Pet Approved

Pet Approved
zoonique dogA snuggly bed for everyoneBrooklyn Snuggle Bed

...almost everyone. The stylish Brooklyn cuddle bed is suitable for smaller dogs but also for my cat colleagues. The round shape allows you to curl up comfortably. The whole basket is very soft - I only say paws up for Jersey strand.

Our Cat Product Testers

Edgar x TigerinoClumping litter 🌾 Tigerino Cat Litter

High absorbency and low dust, that's how clumping litter has to be. The litter is also made of natural clay and is free of any chemical additives. The smell of the Tigerino Canada Style cat litter is particularly convincing. Mum and I like the scents "freshly cut grass" and "baby powder" best.

Clooney x Dangler Pole ToyI'm gonna get you... 🦚Dangler Pole Toy

Left, right, poof - I've got you! It's not easy to fool me. The crackling foil between the natural feathers of the Dangler Pole Toy cat fishing rod immediately catches my attention. Luckily - at least for my human friends - the rod is extra long so I can't hurt anyone.

Yoshi x Slo-Mo Cat ToyThink first, then eat 💡Cat Toy

The Slo-Mo cat toy is quite a puzzle for me: Every time I think I've got it figured out, the next play session the plug-in maze is completely different again! With 20 pieces included, I never get bored. Sooner or later I always find all the goodies!

Clooney x Wild FreedomDinner date with Mr. Clooney 🍴Wild Freedom

My secret recipe for a perfect date? Valuable proteins for strong muscle. Avoid artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. Add a few fresh herbs and, voilà, the feast is ready! In short: Wild Freedom Cold River dry food.

Harrie x Concept for LifeAaaaaaaa - everything in here please 😸Concept for Life

The ingredients in Concept for Life All Cats food are supposed to promote supple skin and prevent tartar build-up. First and foremost, it tastes really good to me! But I'm happy to show my teeth if you'd like to see for yourself!

Yoshi x Wild FreedomSo wild 🐈Wild Freedom

Of all the dry food at zooplus, Wild Freedom simply tastes the best to me. It contains lots of tasty muscle meat and is made without any grain or other artificial additives. Mummy always pays very close attention to a high-quality composition in my diet!

Harrie x CosmaCosma - the cost ma 🐟Cosma Snackie

My job as a snack tester is really not easy. Especially with the large selection of Cosma Snackies! Luckily, they are made with no additives and that's why mum ordered them all straight away. As a self-proclaimed expert, you can believe me when I say that these are my absolute favourite snacks.

Ted x Sleepy Time Dog BedYou don't wake sleeping Teds 💤Sleepy Time Dog Bed

1 pig's ear, 2 pig's ears, 3.... I'm hungry. In my Sleepy Time Dog Bed I can watch my territory from the balcony. The extra thick pillow sometimes makes me fall asleep and dream of pigs' ears. Whether it's cold or raining, the water resistant thermal cover is a real blessing. 

Ted x Wolf of WildernessAt the Table with Ted 🥩Wolf of Wilderness

Left paw on the left, right paw on the right - this way everything tastes better in my bowl! Wolf of Wilderness "Green Fields" is a grain-free, single protein wet dog food, enriched with herbs and roots. I can taste immediately that there are no added preservatives, colourants or flavourings!

Pepe x FrisbeeUp and away 👀Wolf of Wilderness

The Wolf of Wilderness Frisbee flies off and I run after it. But I still have to practice bringing it back... Fortunately, thanks to the soft foam core, nothing can happen to my milk teeth. The only criticism? My owner would love to throw much further!

Pepe x Roccommhhh.... Dolce Vita with Pepe 🍝Rocco Classic

My secret recipe: Rocco Classic - Pure Beef - tutto bene! Top quality, grain-free complete wet food with 100% fresh ingredients and minimum 70% meat & offal, and absolutely no fillers or artificial additives. My little friends can eat too - there's enough for everyone!

Chewy x LukullusI'm licking this plate 🍽️Lukullus Junior

Only the best from my owner: she carefully selected the Lukullus Naturkost Junior wet food for me. It contains 65% meat, valuable fibre and high-quality oils that are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids - just the thing for cheeky pups like me!

Peanut x Rosie's Farm SnacksLittle heart for little heartbreakers 💘Rosie's Farm Snacks

Rosie's Farm Snacks are just the right size for me! Irresistible, little, grain-free treats with high meat content, which my mum particularly likes. Whether I'm on the go or practicing tricks, I'm not distracted for long and am quickly ready for the next adventure! 

Pipa x Rosie's FarmFresh like from grandma's farm 🐷Rosie's Farm

Rosie's Farm food contains lots of selected, seasonal fruit and vegetables and fresh meat - just right for a foodie princess like me! I wonder if I'll serve it at the next company dinner? Who knows, lots of tail wagging would be guaranteed.