Gourmet Wet Cat Food


Gourmet Wet Cat Food

Exquisite recipes to pamper your catā€™s discerning palate. 

Discover a tempting, irresistible selection of gourmet wet cat food at zooplus! If you want your cat to enjoy their meals as much as you do, then Gourmet's wide variety of flavours and textures will give you the right choice every time that your cat will find hard to resist. Your gourmet deserves the best.


An irresistible taste experience every day. 

GOURMETĀ® Perle is pleased to introduce the Mini Fillets recipe range. Our complete and balanced recipe for adult cats consists of mini fillets served in a delicious sauce. Your pampered companion will love the tenderness of our fine fillets.

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Purina Gourmet

A delicate and irresistible mousse with a surprisingly melting heart inside.


Even the most demanding cats will be happy to enjoy GOURMET Gold: a menu of hearty recipes that will spoil even a discerning palate like your catā€™s every day with a wide range of different flavours and taste sensations.


GOURMETĀ® Perle offers balanced recipes for adult cats. Spoil your feline friend with tender mini fillets in sauce.

GOURMETĀ® Nature's Creation

The GOURMETĀ® Nature's Creation range, has been created with the aim of providing a collection of delicious, nature-inspired recipes. Our complete wet meal recipes are carefully crafted from high quality, natural, slow-cooked ingredients.


GOURMETĀ® Mon Petit offers a wide range of delicious meals in a size thatā€™s just right. Mon Petit is available in small 50g pouches and allows each meal to be served fresh so your cat can eat it all at once, which means more enjoyment and more variety!


A true connoisseur deserves nothing less than the finest culinary experience. That is why GOURMETĀ® has created Ɓ La Carte, exquisite creations inspired by the GOURMETĀ® Chef. Delicate cuts of meat or fish are carefully combined with selected ingredients such as vegetables, rice or couscous.