've tried putting it in different bowls, adding warm water to it, microwaving it and all sorts. He'd rather starve.
: 3/5
He doesn’t like it
I’m sure this is a very good quality kitten food but unfortunately my little boy, who normally eats anything, just isn’t keen on it.
: 5/5
Love pretty much everything about this food (and my kittens love all of it!). I have it on rotation with another due to their inclusion of Carrageenan.
: 5/5
Kitten loves this and highly recommended
My kitten has been on this for several months and mixing this with another well known branded dry food, has grown into a thriving, healthy almost adult cat. Her coat is silky soft, her eyes bright, still seems satisfied on this and always excited when its dinner time, even though has dry food to nibble on. Looking forward to start introducing other flavours.
24/02/21|Catherine Hartley
: 5/5
My 20 week Russain Blue loves this. The smell is just like tinned meat and not unpleasant.
: 2/5
Started off well...
First time my kitten received this food she loved it however already the next morning she doesn't want to touch her breakfast :(
: 4/5
Good food
Cats sometimes love it, sometimes won't touch it. But the food quality is great.
: 1/5
Bad choice
Introduced this food over a two week period (transition from Applaws to Lily's Kitchen), but the kittens were not into it at all. The adult cats ignored the food completely, always leftovers. Very smelly (runny) poo.
: 3/5
kitten does not like chicken
My kitten eats this if she doesn't have any biscuits left as she doesn't like chicken
: 1/5
Original recipe was far better
The previous recipe for the kittens would be jumped on by my kittens (and they're siblings). The turn their noses up at this though, such a shame
: 3/5
Kits didn't enjoy as much as the original recipe
This is the new kitten recipe that Lily's has released. My kittens used to go crazy for the last one but unfortunately only one of them will eat this one. They are not fussy cats either. It does smell appetising.
: 5/5
Bought one 'tray' for my 13 week old kitten to see if she'd like it - fair to say that she very much enjoyed it! Food had barely been in the bowl before it was finished off and the bowl kicked clean! Will definitely buy again!
: 5/5
First wet food my cat finished
What each cat likes to eat seems very random, so I'm not sure how useful reviews are, which seem mostly a mix of extreme love or extreme hate. Well my cat loves this one. I must have tried 10 other different types of wet food - all of which she turned her nose and paws in disgust for. She practically begs for this one.
: 5/5
Lilys Kitchen Kitten Wet Food
My tabby kitten loves this and he also loves the organic turkey and scrumptious chicken for adult cats from the Lillys range. It smells good enough to eat myself. :)
: 3/5
Didn't agree
Tried half a tray of kitten food over two days. One of my 14 week old kittens loved it but it gave him a really smelly runny bum. My other boy wouldn't even try it!.
: 1/5
My kitten didn't touch it!
I bought this to my kitten who is very fussy about her food. I gave it to her in the morning and when i arrived home few hours later the food was in her bowl. I gave her something else (science plan is her favourite) and she ate it all. I gave this food again in the morning and she would not touch it. I gave it to my neighbour. My kitten loves cosma nature tuna and chicken flavour and she also likes applaws and almo nature. I don't give her royal canin because she has bad breath from it.
02/10/14|Green V
: 5/5
My boys love it
I give the kitchen food to my grown up boys too as it has slightly more (65%) meat content as the cat ones. My boys actually prefer it more than the grown up ones. Too bad the kitten ones is even more expensive. It makes great treats for grown-up cats!
: 5/5
Great food - highly palatable to my kitten
My kitten loves this food - I love the fact it is grain free and organic with a high percentage of meat content. My only gripe with it is I would love it to be packaged in a tin as the foil tray tends to get crushed slightly in delivery. My kitten loves it though so I am thinking of trying to source her some more locally.
: 5/5
Very high quality cat food
Bought a single just to see why it was so expensive and I was not disappointed. It was quality cat food and smelled like human grade pate with hardly any jelly to be seen. Our kitten loved it from first sniff and now we're trying to figure out how to include more of this stuff into his diet when it's so expensive!
: 5/5
Kittens Love it
This is fantastic quality and my kittens adore it. when you open the tray it smells like human grade meat and I'm happy to spend a little extra for this high quality. My kittens know they've been good when they get this for dinner.