Support your pet’s wellbeing with YuMOVE’s tried and tested extensive product range! YuMOVE are dedicated to their mission of helping as many cats and dogs as possible around the world live an active life, for life. Their product ranges with zooplus help support joints, digestion and calm behaviour.

As the UK's no.1 vet-recommended joint supplement brand*, YuMOVE are already supporting over 2 million dogs a year**.

Did you know almost 40% of dogs aged 1+ experience joint stiffness?

For our pets, an active life means play, exploration, and more of the memories that matter.

YuMOVE have been researching supplements for more than 15 years, and today 8 out of 10 vets recommend the YuMOVE Joint Care brand*** – which is clinically proven to work in just 6 weeks****.

YuMOVE’s product ranges with zooplus include joint support for pets of all ages, digestive care, and supplements to help ease anxiety.

Why choose YuMOVE?
YuMOVE Joint Care
YuMOVE Digestive Care
YuMOVE Calming Care

*Lintbells Veterinary Tracker by CM Research November 2021.

**YuMOVE brand tracking study 2023.

***Vets survey (n = 100) by CM research Nov 2021.

****Canine study conducted by the Royal Veterinary College. Excluding YuMOVE Joint Care for Young Dogs and YuMOVE Joint Care for All Cats.