Gourmet - Make Every Day Delightful


Gourmet - Make Every Day Delightful

Exquisite recipes to pamper your cat’s discerning palate.

Discover a tempting, irresistible selection of gourmet wet cat food at zooplus! From mini filets to delicate mousses and succulent chunks in gravy. Your gourmet deserves the best!



Explore the delectable range of gourmet wet cat food at zooplus! If you wish for your cat to relish its meals, look no further than Gourmet's menu of delicious flavours and textures. Specially crafted for taste and enjoyment, the range offers five delicious variations to choose from - Gold, Nature's Collection, Revelations, Mon Petit and Perle.

More Reasons to Love Gourmet

GOURMET® Gold is the widest range of hearty recipes. With different flavours and taste sensations that will spoil even a discerning palate.

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GOURMET® Nature's CreationsGOURMET® Nature's Creations

GOURMET® Nature's Creations provide a collection of delicious, nature-inspired recipes. The complete wet meal recipes are carefully crafted from high quality, natural, slow-cooked ingredients.

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GOURMET® RevelationsGOURMET® Revelations

GOURMET® Revelations are sublime delicacies, effortlessly served. Perfect for those who want to truly engage in a shared sensory experience with their cat.

GOURMET® Revelations
GOURMET® Mon PetitGOURMET® Mon Petit

GOURMET® Mon Petit offers a wide range of delicious meals in a size that’s just right. Mon Petit is available in small 50g pouches and allows each meal to be served fresh so your cat can eat it all at once, which means more enjoyment and more variety!

GOURMET® Mon Petit

GOURMET® Perle offers delicious meals for every day. Wholesome and balanced recipes that pamper your cat with delectable sauce, high-quality ingredients and fantastic flavours.

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Gourmet Revelations