Royal Canin Puppy Nutrition Programme


If your provide proper care and nutrition to a dog during pregnancy and lactation, the puppies will have the best start possible in life.

For optimal nutrition, the different nutritional needs of pregnant and nursing dogs and their weaning puppies must be taken into account. For this reason, ROYAL CANIN has developed unique birth and growth formulas that provide tailored nutrition for mothers as well as puppies from pregnancy to growth.

Mini Puppy

  • Supports the natural defences
  • Meets the high energy requirements during the growth phase
  • Promotes healthy digestion

Medium Puppy

  • Supports the natural defences
  • Aimed at a short growth phase with high energy requirements
  • Promotes intestinal health

Maxi Puppy

  • Supports the natural defences
  • Specially designed for the long growth phase of large breeds
  • Promotes intestinal health

Giant Puppy

  • Supports the natural defences
  • Promotes healthy bones and joints
  • Ideal for intensive growth and for controlled energy supply

Puppy Wet