Trixie Natural Wood Y-Perch

Length 20cm, Diameter 15mm
: 5/5
Y-shaped perch made from natural carob wood for a natural feeling while perching...further information
Product description
Trixie Natural Wood Y-Perch
Trixie Natural Wood Y-Perch
Trixie Natural Wood Y-Perch
Trixie Natural Wood Y-Perch
Trixie Natural Wood Y-Perch
Trixie Natural Wood Y-Perch
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Length 20cm, Diameter 15mm14421.0

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Product description

Y-shaped perch made from natural carob wood for a natural feeling while perching

This robust, natural wood perch can be nipped at by your pet bird because it's covered in untreated wood.
The carob wood offers your pet the feeling of a natural setting.


  • L 20 cm, Ø 15 mm
  • L 35 cm, Ø 18 mm


Trixie Natural Wood Y-Perch
: 5/5
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: 1/5
Woodworm holes
I've had issues with wooden products carrying woodworm or wood mites before and ending up with infested cages so I always check nowadays. The larger size was covered in the telltale woodworm holes, but the smaller one looked fine. Not worth the risk though, imo.
: 1/5
Not fit for purpose
These are a waste of money. The branch is too weak to hold the screw fitting, the wood splits and the fitting falls out. Not fit for purpose!
: 5/5
Amazing value
I just recieved an order that included 2 of each size of these perches and I'm very pleased with them. Even though I was well aware of the measurements I was somehow still surprised at how big the large one is! Also, I saw the exact same product at my local pet store the other day for roughly 4 times the price so these are well worth stocking up on.
: 5/5
Excellent for rehabbers
Delighted with these perches, they are strong and sturdy whilst also being natural and easy to clean. They do of course move somewhat under a larger bird's weight towards the outer end, as a branch would do naturally. Perfect for rehabilitation of wild birds before eventual release.
: 1/5
Poor Quality
I have been a regular customer of zooplus & their products are usually brilliant but one of these two perches are a disappointment. It can break easily anytime as the wood near the Y has been thinly sliced. Yet, there is no point returning one because of its delivery costs. I cannot be paying £3.99 to return a £1.49. This review is to warn zooplus staff to check more thoroughly next time before despatch.
: 3/5
Some are inferiour
I love these perches and so do my birds but the last few I've bought (2 out of 5 to be exact) have been inferiour. The metal fitting that goes inside the perches have come out, making them unusable. I recommend buying these perches in person so you can test the fittings to see if they are secure as I now have 2 I cant use yet cant return because they have been in my budgies cage.
: 5/5
Works well for an African Ringneck Parakeet.
: 5/5
Small rodents!
Bought these for my rats, mice and hamsters. They went down a treat! All mine are normally a bit weary with climbing but not with the solidness of these... Also great to keep down the claws and they love gnawing on them which helps keep their teeth down... plus with the brilliant price I do not care at all about having to replace them regularly... Would definitely recommend.
30/07/15|Lynn Helbert
: 5/5
My budgies love it!
I have bought two of these perches for my budgies and right from day one they have used them,normally they would be a bit wary,but not with these!not only do they love them,I do too as they're so much cheaper at Zooplus than anywhere else ,well done Zooplus!!
: 5/5
Great Perches
I've bought many of these perches of both sizes as they are very good quality and my birds love them. They have a bark layer that they can chew off and the remaining perch is strong and easily cleaned. So they can have fun and then rest on the perches. They are a great price too!
: 5/5
Brilliant perch for cockatiel.
I bought three 35cm and one 20cm perches and these are great. Brilliant quality, sturdy and good for my cockatiels feet. As soon as I popped them in his cage he was happy to perch on them. I highly recommend to have at least one in a cage.
: 5/5
Happy cockatiel
I bought five of these wood y-perches for Rio, my rescue cockatiel and he just loves them. I've only had him for ten days and he was very timid, but as soon as I replaced the old perches for the new y-perches, he started hopping around his cage from perch to perch and whistling. He loves nibbling them too. Brilliant. Happy boy and happy owner.
: 5/5
Great perch and the budgies can eat it too!
We have several of these, instead of standard perches. They provide greater flexibility for positioning the perches at different heights and positions within the cage. The natural wood structure, provides bark for the budgies to chew and variations in diameter to exercise their feet.
: 5/5
great perch 100% happy
this perch is great for bird a it better then other perches out there
: 5/5
Very impressed
Really pleased with product, only delivered today but look as good as the ones I paid £4.99 for . Would recommend them to friends and family to purchase.
27/01/13|Walter Batch
: 5/5
Hi! Firstly, many thanks for the excellent response to my order and the prompt 2 day deliver service.Now to the product.The perches are great innovation to any cage, getting away from the general wire to wire dowel perches.This a very fine product for a very good price indeed. You are now added to my address book for purchases from your most extensive range of products.
: 5/5
These natural wood perches are loved by all the budgies they always rest on them at night time they just love them
: 5/5
Natural branch for a happy budgie
Perfect perch for budgies. My little one loves to sit, chew and strip this perch. Can't get a better perch than a natural perch!
06/09/12|Davey Cammack
: 5/5
So much better!
These are great & cheap than what I've seen elsewhere. They attach to the cage with 2 large steel washers on either side & are clamped together with a thumb nut to tighten. My finches love these & it helps keep there claws down & they also enjoy giving them a good rub with there beaks also. I purchased a couple of these as 1 particular finch spends his time stripping the bark away from these but its good fun to watch. Id recommend these over any other type of perches, especially the plastic ones.
: 5/5
Fabulous! My new budgie loves it!
I have had my new budgie for a week and he had two perches, a "pedicure perch" and a wooden non-natural one. Since buying this he's always sat on this one instead. It is very easy to secure onto the cage and is very sturdy, unlike others which tend to wobble around. I bought the smaller one and I'm glad I did, sufficient for my budgie. The price is excellet! Delivery was incredibly fast- 2 days!