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Barking Heads
Barking Heads

Barking Heads aim to make high quality dog food packed with loads of meat, fish, and other natural ingredients. Barking Heads is a vibrant, fun, healthy and ethical brand that produces top-notch food for your beloved dogs. The mission they set out with in 2008 – to help all dogs live happier, healthier lives by providing the food they naturally deserve – is still what drives them today.

Barking Heads – Everything You Need to Feed Happy, Healthy Dogs.

Barking Heads Dry Dog Foods

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Barking Heads offer a natural dry dog food range that contains the best quality, all natural healthy ingredients. This dog food is a down to earth, easy to understand, ultra-premium, natural dry food made especially for your best friend. 

zooplus are proud to be Barking Heads stockists offering this range of ultra-premium nutrition for your dog!

Chop Lickin' Lamb
Bowl Lickin' Chicken
Barking Heads Dry Dog Food
  • Proudly Made in Britain!

    Barking Heads provides your dog with completely natural and wholesome nutrition that contributes to your pet's wellbeing. All food from the Barking Heads range is made from high-quality, healthy ingredients from nature. It is down to earth, easy to understand food for your best friend. Recipes are made with locally sourced ingredients from Britain, such as British chicken and Scottish salmon, and are guaranteed to be free from artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives and genetically modified ingredients.

    Proudly made in Britain, Barking Heads is carefully tailored to suit the individual needs of all dogs, no matter their life stage or specific requirements. So whether they are young or old, are fussy eaters or are overweight, you know they are getting the right nutrition and are protected inside and out. The varied range from Barking Heads ensures that you will find the perfect food for your dog or cat.