Information about the EU Payments Services Directive PDS2.0

Dear zooplus customer,

Please find attached important changes concerning online payments. From September 2019, customers will have to identify themselves twice for all electronic payments:

  • The 3D secure method will enhance security for internet purchases made using a credit card.
  • Customers will have to confirm all electronic payments additionally with a password, TAN (transaction authentication number) or fingerprint. The method of identification is dependent on your bank, many banks provide a special mobile phone app or TAN devices for this purpose.
  • The enhanced security means that thieves can no longer go shopping on the internet just using stolen credit card data such as card number, check digits or security codes.

In order to complete future transactions with zooplus without additional security, you have the option of adding zooplus as a trusted merchant to your bank via whitelisting. Please check with your bank whether your card issuer supports this.

More information about PSD2 can be found here.