Sanicat brandshop


Sanicat brandshop


Sanicat has 65 years’ experience making natural, sustainable cat litter to care for your cat, your home and the planet.

Sanicat has the ideal solution for you and your cat. We use the finest materials, organic or mineral, perfecting them so they are gentle on your cat’s paws.

We have a wide range of high quality litters:

Classic, for maximum absorption

Clumping, to form compact balls that are easy to scoop out, keeping your litter tray cleaner for longer

Plant-based, which is biodegradable and ecological.

Our mineral litters use active oxygen power, the perfect solution to contain unpleasant odours.

Our litter range comes in different granule sizes, and can be scented or unscented.

Explore our range at Zooplus, and find the cat litter that is best adapted to your needs.

Environmentally friendly
Special litter for kittens

Advantages of Sanicat cat litter

Our litters are natural minerals enriched with the power of Active Oxygen to help remove unpleasant odours naturally.

Dust has been filtered out of all our litters to keep your home cleaner

Our plant-based litters are biodegradable and compostable

Our new packaging is made of FSC certified paper or cardboard, and are 100% recyclable

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