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Discover everything you can get when you create your pet's profile:

Birthday greetingsBirthdayMany happy returns!

Receive birthday greetings for your furkid!

Get exclusive coupons and special offersExclusive promotionsUnmissable deals!

Get exclusive coupons and special offers.

More surprisesMore surprises...Stay tuned!

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To receive exclusive promotions, offers, rewards and birthday greetings, based on the Data provided through the Pet Profile, the user must be subscribed to the zooplus newsletter and create a pet profile in his/her account area accepting the intellectual property and pets data rights of use.​


If the user registers their pet profile as described above between 12.06.2023 and 22.06.2023, the user will receive the 200 extra zooPoints automatically in their account before the end of June 2023.

Each user receives a single reward of 200 zooPoints, for the creation of their pet profile as described above. The user will receive a maximum 200 zooPoints, regardless of how many pet profiles they create.


The user receives birthday greeting on the birthdate of his/her pet if he/she enters the birthday date in the pet profile. Additionally the user receives a birthday gift for his/her pet. If the users has more than one pet in the pet profile, he/she will only receive one birthday gift for the first pet that has a birthday in that year.​

The user must be subscribed to the zooplus newsletter and have accepted the intellectual property and pets data rights of use for receiving the birthday greetings and gift.​

The birthday gift can be redeemed up to 60 days after receipt of the e-mail in the shop where the pet profile was created.​

This gift is limited to once per user per year, regardless of whether the user changes the birthday date after receiving the birthday gift. In the event of the death of an animal(s), the user will not receive a voucher for the deceased animal(s). The birthday gift will be then provided for the next pet still alive which has birthday in that year if the users did not already receive a birthday gift in that year. zooplus reserves the right to make changes or additions to the terms and conditions of participation, the rewards or other processes described in the terms and conditions of participation for the birthday gift program at any time.