Catessy Chunks in Jelly

12 x 100g
: 4/5
Tender meaty chunks in juicy jelly, in handy portion-sized pouches for a fresh meal every time. With 4 delicious varieties to keep your cat happy!...further information
Product description
Catessy Chunks in Jelly
Catessy Chunks in Jelly
Catessy Chunks in Jelly
Catessy Chunks in Jelly
Catessy Chunks in Jelly
Catessy Chunks in Jelly
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Product description

Tender meaty chunks in juicy jelly, in handy portion-sized pouches for a fresh meal every time. With 4 delicious varieties to keep your cat happy!

Catessy wet cat food has a new packaging design. It’s still the same great-tasting food, just with a new look!

Please note: During the change-over period your order may include both the old and the new package design.

Great value cat food without compromising on flavour! With Catessy pouches you can spoil your cat at every meal, with tender chunks of meat and fish in a tasty savoury jelly - an irresistible taste experience for your cat! Catessy complete cat food is always great value, and contains everything your cat needs for a healthy, happy life. Each variety contains all the essential vitamins and minerals, and contain no added sugar. The handy pre-portioned pouches guarantee a fresh, aromatic flavour at every meal, and make it especially quick and easy to feed your pet. Simply purr-fect!

The Catessy Chunks in Jelly Mixed Pack 12 x 100g contains the following varieties:

  • with Chicken & Turkey (3 x 100g)
  • with Duck & Lamb (3 x 100g)
  • with Beef & Rabbit (3 x 100g)
  • with Salmon & Trout (3 x 100g)
Also available in a 48 x 100g value pack, with 12 pouches of each flavour!

Catessy - indulge your cat with every meal!


Go to analytical constituents
with Chicken & Turkey: Meat and meat by-products (5% chicken, 5% turkey), minerals, inulin (0.1%).

with Duck & Lamb: Meat and meat by-products (5% duck, 5% lamb), minerals, inulin (0.1%).

with Beef & Rabbit: Meat and meat by-products (5% beef, 5% rabbit), minerals, inulin (0.1%).

with Salmon & Trout: Meat and meat by-products, fish and fish by products (5% salmon, 5% trout), minerals, inulin (0.1%).

Contains no colourings, preservatives or added sugar.

Nutritional additives pro kg:
Vitamin D3 (250 IU), vitamin E as α-Tocopherol acetate (15mg), copper as copper (II) sulphate, pentahydrate (1mg), manganese as manganese (II) sulphate, monohydrate (1mg), zinc as zinc sulphate, monohydrate (18mg).

Analytical constituents

protein8.0 %
fat4.5 %
fibre0.5 %
ash1.5 %
moisture83.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Catessy Chunks in Jelly is a complete wet cat food.
A typical adult cat (approx. 4kg) needs approx. 3 pouches per day.
This recommendation is only a guideline - please adjust feeding amounts according to your cat's age and activity level.
Feed at room temperature.


Catessy Chunks in Jelly
: 4/5
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: 5/5
: 4/5
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: 2/5
: 1/5
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Customer Photos
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: 5/5
Good food
Shipping was very fast. My order arrived in 2 days. Everything was as described and my cat likes the food.
24/11/22|J A Goodwin
: 1/5
Bought on recommendation
My cat won't eat this and I stupidly bought a mountain of it as I had been told it was similar to to another she likes.I don't think zooplus do swaps but will ask the question. It's not their fault.
: 1/5
Not Great
My cats loved the Catessy trays. So thought I would try the pouches. As they were on offer I bought four packs. Unfortunately, none of my three cats want to eat it. I can’t blame them. It smells SO processed........each sachet smells exactly the same....can’t distinguish between chicken, beef, salmon etc. I definitely won’t buy this again. I am having to top this food with treats, fresh chicken etc and even then they never finish it.
: 5/5
Good and cheap
No complaints at all, my cat likes it
Translated from by zooplus
29/04/21|originally published in
: 5/5
Tastes good
The cat loves it. :)
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
good food
Since my cats were only eating the sauce and leaving the rest of the old wet food I had, I decided to switch to this after reading some of the reviews. All 3 of my cats loved it straight away, their bowls are empty in a flash, and finally no more food is wasted. Cats just know what's good for them.
Translated from by zooplus
: 4/5
It doesn't have to mean anything but...
My cats didn't really like these sachets. It doesn't seem to me, however, that this is poor quality wet food. In any case, my cats certainly didn't have any trouble digesting it. I think it's more a matter of taste.
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
Very happy!
Both of my cats love the jelly varieties. I was looking for food without added sugar and without the astronomical price tag. The value for money is spot on with this, and my cats love it!
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
My cats love it
I would be lost without Catessy. Both of my cats love it. They eat the different flavours in jelly at all hours of the day. At around 7 in the morning they get beef, for lunch they have chicken, and the dinner menu is fish. Between meals they eat dry food. They spend almost the whole day outside in the wild.
: 5/5
Cat loves it! 6
I have an almost 2 year old Siberian cat. She's had almost every brand and is not fussy when it comes to food. However after trying the tester from Catessy, my cat is in love with this stuff. She wolfs it all down and sleeps like a baby the rest of the day! Another plus point is it doesn't smell bad at all. I usually dislike the smell of cat food but this brand I can happily tolerate :)
: 1/5
Cats Hated It
Bought this brand hoping that my cats might appreciate something different...but they absolutely hate it. A few nibbles and it was abandoned, I had to put Felix down in the end.
03/06/20|Margaret Fiddes
: 5/5
Catessy went down a treat
It was a bit of an experiment ordering a product I didn't know, but I thought they might get bored eating the same old thing so I decided to try it out. The cats enjoyed it , clean bowls, and I shall be ordering again.
26/04/20|angela baker
: 5/5
this was a tester for me
some of mine go mad for it some dont but its mostly more than less so i will be buying the bigger packs i got this one to see how well it was with them like is said it was a hit and a miss but enough for me to go bigger pack next time the chunks are not too big and there is just the right amount of jelly as well some foods put too much jelly and not enough meat this has the right amount of both
: 2/5
not great
My cats don't want any. Neither do my neighbour's
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
Catessy food
My cat loves this food, so far it is the best food we've had. She finishes her whole bowl, and even my little dog doesn't mind a bite every now and then.
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
Really good for sensitive tummys
I first bought this for my cat who has a sensitive stomach and cannot eat many of the highstreet brands. This suited him just perfectly. Now all our cats eat this and really love it.
: 5/5
Very good for cat which wants to put a weight on
I fund a stray cat and he was very poorly with not massive chance for survival and after reading reviews on here I tried this food . Cat absolutely craves for it and it’s extremely good for his stomach ( can have 2 pouches at the time ) .I tried all very high expensive brands .Cat was not having none of it which was very upsetting .This one worked out greatly for us . Cat is now 4.5 kg and very very happy so I can switch him to any food.I used the yellow box version only .
: 5/5
My cat detests more expensive food but love this
I tried to wean my cat onto animonda vom feinstein, but he always leaves half of it, and he was getting podgy... so maybe it's too rich? Anyway, he loves this despite me trying to be a better cat-mom by spending more... so it's back to Catessy for me. I supplement with boiled fish or chicken every so often so I feel less guilty about spending so little on his food.... But he is healthy and happy and he gets lots of love.
: 2/5
Turned cat into raving addict
The cat wolfed a whole sachet down in one go, then an hour later started harassing me for another. I caved in a couple of hours later. Then two hours after that, the harrassment started again. My cat is Siamese, and like all meezers, is capable of untold mayhem to get his way. I gave him some different food to calm him down and he went completely potty in his efforts to tell me it was The Wrong Catfood. I will never buy this stuff again - it's turned my cat into a ravening monster.
: 1/5
Not happy
my cat used to love this and I just ordered another 3 months worth however when I fed it too him I noticed it was alot dryer and he only ate half of the pouch. He used to gulp all of it down. I'm just hoping he eats the rest of it. I wish I new this had changed before I ordered it as I wouldn't of ordered a box to try. Please put the juice back in.