Skinner's Brand


Skinner's Brand

There’s no greater feeling than being in the great outdoors, and it’s even better with a dog by your side.

Skinner’s Field & Trial has been fueling working dogs with nutritious food for over 50 years, keeping them in top condition and performing at their peak. With a wide range of nutritionally complete diets to suit every activity level, we understand exactly what it takes to help your dog stay healthy and ready for a challenge. 


Specially formulated food to support working dogs...

Each recipe is formulated with the perfect balance of proteins and fats to support your dog’s stamina & keep them fit and healthy.

Our range features a selection of quality foods and snacks to see your dog through all stages of life, catering to all tastes and dietary sensitivities.

Skinner's is made in our Suffolk Mill using British-sourced produce and environmentally friendly packaging. 

We have over 50 years of experience in canine nutrition, so why not try us for yourself?

Skinner's Dog Food

What does Skinner's dry dog food have to offer?

If you are looking for an irresistible, nutrient-rich diet to support your dog's overall health and lifestyle, this Skinner's dry dog food has something to meet every dog's needs.

Skinner's kibble comes in a range of flavours and varieties, helping to nourish your dog at every stage in its life and no matter its tastes. All that is left to do is find your dog's favourite flavour of Skinner's Field & Trial dry dog food!

Which age range is Skinner's suitable for?

Skinner's dry dog food is available in both adult and puppy varieties, helping to support your dog throughout its life with tailored age-appropriate diets.

Skinner's Puppy Food

Give your puppy the best start in life with Skinner's Field & Trial puppy food, in a hypoallergenic recipe made with duck and rice. It is ideal for the first 9 months of life and contains no troublesome ingredients such as gluten, wheat, barley, soya, maize or milk products. This complete diet has been specially developed to support the growth and development of young dogs, with the ideal levels of protein and fat as well as a range of key vitamins, minerals.

Skinner's Adult Dog Food

Once your dog is fully grown, it can move onto a beneficial Skinner's adult diet. It comes in a range of flavours, including duck, salmon, chicken and beef, all of which offer complete, balanced nutrition that supports an active lifestyle. These Skinner's dog food diets are designed specifically for working dogs with high energy needs, helping to keep muscles strong, skin healthy and coat glossy. Each dish also contains the vital nutrients needed to keep your dog in best possible health both inside and out.

What are the key benefits of a Skinner's dog food diet?

The benefits of feeding your dog Skinner's dry dog food are many and varied. Here are just some of the reasons to choose this brand of kibble:

  • For active dogs: this range has been created specifically for active or working dogs, with each recipe rich in energy to support stamina and performance.
  • Hypoallergenic recipes, made without the troublesome ingredients with high allergenic potentials, known to cause reactions and intolerances. This makes each dish suitable even for more sensitive canines.
  • Complete and balanced: each Skinner's dish has been made to provide your dog with everything it needs to live a healthy lifestyle, no matter its age or breed. It supports overall good health both inside and out.
  • Highly digestible: this helps to ensure that each dish is properly digested and the nutrients can be absorbed and put to good use.
  • Range of flavours: no matter whether your dog prefers beef, chicken, salmon or duck, Skinner's dry dog food has an option to meet every taste.

Why choose Skinner's?

As well as offering complete, balanced nutrition for your dog throughout its life, Skinner's Field & Trial has the added bonus of being a dish specially designed for working dogs.

It has been made in the Skinner's Suffolk Mill for working sheep dogs, gun dogs, racing greyhounds and other working dogs with a high energy need. This means it is a VAT-free dog food - an added saving on top of the great value you will always find at zooplus!