Pedigree Feed the Good


Pedigree Feed the Good

For the love of dogs

PEDIGREE® believes that dogs enrich our lives and make us better people. Their lovable

innocence brings out the good in us, so we make sure our food brings out the good in them. All our

products are developed by vets, based on the science from Waltham Petcare Science Institute,

to ensure every dog is their healthiest, happiest self.

Pedigree Dog Food

‘We love all dogs. Big or small, puppy or

senior. And we know that each dog has

different needs. That's why Pedigree offers

a range of high quality dry and wet food, as

‘well as treats and dental care snacks, for

the care they need right now. Our

and balanced meals are full ofall the

nutrients they need to support them at

every stage of life.

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